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Published: Friday, Nov. 16 2012 4:55 p.m. MST

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salt lake city, UT

Now real life imitates art. All of us will be like Woody Harrelson in Zombieland, looking for Twinkees. Say it isn't so!!!

Durham, NC

I was a teamster when I worked my way through college working for UPS. THere , the relationship between management and union usually worked well together. This is an example of a union who couldn't see the forest through the trees and lost big in a battle with Hostesses venture capital owners. In this case, management will loose, employees will loose, the only ones who will come out with anything is perhaps the VC people from the scape sale... but that is even in doubt.

Sad day when another American institution dies at the hands of stubborn Venture Capitalist and unions.

Scott C
Ephraim, UT

When we don,t need more people on the dole here we are letting unions determine which companies live and die. Sad day for us Twinkie lovers.

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

"0h, I wish I were an Oscar-Meyer Hot Dog..." Hopefully they won't go the way of Twinkies.

Labor unions need to adjust to the new economy, just like everyone else except Uncle Sam and his insatiable appetite for spending during the last 4+ years. If the US Government doesn't make some progress and avoid the big fiscal cliff looming just ahead, watch for many more companies to go belly-up, trade unions notwithstanding. After all, there's only so much in the pot and so many ways to slice the pie, so when it shrinks if stubborn folks don't adjust they lose it altogether.

And here I wanted to enjoy another Ding-Dong. Oh well, maybe a hot dog instead will have to do.

Taylorsville, UT

Good for Hostess, they are doing the right thing for the American people and workers and free enterprise. If these business and companies are not willing to share their wealth with those who created it then they don't deserve to keep it all for themselves and should close the doors. Its the american thing to do so they can send this business and jobs offshore to slave labor countries like the rest of the big box enterprises.

I won't miss Hostess at all, they went out of business a long time ago when they changed to inferior ingredients in their foods so its no big deal.

At least the workers won't be forced to work to live in poverty. Now they can go get a real job with welfare departments in the states and triple their earnings, be able to buy steaks and roast beef for the kitchen table with food stamps.

Why does the US think being on welfare is so bad? It a wonderful life and don't have to work for it. Professional welfare dependents figured this out 20 years ago and drive Cadillac, BMW, Bentley, to the local food pantry's to get food.

Taylorsville, UT

Why doesn't the government step in and stop these business from shutting down to put workers out a job for spite and hate. Just so they don't have to share their wealth with its employees? Where is Obama to save these jobs and make business and rich share wealth with employees?

The president has been harping on this sharing the wealth for 4 years, now he has an opportunist to step up and keep his promise and where is he? Covering up his other deadly crimes against america.

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

This is actually good news. It will make our nation more efficient and modern. All these people will now seek high-paying computer jobs.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Unions eventually destroy their company...unless Obama will save them at the tax payers expense. Good employees don't need a union. No city can afford to use 600 jobs. The root cause, Obamacare, will take many more jobs and drive this country into the ground.

Hayden, ID

Another example of union parasites devouring their host! There will be many more, unless Obama bails out the unions as he did in the UAW bailout!

Durham, NC

"At least the workers won't be forced to work to live in poverty. Now they can go get a real job with welfare departments in the states and triple their earnings, be able to buy steaks and roast beef for the kitchen table with food stamps."

Ok, most on this site think I am a flaming liberal, but really 2Cents? Who was forcing these workers to stay in these jobs? No one forced me to stay unloading trucks at UPS at 4 am when I was a teamster. I took the job to get me through college, and when I didn't want to come home covered in box dust from head to toe, I got another job... no one forced anyone to do anything.

I do think American capitalism has gone amuck in many ways - swapping profits for morality too often. But no one forces anyone to work for anyone. Lets swing back from the edge a bit here.

This was a result of the same type of mentality that we find in Congress.... except not compromising will impact far more than just 18,000 low wage jobs.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Unions did not destroy this company. It was destroyed by poor management and a flock of vulture capitalists and outfits similar to Bain Capital.

The workers are the losers. The vultures will walk away with Golden Parachutes. One example being the CEO who just recently was handed a 300% pay raise. Greg Rayburn was being paid $100,000 PER MONTH for his "services."

