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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

Let's tax the rich?

Wow! It’s beginning. A short list of companies planning lay-offs after the election, because of the wealthy projecting added costs of Obama care:

•Texas Instruments
•Abbott labrotory
•Zynga Boston
•Welch Allyn
•Dana Holding Corp
•Boston Scientific
•Smith & Nephew
•Kinetic Concepts
•St Jude Medical
•Hill Rom
•Murray Energy
•HMX Group
•Detroit Police
•Pierce Manufacturing
•Tooele County Government
•Aviation Services
•Potash Corp.
•PaPa Johns Pizza
•Westgate Resorts

A short and growing list. The golden goose is gone.

Cinci Man

Don't forget that everyone will have health insurance under Obamacare. We may not have many doctors and nurses after they finish quitting the profession, but we cannot forget that we will all be covered by insurance. We may never be able to receive the treatments and medicines, but we will all be insured by Obamacare. Employers may not carry the quality of health insurance any longer, but we will all be covered by Obamacare. Come on America. Look at the bright side. I'd much rather be covered by insurance than to actually receive health care, wouldn't you? Ouch! For some reason I cannot get my tongue out of my cheek. I better go see a doctor. After all, I'm covered by Obamacare!

Provo, UT

Sorry, I missed something?? We all know the results of Karl Marx ideas. His were worse that Lernin. The doctrines they espoused have obviously created one of the greatest disasters in world history. Sometime read the contgressional documents concerning the 30 million Russians (Stalin)
killed to maintain control of the people of Russia. The first to go were the elite scholars along weioth the media mogul and the Religious leaders.
Your statement amazes any American who lived through those years, myself included.

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