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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 14 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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True Blue in SLC


I am pretty sure it is an NCAA recruiting violation for BYU to organize an event like that. You have to be careful with that stuff.

I'm happy for Jibari. He's a smart kid, he'll choose what works best for him. I wish him all the success in world, regardless of the school he chooses.

True Blue in SLC


All your base are belong to us...

Mission Viejo, CA

A one-and-done hoops player at Duke or anywhere else is not going to have much missionary clout. In fact, the one-and-done experience may have the reverse effect - the environment affecting Jabari. Certainly, pro hoops with the pressures and experiences that Ainge described in an article last year is anything but a good environment for a teen-ager. If I were his parents, I'd be counseling him to get a degree before pro hoops. Most pro hoops players are broke five years after they retire.

My guess is that if he wants to go on a mission and is willing to wait a few years before going pro, BYU is a better slot for him. A 4-year BYU degree is much better for Jabari than a one-and-done jump to the pros from Duke or BYU.

American Fork, UT

@sg....there is NO way he will have a bigger impact (for the LDS church) at Duke. there he will be just one of the many Duke greats or not so greats. At BYU he has the opportunity to take Jimmermania to Jabarimania superstardom. with the ESPN contract BYU has and BYUtv exposure the universe is the limit not the ACC glass ceiling. I suspect he will sign with BYU, go on a mission and then enter the NBA draft without ever playing college hoops.

If basketball is his only concern, yes, then go to Duke or Stanford. Florida and Michigan State would be totally useless IMHO. If planning to serve a mission, then go to BYU where you can concentrate on both options.


I don't know how many people the U. Institute building will seat, but it won't be big enough. If he drew 2,000 in Oakland, he'll draw 10 times that in Utah.

Jabari has a lot of great options. I hope he chooses BYU, but even more so, I hope he chooses what will be best for himself.

Bountiful, UT

@DEW Cougar
"Really people, he and his mother are here for fireside giving examples about being good family and kids, thats all."

No, he and his mother are here for his official recruiting trip to BYU. The devotional is an add-on.

Salt Lake City, UT

SL needs it more.


Jabari would love playing st BYU. He seems to be a great kid both on and off the court. Welcome to Deseret, Jabari.

Warrior Parent
Belle Glade, FL

Best wishes Jabari, wherever you choose to play! God Bless

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