At least nine other top executives of the company also received massive pay raises, including one who received a pay increase from $500,000 to $900,000 and another received one that brought his salary from $375,000 to $656,256.

But that's Obama's fault, isn't it?

(Anyone may verify this information by Googling "hostess ceo salary")

Powell, OH

Maybe the former workers can get their Union to replace the paychecks? Company management getting raises while workers benefits, retirement and pay is being lowered is unconscionable. Both sides are at fault... but the company is closed so it is too late now. The Union called their bluff and lost.

Bountiful, UT

Management wanted only temporary concessions . . . in order to get through this down economy. Built into the offer was a reversal of the concessions going forward. The company works with many different unions, including Teamsters. All the unions had accepted the temporary concessions except for the Bakers union, which decided to STRIKE. Pray tell, what would the Teamsters haul if the Bakers won't work?

You Lefties can blame management all you want, but the bottom line is that Hostess would have remained open if the Bakers hadn't gone on strike. I've been hearing a lot lately about companies in trouble because of the heavy burdens imposed by unions, regulations, Obamacare, and the Fiscal Cliff. If management positions are so lucrative, then why don't more people prepare and apply for management positions?

Kia Kaha
St George, UT

Blame blame blame ... A company unwilling or unable to evolve its products into HEALTHY snacks. Evolve or die.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Is it possible that Hostess would have been shut down no matter what the workers did?

Was eventual closure of Hostess a goal of the Vulture Capitalists from the very beginning? Close it down after they had sucked every possible dollar from its carcass?

salt lake city, UT

I feel for anyone who loses a job and has to find another one, it's not going to be easy. This isn't just about Twinkies and Ding Dongs, they also make bread--think about hamburger and hot dog buns and all the restaurants who purchased these products. Prices could easily increase

Kearns, UT

Sorry folks, but those of you solely blaming the the unions for the demise of this company are intellectually lazy (just as lazy as blaming the President for anything and everything that goes wrong. Hint: think Congress.).

This company has been in decline for over a decade. They FIRST declared bankruptcy in 2004, long before the economic meltdown. Since then, the employees have taken about 30% in pay cuts, even before this last round of "only taking an 8% cut."

The company had created a serious debt load of nearly $1B. New directions and products the company attempted, flopped.

Try combining this with the fact that sales were declining as consumers were moving to healthier options.

Do the unions have some blame in this? Of course. Pensions are a nearly dead way to handle retirement anymore. Forcing the company to fund them like they did 50 years ago is untenable.

But, there were a variety of factors at play with Hostess- not just Unions, and not President Obama. Quit being lazy and think before you post. It might save us all some time.

Syracuse, UT

Unions only care about their management and how they can rip off the companies they work for. They all want to come to work and have meetings and sit around and talk and do no work and then get the big bucks. They will stick up for those who sleep on the job, come late to work everyday and take longer breaks and lunch times than is authorized. I have seen it over and over and over and over again.I agree that good workers do not need a union. They will work hard and if management tries to rip them off, they leave for a better job. I did, and now I am making over $90,000. per year and enjoying life as I stand up for my company and work hard for them. Unions just need to go away and let common sense rule along with good hard workers. Try it, you may like it.

Ogden, UT

Let's hope someone else will pick the business up... even perhaps in China, Japan or India.

That's the way it seems to go... Union demands close companies who then move overseas where the labor is cheaper. Thanks, unions, for running yet another business out and into the hands of our world competitors.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Hostess shutdown is the strategy of business to take over our federal government in the same way as they have the state and local governments. The object is to punish the American people for voting the wrong way. A secondary motive may be objection of President Obama himself, not necessarily the policies.

American freedom allows private companies to come and go as they please, and nothing says they cannot use their weight to influence government. However, when they use their corporate power to override the will of society and people it is a crime against the American society and people. There is nothing that says the people through their government cannot prohibit a criminal business operation.

It is my hope that the brand of Hostess will be banned from the American scene and the names of the management/owner team be released to the public. While prison is not a possibility the American people should ban the brand and shun it’s owners.

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