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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 4:00 p.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

all this talk is going on between you guys, and that's cute and all, but I could care less about what your all saying because I'm still sitting here wondering when the next time I'm gonna be able to rush the field is.

Salt Lake City, UT


"I'm still sitting here wondering when the next time I'm gonna be able to rush the field is."

Next year, when Colorado visits RES is a good possibility, though not a given.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


You do realize Utah beat #19 Texas A&M don't you? A ton of other schools played similar, or weaker schedules that year, but didn't go undefeated. That's what got them the bid. I guess the were "Lucky" to win every game, right? Why the hate? They beat everyone they played against, something that only 2 other teams did that year. Only 6 teams had 1 loss or less. You can spin it any way you wany, but every other fan (who doesn't have the BYU bias in their head) knows that was a great and very deserving team. But keep telling your self other wise if it makes you feel better, the rest of us know the truth.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

9-2-04 TEXAS A&M (Thur.) WON 41-21
9-11-04 at Arizona WON 23-6
9-18-04 at Utah State WON 48-6
9-25-04 AIR FORCE WON 49-35
10-1-04 at New Mexico (Fri.) WON 28-7
10-16-04 NORTH CAROLINA WON 46-16
10-23-04 UNLV WON 63-28
10-30-04 at San Diego State WON 51-28
11-6-04 COLORADO STATE WON 63-31
11-13-04 at Wyoming WON 45-28
11-20-04 BRIGHAM YOUNG WON 52-21
1-1-05 vs. Pittsburgh WON 35-7

Sorry, Utah doesn't have to appoligize for that run at all. Not one Bit!

Orem, UT

Spokane Ute

"You do realize Utah beat #19 Texas A&M don't you?"

No, Utah beat UNRANKED Texas A&M.

A Utah fan trying claim that Utah 2004 beat #19 Texas A&M, is like a BYU fan trying to claim that BYU 1984 beat #3 Pittsburgh.

Texas A&M and Pittsburgh were both ranked at the beginning of the season. Neither was ranked at the end of the season.

Utah 2004 didn't beat a single regular season opponent that finished with a record better than 7-5.
BYU 2001 beat Utah(8-4) a team that beat USC in the Las Vegas Bowl.

BYU 2001 lost to two teams that finished with 9-3 records.
Utah 2004 didn't play a single team that finished with better than an 8-4 record.

Mark D

Welcome to the Pac, Ute fans... As an ASU Alum, I can tell you just how hard it is to compile a "solid" season in this competitive league. You may have had some great years in the WAC/MWC in the past, even playing in and winning a BCS bowl or two, but playing in a BCS bowl game and playing in a BCS league are two VERY different things...

To face BCS competition week in and week out, is very different from facing a BCS team in a BCS bowl and having a month to prepare for them. I have long respected the Utes, and wish them well - but this league will challenge you and take the best that you have to offer and ask for more...

Settle in boys, this is going to be MUCH harder than you ever thought it would be...

Charlotte, NC

From the comments here you would think that BYU and Utah didn't play this year and that there was some doubt about which team won.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Get your facts straight. Google "final 2004 BCS rankings" and tell me where Texas A@M is listed. Also, as Max said; who won between Utah and BYU this year, and the year before, and the year before....

I can't wait for your spin on that.

West Jordan, Utah

Not the right comments to make for Whittingham. Winning 10 games is one thing but losing to middle tier conference teams because you went to the freshman Wilson too early is another. At 0-2 in conference, the O line started to get it's act together and White IV was getting healthy, and boom, Whit gives up on Hayes and his senior leadership. Except for the play of Wilson, Utah played well enough to have had good chances to beat UCLA and Oregon State. At Washington, White IV had his 100 plus yards and Wilson did nothing to give Utah a chance. The Utah State game saw Utah trailing 13-0 to the Aggies when Wynn got hurt. Hays and the offense outscored Utah State 20-7 after that to go to overtime tied and 20. Utah then lost by an offensive pass interference call after the overtime tying TD. That was the game there.

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