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Published: Thursday, Nov. 15 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Love it! Love being able to go to a game so close to home. I hope a basketball deal can also be worked out

Frisco, TX

November will always be tough as an indy. I'd much rather play UNLV than NMSU and Idaho, regardless of sos. I can handle a UNLV and Hawaii in November as long as I get a little Wisconsin and Notre Dame.

Provo, , UT


You know you're right and I'm sorry I got my facts messed up. I don't know what I was thinking but for some reason I remember watching a UNLV game and they seemed to be doing pretty well offensively, it seems I was mistaken or confused on something. I can admit when I mess up, thank you for pointing it out to me. Still like the playing in Las Vegas for recruiting



It's cool. UNLV had a good win against Air Force this year, but that is really about it. I am willing to admit they aren't as bad as the 2-9 record suggests, but UNLV just doesn't know how to win football games... yet.

Orem, Utah

Looks like November scheduling of BCS-quality teams is still a few years out. Still, independence scheduling is looking better all the time. It'll take time and shakeout in the conference shuffling for November to become easier to schedule. Patience.

Baltimore, MD

CO Ute

Since neither you, nor anybody else, could possibly know how good or bad a team will be two or three years from now, posting current records is absolutely meaningless.

The Auburn Tigers, for example, were national champions only a couple of years ago.

This year, MTSU(6-3) is a MUCH better team than Auburn(2-7)

River Falls, WI

RE: Wildcat

"then look at the teams BYU has been scheduling lately: Virginia, Middle Tennessee State, Southern Miss, UNLV, etc.."

You conveniently left off who the "etc." were. That would be Michigan, Houston, Wisconsin, Boise State, Notre Dame.

Of the games scheduled for the next several years about half of them are games comparable to the WAC teams BYU has played the last two seasons with one difference, they are in different parts of the country. The other half of the schedule consists of very difficult games against top teams in (again) different parts of the country. I think any objective observer can see that BYU is putting together a very balanced schedule where they can win 9-10 games a season, be on national television every week, and get way more exposure than they have in the past. No, they do not have a Notre Dame type schedule. They are not yet at that level... but they are raising their national profile and it is paying off.

Baltimore, MD


"Looks like November scheduling of BCS-quality teams is still a few years out."

Think again:

BYU's 2013 Football Schedule - one or two games still pending

8/31 at Virginia
9/7 Texas
9/14 open
9/21 Utah
9/28 open
10/4 at Utah State
10/12 Georgia Tech
10/19 at Houston
10/26 Boise State
11/2 open
11/9 at Wisconsin
11/16 Middle Tenn St
11/23 at Notre Dame
11/30 open
12/7 at Hawaii

Two ACC, two Big East, two MWC, one PAC 12, one Big Ten, one Big 12, one Sun Belt, and one Independent

BYU could add a couple of gimmies and still have a great schedule next year.

Park City, UT


Our friends from the hill love using half-truths to paint BYU in the worst possible light, so they obsess on the WAC teams BYU has played in the last couple of years, while conveniently ignoring teams like Texas, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, TCU and Boise State.

The truth is, NOBODY plays an entire schedule of teams like Texas and USC. And NO upper tier teams play an entire schedule of teams like Idaho and New Mexico St.

Whether you're an Independent and choose to balance your schedule with a mix of very good, average, and mediocre teams, or you're in a conference that schedules that mix of teams for you, doesn't matter, except to the haters, who only see the world through their own distorted prism.


Here is one fact BYU fans cannot spin into something positive:

They lost 4 out of the 5 money games this year. A loss is a loss, and there will be plenty more next year without the killer D to bail them out (and that didn't even always work THIS year).

Salt Lake City, UT

Good pick up for UNLV and so-so for BYU. Is UNLV one of those teams like San Diego St. who said they would never play BYU again because they left the MWC? It would require that UNLV organize parking at Sam Boyd stadium before I will ever attend a game there. It gives chaos a bad name.

Salt Lake City, UT

Spin this. Just be humble and grateful that BYU schedules USU. It is a nothing game that gives deference to the locals and means little to the national fan base of BYU, even those who live in SLC.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

In light of their pathetic performance in the conference of champions the past two years, I like how the utah trolls come on here with their feeble trash talk. I'm looking forward to their arch rival game with CU - last year was a real joy.

Anyone want to talk some hoops??? crickets, crickets.

Orem, UT


"Here is one fact BYU fans cannot spin into something positive: They lost 4 out of the 5 money games this year."

Sure we can!

BYU lost 3 of the 4 by a total of 7 points, all from mistakes BYU made, rather than anything our opponents did.

Unlike Utah, BYU had a realistic chance of winning every game it lost, and, BYU did beat that team from Logan, a team Utah couldn't beat.

