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Published: Saturday, Nov. 17 2012 11:45 p.m. MST

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Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

But Chris B told me to mark it down, so I did.

Good thing Utah won its bowl game back in September.

International Cougar Fan
Tacoma, WA

Chris B,

Cheer up little guy. You can cheer on your second favorite team in their bowl game now that your utes can't go bowling this year.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Disappointing season but we should take care of the Buffs next week to get 'some' momentum going into the off-season. This team lacks toughness and speed. Hopefully both of those things are addressed.

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

Why would I even believe Utah at 2 - 5 in the PAC Twelve would have a chance playing against the likes of Arizona? They couldn't beat Colorado last year in SLC so why should they suddenly be able to beat Arizona? They may even lose to the Buffs in Boulder this next week. Wouldn't that be enough to make them natural rivals----the two bottom feeders and the last two picked to be in the PAC 12 and the ones everyone else is in the conference asking "why exactly were they invited?" If Colorado does win Utah will have to win the next THREE to finally get over .500 against them. Serious stuff.

As far as bowling, they needed a rest. It was getting too much for their fans to brag about. Now they can just go back to "We have two BCS wins." That's much less complicated and easier to say and impresses folks just as much (hardly at all).

Everett, WA

Utah 4-7. My only joy and consolation this football season. Keep up the good work. :)

flynn is the coolest
San Diego, CA

Well Utes, at least you beat BYU- the season was not a complete loss.

Frisco, TX

PAC seems to be regaining its glory days. Oregon and Stanford look like they are built to last. Give Washington two more years and Sark will challenge for the North. Oregon State seems to be good every 3 or 4 years.

UCLA made a huge jump this year. AZ and ASU are much improved. Kiffin is already on the hot seat, because anything less than a big bowl is not acceptable at USC.

Not intended to be mean spirited, but I don't see too many winning seasons in the coming years. I think WSU, CO, Cal and Utah are doomed to be middle / bottom of an improved PAC for a while. Each may have a good year or two in the next decade. But there will be more years below 500 than above.

No need to bring the Cougs into the conversation. With next years schedule (that rivals many AQ schools), big losses on the D side and a new QB; a winning record will be a successful season.

Mcallen, TX

Utes will play the Colorado Bowl next week;

Colorado 10
Utah 42

West Jordan, Utah

I am grateful to have Whittingham as Utah's coach, and I am a ways away for wanting Utah to make a change at the top, but Whit has mismanaged the Utes in an awful way this year.

Whittingham went to Travis Wilson too early when Hays would have won two more ball games. Utah's O line was terrible during the first month of the year. Whit IV was banged up at the same time. Then when the line got things clicking and White IV got healthy, Whit went with Wilson when Utah was only 0-2 in conference. Wilson opened up in Pasadena (not the right time for a freshman).

Utah played well at UCLA and Oregon State except for Wilson. Utah was the better team on both sides of the ball @OSU, but the Wilson turnovers were too much to overcome. Oregon State was up 14-0 and they didn't even have 20 yards of offense as Utah gave the ball away inside their own 10 twice. Then after cutting the lead 14-7 Utah had 1st and goal from the 3 when Christopher could have walked in for the tie and fumbled.

Sandy, UT

@Joe Schmoe:

20 - 14

Washington, UT


You can mark this down: ESPN will be calling Holmoe about getting its money back.

Richmond, VA

Sad year for both the Utes and the Cougs! I hope it's not a prelude to what the future holds for both teams. On the other hand, how bout them Aggies? I guess we can all be proud there's at least one Utah school that's looking really good.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

Utah needs to expand its recruiting outside of the Wasatch area. When over 60% of their recruits played within 50 miles of the school, they need to look beyond what little local talent there is.

Prescott Valley, AZ

Yes, welcome to the Pac-12. For all your trash talking about the then Pac-10 and how your conference was stronger...........here you go........you got your wish.......1 win, 10 losses. Go Cats!

Salt Lake City, UT

At least the Utes can look forward to an exciting season on the hard court.

Chris B, Jr.
Saint George, UT

It sad to say, but this "no bowling" might be the trend for the next 3-5 years, unless Whitt goes.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@ChrisB - I sure hope you'll offer me that refund on my airfare/bowl tickets!

Springville, UT

Aaaand it's gone!

So long to the glory seasons of Ute football. They went MIA when the Utes left the MWC.

So sad to see what greed and the pursuit of glamour does to a program.

Not too pretty is it and what will the money buy?

Some shiny things and more junk to hang off the light posts downtown SLC.

Bountiful, UT

I only got to see the game from the time just before Utah took the 24-17 lead. From that time forward there was no defense played by the Utes much like the Washington game.

Wow, that was awful
Salt Lake City, UT

The gushing arrogance of the Ute fans in this valley has run dry.
Easy run to the Rose Bowl, undefeated season, all they had to do was beat USC at home!

I guess the Poinsetta Bowl would look pretty nice right about now, eh Utah fan?

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