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Published: Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Layton, UT

Sometimes I wish that the states or people who want all of this free stuff should just start their own country. How about 'The United States of Entitlements?' My husband thought of that one. People are coveting things that are not theirs. They also want instant gratification. If someone has worked hard and earned a billion dollars, I am glad for them, as long as they did it honestly. America is about opportunities to improve ones future. Some of my ancestors came through Ellis Island to escape their lack of possiblities in Poland and other countries. I'm sure they are not jealous of my accomplishments. I was the first child in my family to graduate from college. It has certainly made a big difference, and no, I am no where near the 2%.

Sandy, UT

How come no one talks about all the unpaid wars? Remember cut and run? Republicans are hypocrites.

Cedar Hills, UT

Our country's financial situation is less like a fiscal cliff and more like quicksand. Every second, we owe more (debt) because we spend more than we tax (deficit). Spend less and people struggle. Tax more and people struggle. Is there another alternative? Yes. Freeze government spending at current levels and grow the economy (which increases tax revenue without increasing tax rates).

Or we could grow government spending and freeze the economy. Wait. We tried that the last four years.

Herriman, UT

Yes, class warfare is alive and well, but it is perfectly legitimate to argue for a progressive tax system where higher earning levels pay a higher % of taxes.

And let's be honest here - while Obama has not done anything to fulfill his promises of changing the way Washington works (lobbyists, transparency, etc.), the Republicans have done NOTHING to reach across the aisle or compromise on any points. True, it appears they are willing to play a game of chicken to the death, but that false bravado and unwillingness to compromise not only lost them the last election but is going to seriously harm our country.

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