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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 14 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

This is as close as it gets for the Ute getting a top basketball recruit... a drive by 'the hill' to the institute building. LOL

newhall, CA

I think he should choose Duke. Sure BYU would be great, but to have a greater impact as an athlete and member of the church, Duke is the place to go to.

Rock Springs, WY


Jabari Parker is very talanted. Several years ago there was a Chris Burgess who thought the samething. He ended up transfering to uTah. Ever hear of Scott Mitchell a Mormon QB. He went to the u but I don't remember him being connected to the church like Steve Young or even Danny Angie.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Wherever he goes we need to support this fine young man. He will be an influence anywhere he goes. Bottom line is that it is his decision and inspiration. More to this than basketball. Good luck to him.

Common Cents
Lehi, UT

He can be an advocate for the Church no matter where he goes, but HE would be far more recognized as a representative as a BYU player, and it's not close.

I would give Duke and other programs the edge of course when it comes to basketball, but if he's only going a year, then he should heavily consider BYU.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: wYo8

Ever heard of Manti Teo?

riverton, utah

Ya, uncle rico. what does that have anything to do with artical?

U 90
Corona, CA


The first comment out of the gate is about Utah. Got Utah in your head much? Is it possible for you to just be a BYU fan without being a Utah hater? You know we teach about these things on Sunday.

As much as you won't admit it, bu it's true, Utah has a much richer history of basketball success when it comes to sweet 16's, great 8's, final 4's and championship games. So why hate on a successful propgram that has fallen on hard times?


He needs to do what is best for him. Luckily he's got his dad who was in the NBA and a strong loving mother who have been with him throughout his journey.

Salt Lake City, UT

U 90 and Sammyg,

A little scenario that has played over and over.

Stop it now or we will turn around and go home and you will miss seeing Jabari. You children need to learn how to get along and quit picking on each other. "But, monny, sammy was mean to me first". "No mommy, U 90 hit me and I was on my side of the car".

Children, this is your last warning!!

There are many Utah haters and just as mnay BYU haters. Both need to listen to their mothers and stop it now. It is very childish and immature!!

Best of luck to Jabari. I personally think he should look hard at his mission before basketball option. There is no question he is ready to be a great missionary right now. Then, good things will happen on the basketball court.

Rochdale, MA

The best example Jabari can set is to go on a mission. The Lord said "every" young man, not every young man who doesn't have an athletic career in his future.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Really people, he and his mother are here for fireside giving examples about being good family and kids, thats all. Hope they will learn some good things having better lives in their future.
I wonder if Sonny (Jabari father) will ever be converted to the lds faith soon?

Idaho Falls, ID

LOL. Well said, well said.

I'm not a real optimistic person, but I have a hunch Jabari is going to commit to BYU. If it were strictly about basketball, BYU wouldn't even be in the running. But I think he has a real desire to take on the "BYU Experience," and maybe pick up a spouse in the process.

Maybe just wishful thinking....

Cedar Hills, UT


You are really setting yourself up for big let down. Oh well

Kaysville, Utah


One of the great thing about the Church of Jesus Christ is that people are entitled to receive personal revelation. "Personal" means that the revelation about what Jabari should do will come to him, not to any of the rest of us. This is a fine young man who I believe will do whatever he feels like his Father in Heaven wants of him. And if he doesn't that is also between God and him not for the rest of us to speculate on.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

to U90: the U fans have been on forums for months saying that Parker will never choose BYU, that he's just being nice to the Y to consider them. And to Alternate: nice lecture. Every BYU fan wants him to come to BYU. Most Utah fans would like him to go elsewhere. We get that. You think Michigan fans want him to go to MSU? Or UNC fans want him to go to Duke? I genuinely believe Parker will narrow the other 4 schools down to one and then compare that one to BYU. At that point, it's anybody's guess. And if he chooses to go on a mission, I do not believe that necessarily means he'll come back to BYU. But BYU has a lot to offer and their national tv exposure will explode with him - less BYUtv and much more ESPN. Lastly I don't believe he is a one and done kid. Just doesn't seem like that kind of kid - too much wisdom and humility in him. I'm guessing minimum of two years.

Boise, ID

Impressive young man. Sounds like a great family as well. I hope he comes to BYU but I look forward to following him wherever he goes.

Alpine Blue
Alpine, UT

@ Uncle Rico - Festus

Manti Te'o is an amazing story and has an incredible amount of positive press in South Bend. Highly doubtful that he would be half the story had he chosen BYU or USC over Notre Dame.

Although it would be wonderful if he chooses to come to the Y, he might have a greater influence for the missionary good if he chooses Michigan State or Duke.

Wherever he chooses to go, we all can collectively hope that he excels and is the very best he can be. No doubt that he will continue to shine a positive light on the Church.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I think his chances of coming to BYU are probably slim, but I actually think he would be personally happier there than any other school. He would be with people who share his standards and beliefs. He would shine nationally just as much there as anywhere. He would also be near relatives.

I hope he chooses BYU, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

taylorsville, UT

So shy didn't the y arrange for him to speak in provo?

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