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Published: Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Park City, UT

Too bad for Wasatch. If Wasatch County would have let Park City annex the area north of the Jordanelle, the area with the low income housing, then PC would have had those extra 75 kids and not Wasatch. The kicker of it is, there is not ONE athlete in that area as I have been told. So you get to pay for a 20 mile bus ride twice a day and you get your numbers bumped up to have to play 4A, and you don't even get an athlete to help out. Also building the new 200 unit low income housing in the north end of town you got movers from PC to Heber. Most likely with the same results. Increased numbers, no athletes. I know it's not all about athletics, but for the sake of this article, it is.

I'm guessing that between these 2 projects and the new one near the Walmart, that you have increased your high school numbers by at least 150, and won't get one member on any of the big 3 boys sports. But maybe you will get a soccer player.


wow, what a cluster. I am usually one to side with the uhsaa cause i understand what a hard job they got. Have to admit though, that they make it harder and harder to defend. They need to realize that no matter how many divisions they make, it is impossible to please everyone and need to just take a stand and stick with it knowing its gonna piss some people off. Two 3a divisions really? i agree with the posts above to move the bottom 2a schools down to 1a and a few of the smaller 3a to 2a and be done with it. As it is now 1a is a joke in football. there's really only 3 teams that will ever compete. duchesne, rich, and monticello is pretty much it. sure teams like altamont or diamond ranch will be ok once in a great while but its not very competitive at all.

Heber, Utah

@joseywales- Actually, that area was never the area being considered for annexation, at least, not that I'm aware of. However, Wasatch did benefit from a soccer player from that area, and I think you are right about the athletes from the "big 3" I'm assuming you mean Football, Basketball and Wrestling right? I'm sure you mean baseball, but Wasatch will never be competitive in baseball, so we prefer to refer to Wrestling as one of our main sports. Anyway, I'm sure other schools have these same problems with high ESL numbers but gaining few athletes in those sports mentioned. At least I think that is what you were alluding to. 4A will be a very big challenge for sure, especially in football, but I know the kids are excited about it and are up for the challenge.

St George, UT

To have Canyon View in Region 9 is absolutely a joke! All regions will be based solely on the almighty dollar!! Craig Seegmiller is an absolute joke! Same guy who voted for East to remain in the playoffs. Cedar does just fine in Region 9.

Just my opinion
Salt Lake City, UT


Try Region 7 in 4A.

I know some don't think the UHSAA shouldn't go just by numbers, but at the same time they say they should take all politics out of it. You can't have it both ways. So I lean towards just the numbers and then the schools and districts can work to fix there own numbers if they don't like it.

I've gone solely by the numbers, and then went North to South to make the regions. This seems to have worked pretty good (of course not everyone will like it), but as long as they did it this way every year everyone would know what to expect and could probably live with it knowing it could change with the numbers every two years.

Rural sport fan

Miner, there are a few problems with your idea. The big one is that most small schools don't play football, so you would end up with more teams in each classification, which penalizes the smaller schools even more. The second is that if you just divide by numbers, you lose some great rivalries and create some travel issues that many SLC schools want to avoid.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

Where the UHSAA fails is trying to please everyone. No matter how they slice things up someone is going to cry unfair. To all of you who have the "answer" I say be careful what you wish for. The only way I see the UHSAA ever making things as close to even(which they shouldn't worry about) is to use system based on percentage bigger/smaller rather than just enrollment numbers. This would help lessen the discrepancies between the bottom schools in a classification to the top schools. For instance instead of saying 3A will be 600 to 1200 students you would have 3A be +1 above the 2A and a maximum of 67% above that number. This would eliminate schools being even close to twice other schools within the same classification. Still there would be watered down competition in some classifications and people who's schools still aren't winning will want things changed.

2A South Fan
Central, UT

The UHSAA messed up the last realignment when they moved 3A Manti, Emery, & Richfield back to 2A. All they needed to do on the last realignment was to move the bigger 3A schools into 4A by lowering the 4A lower level. Then all of the St.George area schools & Cedar City area schools would all be 4A and in the same region.

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