It's possible that BYU's offense won't have rely on BYU's defense to bail them out next season. BYU might even re-discover its kicking game. That all remains to be seen.

Regardless, most BYU fans are excited about the prospect of BYU improving its schedule with big name opponents. BYU will probably suffer a little in the loss column, but with greater risk also comes the opportunity for greater reward.

O-town, UT


Other than Wisconsin, Texas and GA Tech, none of the big teams are going to Provo in the future schedule. All the big games are one and done on the road. Idaho and New Mexico State can pull that off as an independent as well.

If BYU is truly interested in being a national contender, the schedules they are making are not going to help. You have to play the best and beat the best. Notre Dame has a tough schedule year in and out--they aren't afraid of having losing seasons. Notre Dame has history and can get the big boys to go to South Bend. I think BYU has a good stadium and should be able to do the same, but I suspect the AD and coach are trying to ensure seven to eight solid wins a year on the schedule, which is fine, but don't sell it like they are going for a national championship.

BYU should try and lobby the Big 12 and join them, then Texas Oklahoma, Kansas State, etc. are on the schedule every year, too bad, a PAC-12 team and a Big 12 team in Utah would have been nice.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"What will Utah do with their Northern Colorado game... play it again?"


Still harping on No. Colo., eh? You shouldn't--BYU has much in common with the Bears. They both beat Weber State and they both lost to Utah.

Gilbert, AZ


"Other than Wisconsin, Texas and GA Tech, none of the big teams are going to Provo in the future schedule."

Notre Dame's current agreement with BYU calls for the Irish to play TWO games in Provo; since Notre Dame is an honorable program, it's a given that Notre Dame will be playing at least one of those agreed upon games in Provo, and probably both.



It's obvious that Hill intends to continue scheduling Big Sky teams every year to give the Utes at least a chance to finish 6-6 - so far he's three for three with 2011 Montana State, 2012 Northern Colorado, 2013 Weber State.

River Falls, WI

Re: Wildcat

"Other than Wisconsin, Texas and GA Tech, none of the big teams are going to Provo in the future schedule."

Again you have failed to do your homework. In addition to Wisconsin, Texas, and Georgia Tech, BYU will also host Boise State (at least five times), Notre Dame (at least twice), Houston, and Cincy. And if the series with Wisconsin is any indicator, there is a chance they will also host Michigan and Nebraska. Not too shabby for a newly independent who still has a ton of holes to fill in future schedules.

I agree that you have to play and beat the best to be National contenders. However, Utah, Boise State, and Hawaii all proved that you don't have to play a Notre Dame type schedule to be invited to BCS bowls (i.e. be a national contender), you simply need to schedule 2-3 good games per year and go undefeated. BYU's schedules for the foreseeable future are already better than any other "BCS buster" in history so they should be in good shape. Now they need to go out and win games. Go Cougs!



Pulling a Utah and pretending you're too good for us, eh? BYU needs USU more than USU needs BYU. At least USU will be in a steady conference going forward with a guaranteed, annual slate of games. Not even the mighty Cougars can claim they have that luxury.

Oh, and don't think you can bag on USU when it's convenient and then say the game means nothing. Even the highly vaunted (and super overrated) Riley Nelson admitted that if BYU doesn't bring their A-game to USU from now on, they will get beaten. It's a rivalry again and not even the most stubborn and proud Cougar fan can deny that.

Also, UNLV is terrible. Scheduling them home-and-home and insisting on 2 for 1's with USU wont fly with the Athletic Director at USU going forward. Count on that.


Excuses, excuses. BYU doesn't lose to other teams: they just beat themselves, right? And BYU would have beaten Notre Dame if that last pass connected, right?

Be real here. BYU had no chance against Oregon State.

O-town, UT


Don't know for sure that Notre Dame will go to Provo, they have their new agreement with the ACC--no trip planned to Provo yet for 2013-2015 according to FBS Schedules website. Houston and Cincy had some good years, but I wouldn't classify them as premier FBS teams. I don't think Nebraska and Michigan will go to Provo, unless a two-for-one or something. I think it's great Wisconsin is willing to do it--makes me respect them that much more.

I agree about your points with BCS bowls, BYU could do that with two-three big wins and running the table, but not a national championship like Bronco is claiming to have as his goal. I just thought it would be great for BYU to join the Big 12, it would have brought bigger games to this market, and made a big rivalry with Utah.

I think they could have joined the Big 12 if they wanted to, but didn't want to have the growing pains that they would experience with that jump like Utah and TCU are experiencing.

Good luck to the Cougs in Independence, but BYU would be better in the Big 12.

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