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Published: Friday, Nov. 16 2012 4:55 p.m. MST

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Centerville, UT

I'm surprised that we haven't deemed Hostess (and Twinkies, in particular) 'too big to fail.' Why not give Hostess a bailout and save those union jobs?

Whatever the poor management decisions, whatever you think about 'vulture capitalism', the fact is that if those employees had come back to work when they were told to, they would have jobs today.

Companies aren't in business to create jobs. They are in business to make money. This is a simple principle. The Union seemed to forget it. I have not heard good things about the management of Hostess over the years, but the union shot itself in the foot here.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Just so I am clear, the workers (lets leave unions out of this for a minute) have already taken a 30% cut in compensation, and they are being asked to take another 8% cut in compensation while at the same time the upper management is seeing an increase in their salaries from 30-50% and it is the greedy workers, that are killing this company? Very interesting concept.

I really doubt that the ownership and management at Hostess are doing anything but cheering, because now they can move their operations offshore and pay next to nothing to their workers. Why is the American worker who wants to make a living wage "the problem" and the union that tries to protect that worker the problem and the CEO's and venture capitalists who take every dime they can out of a company for themselves and then move it offshore are the heroes. Doesn't make sense to me.

I am all for paying CEO's great salaries if they produce, but the new trend to pay the CEO's high six and seven figure salaries and bonuses while asking the line worker to take huge cuts is simply wrong.

Farmington, UT

It's very sad that people were striking had to lose their jobs!!!!! Having said that, wouldn't it be hilarious is Hostess sold the Ding Dong brand to Phizer?

Kearns, UT

Our family had a similar experience. We found employment in another state. It turned out to be a positive move for us. Fortunately, we had food storage and savings to live off of for eight months. Our children refused to drink the powdered milk, so I made yogurt and added jam to it. We had less to move with all the food storage we used up.

Durham, NC

"Another example of union parasites devouring their host! There will be many more, unless Obama bails out the unions as he did in the UAW bailout!"

Mountainman, lets stop back from the edge of silly rhetoric and look at these two scenarios. Had Americans heavy manufacturing capability been lost to the level it would have been with the loss of Chrysler and GM, it frankly would have posed a national security issue. We still have to keep capability to mobilize should the need arise. We must maintain a heavy manufacturing base in this country. If you really thought it was about unions, you have been listening to an overly simplified view of the world.

Now Hostess, while a wonderful company and some delicious products, provides nothing to our national security....unless you want to toss ho-hos 0r cupcakes at your enemy.

I do believe the unions was being unrealistic here. These owners were in this to cash the company out.... rebuilding was never really on the table. The union played their hand poorly.... and they lost in a high stakes game.

Monroe, UT

Only ones that win in this are the union bosses who you can be sure are still drawing their union paychecks from union dues.

Would be wonderful if the employees were to buy the company. They probably know how to run it right.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Don't bail them out. bailouts hurt things, they don't help things. I will miss the fruit pies.

Joey D

Unions once served a purpose long, long ago. Now they are more a cancer eating away at a companies very existence. They absolutely serve no purpose now days.

Maricopa, AZ

oneoldman, yeah, keep on repeating vulture capitalist vulture capitalist. Blame Romney, blame Bush. Unions are good, fair honest organizations only trying to help us all have better lives.
Unions refused to re negotiate with lower pay and cutting benefits just like the rest of us has had to endure the past 2+years.
So instead, they all lose jobs. And not just one area. It will affect every state in the country.
Well done Obama/unions/entitled citizens.

one old man
Ogden, UT

AZ Rods -- such foolishness. You're telling us workers on the production line should accept lower pay while at the same time those at the top are increasing their pay to astronomical levels?

Just wait, buddy. They'll be coming for you too someday.

Burley, ID

Too bad Hostess' initials weren't GM.

I guess you don't qualify to be bailed out if the government feels you're contributing to obesity in America.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Good ol' unions. They did it again. Of course, they refuse to take responsibility for it just as always.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Consider that a business operation only exists because of the need, opportunity and permission of society.

Consider also that the creation of a business operation requires the investment from many sources such as the community, and the governments all the way up to the national just for the opportunity.

Then there are the workers who will invest time from their lives at a lower cost than it is worth. Much of the profits will come from the selling of the employees labor at a greater cost than it’s purchase price.

then there are the consumers who will invest their money and in fact supply all the funds to pay for labor, materials, buildings, machines and even the profit itself.

Then there are the other business operations that provide the raw materials and such.

Then there is the businessmen and their investment of some of their surplus money.

So when a business closes, most of the investors lose, their welfare, their time and perhaps their future. The businessmen may lose some of their money, but their only loss may be some future profits.

Bountiful, UT

This hurts a lot in the short term. The long term is a defferent story however. Orher bakeries will now have to produce more and it will take people to do the work.

Farmington, UT

For everyone bashing the GM bailout decision, I have a question: What kind of car do you drive? If it's not a GM or Chrysler brand car, you have no room to complain because you were part of the problem, not part of the solution. All GM needed was Americans to BUY American cars and the Feds wouldn't have needed to step in with everyone's tax dollars. We as consumers have the choice and while many of us actually purchased new GM vehicles, not enough folks did.

So blame yourselves!!

The cash-for-clunkers program should have been limited to American cars and then we wouldn't have sent tens of millions of dollars to Japan out of our economy. A close relative used the program to buy a Chevrolet. What did you buy if you used it?

Again, blame yourselves!!

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

It sounds like the "Ding Dongs" that ran Hostess tried the "Twinkie defense" with the unions, and got "snowballed"...

Durham, NC

@SLC gal... I like it.... well done.


"Unions refused to re negotiate with lower pay and cutting benefits just like the rest of us has had to endure the past 2+years."

Ok, here goes a first for me.... ROFL. Never have typed that before, but it is just too appropriate in this case. Lets try using some facts here and look at average us hourly wage for the last few years adjust for inflation - just to make things fair.

October 2012 - $16.71
October 2011 - $16.88
October 2010 - $17.18
October 2009 - $16.98
October 2008 - $16.47
October 2007 - $16.45
October 2006 - $16.40
October 2005 - $15.98
October 2004 - $16.18

You get the idea. So if you took a hair cute in pay, it wasn't because the nation was doing the same thing. In fact, in non-inlfation adjusted numbers the average hourly wage has gone from the last year of Bush being at $18.27 an hour in 2008 to $19.79 an hour this month.

So baring some kind of new math.... wages are up. Net worth is another issue... different beginning.

Cedar Hills, UT


This is just getting started blue devil. Wait until the Obama tax increases hit small business and the Obamacare mandates kick in as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see 15% unemployment after 4 years. As far as rich guys taking their money and leaving - you are EXACTLY correct!! Rick guys and gals didn't get that way by being stupid and they aren't going to set around and watch their company profits get eaten alive by an 800 lb porker federal government and their union bosses. These rich guys that you hate so much could care less - they will make their money elsewhere and they will employ alot of people elsewhere as well. The losers - US!!!! Remember this - elections do have consequences. The only meaning 'FORWARD' will have is over the edge of the fiscal cliff!

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