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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 14 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Congrats on the job opportunity for Jordan. Hopefully he will continue his education in Hawaii and receive his masters, keep improving that resume!

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Great opportunity for Jordan Winn. Well deserved

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations Jordan - I'm happy to hear that your future is looking bright. He went through so much at Utah and good have been one of the best QB's if he could have stayed healthy all these years. Coaching with Chow will be a great opportunity.

Good luck Wynn.


Good luck, Jordan. I hope things turn our well for you.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Awesome news for Jordan! I was a fan of him at quarterback despite his injury prone nature and i am stoked to hear about him getting a shot to coach at Hawaii.

Best of luck Jordan!

Highland, UT

That sounds to me like a great opportunity for wynn. Best of luck to him.

Bountiful, UT

Good luck Jordan. Chow is awesome to learn from, beware of his ego.

Las Vegas, NV

Best of luck to you Jordan. You are a class act and you represented the U well. Hawaii's gain.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Its about time some good news happened for this kid. Learn all you can from Norm. I won't say goodbye because I have a feeling you'll be back one day.

Spanish Fork, UT

I find it curious that Wynn, Johnson and Doman are hired (although it's great for them and congrats are in order)... in the past these positions have gone to people a bit more seasoned, and sometimes FAR more seasoned. I wonder why the change. Is the pay so low that only young applicants would be interested and the seasoned guys are at better programs? I could understand that at Hawaii, but the U and BYU? Surely they are high profile enough to attract the Doug Scovills, Norm Chows and I suddenly blocked out the U of U offensive genius. And perhaps the coaches just don't think it is an important enough job to worry about proof that these guys can get the job done at the D-1 level. Just wondering.

Provo, , UT

Great news for Wynn. Wish him the best! Glad to see he is able to still be around the game he loves.

Down under
Pullman, WA

Way to go Jordan. Have fun in the sun.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I guess you have to take your opportunities where you find them but, WOW, he must be desperate to be willing to work with Norm Chow.

Mesa, AZ

Aloha Jordan! Can't wait until the Cougars get to take on your Warriors next season on Pearl Harbor Day 2013!

Salt Lake City, UT


You gotta be crazy to criticize Wynn for taking that job.

Let's see. It's a real assistant job not a grad assistant. Check.

Job right out of college unlike 40% of the other graduates. Check.

Great location. Wrong.

Incredible location. Check.

Congrats Jordan. I wish you the best of luck.

Springville, UT

Interesting opportunity. Not sure what he can add to this program at such a young age but evidently Chow sees something in him. Good luck and get some big boy pants. The job is a thankless one if you don't pull some quick results.

Heber City, UT

Good luck.

Proud Ute

Congrats and good luck Jordan.
Great way to stay in football and the location isn't too bad either.

Taylorsville, Utah

Wow: Alohas 2 U Jordan

This good looking, handsome young man's going to change the colors of the rainbow in the islands. The Wahines are going to hula-ing skirt-less and hiking the ball to you.

Go there bruddah and have some Norm-al Chow-time Lu'au.

Mahalo Nui & Po Maika'i (Good Luck)

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