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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 4:00 p.m. MST

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Charlotte, NC

If anybody can get done, it is Whittingham. However, I think the youngest offensive coordinator in the country is proving to be too easy for those experienced PAC 12 defensive coordinators. A change there may be in order.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Snack PAC

Utah wasn't even close to #16 when the Utes were blown out by Boise State.


Rather then to just take your word for it, I did some research.

Not even close? According to final regular season AP polls:

Utah was ranked #19 10-2 (BCS #19).
Oregon Stat was #16 8-4 (BCS #18).

So according to the BCS they were close.

Salt Lake City, UT

As a ute fan I am going bowling again this year just like I did in the 70's....But since Ritz Classic is gone...I think I will give Orchard lanes a try! SOS is mute when you dont win.....beating WSU and losing to USC UCLA Washington ASU, it doesn't matter how strong your schedule is? There is no pride in being the biggest loser in a strong schedule.....Time for a change in Uteville? Yes, Put in a call to Gary Anderson!

Enid, OK

Let's play the Utes again in the Poinsetta Bowl.

My money says we'd beat them.


(Yeah, I know the bowl contracts aren't set up that way, but I just wanted to say that if we played the Utes again, they'd lose. They got LUCKY the first time. They wouldn't be lucky again the second.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Gilbert, AZ

"A 12-0 record, a conference championship, and the nation's highest-scoring offense were not enough for BYU, which was officially eliminated from BCS consideration on Monday..."

is one of the main reasons Utah was able to bust the bcs in 2004.

If not for BYU 1996 and BYU 2001, the rules that allowed the Utes to bust the bcs in 2004 would not have existed.



Getting a whopping at Hawaii and being embarrassed by Louisville to finish 12-2 didn't open the doors for Utah/TCU/Boise. It just proved BCS committee was correct in not inviting a weak 12-0 BYU team.

Prove it that the BCS rules changed in 2001 to make it more exclusive for non-BCS teams. In 1996 there was no BCS.

Here's what I found how BYU contributed.

Other teams have won the national championship despite playing presumably weaker schedules than other championship contenders. The BYU Cougars [in 1984]... To address these problems, five conferences, six bowl games, and leading independent Notre Dame joined forces to create the Bowl Coalition, which was intended to force a de facto "national championship game" between the top two teams.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


The BCS ranking is ONLY used to determine teams invited to the BCS bowls and championship. There is no final BCS ranking after the bowls.

It's completely irrelevant as far as final AP and Coaches Poll rankings.

In 2009, OSU was ranked #16 AP and #15 Coaches before the Las Vegas Bowl.
In 2010, Utah was ranked #19 AP and #19 Coaches before the Las Vegas Bowl.

Like I said, not even close. Teams don't drop 10 places or more because of a single loss, unless that loss was an absolute beat down.

Utah only dropped four places in the Coaches poll and only six places in the AP poll after losing to Boise State.

Oregon State dropped over 10 places in each after losing to BYU, the difference between being ranked and being unranked.

Mcallen, TX

It's funny how the utes go to the PAC, then their fans comment on a tough schedule, then complain of BYU playing cupcakes.

Go figure.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah 2004's schedule and record was no better than BYU 2001's schedule and record prior to the BYU-Hawaii game, yet the BCS had already decided PRIOR to the game, according to your own post, that BYU WOULD NOT BE INVITED to a BCS bowl, regardless of whether BYU beat 8-3 Hawaii or not, PROOF that in 2001 there was no BCS rule to compell the BCS to invite any team outside of their tight little circle of automatic qualifiers, and also PROOF, that the BCS rules did change prior to 2004 to compell the BCS to invite the highest ranked non-AQ team.

U 90
Corona, CA

A Utah article with:
1 comment from TCU fan
27 comments from U fan
40 comments from Y fan

Looks like many closet U fans are coming out tonight. You know what they say, "If you can't beat em join em"

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

BYU fan delusion makes me laugh every time. News flash, the Utes own your team on the field of play, where it counts. Enjoy being in the ranks of independents with New Mexico State and Idaho; now that's cachet.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC

You missed the point. What the BCS poll showed was when that taking everything into consideration, including computer rankings, Utah and Oregon State were indeed "close":

#18 OSU 8-2


#19 Utah 10-2

What happened at the end of season? Both teams dropped out of the top 25 after losing big.

Feel free to call Utah mediocre and Oregon State a great team and a huge win for BYU.

That fact still remains the ONLY two final ranked teams BYU has beat since 1996 are #18 Utah (2009) and #20 TCU (2006).


That's not proof its your opinion based on fantasy. Please cite the source showing rule changes to the BCS system because of what BYU did. The rules only changed after what Utah/Boise/TCU did, while BYU in 2001 and Hawaii 2007 Sugar Bowl proved the critics were right.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah 2004's schedule and record was no better than BYU 2001's schedule and record prior to the BYU-Hawaii game...


The difference was Utah rolled all over our opponents by 14+ points.

While BYU before being exposed by Hawaii struggled against:

Nevada-Las Vegas (4-7) W 35-31
New Mexico (6-5) W 24-21
Wyoming (2-9) W41-34
Utah (8-4) W 24-21
Mississippi State (3-8)W 41-38

That's why they said no, your a weak team. Hawaii and Louisville just proved it.

BYU did nothing to open the doors for non-AQ teams. Your not even relevant in that discussion.

Highland, UT


Your quotes from Mitch Light and Ted Miller were pre-season quotes. I'm going to go out on a limb and say neither of them believe that any longer and they will not be making similar comments next year. Perspective comes from what actually occurs, their perspective has definately changed and the truth is your has to, you know they were wrong, you even admit it in some of your posts here and on the Trib. Funny how you're trying to argue differently now.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"The difference was Utah rolled all over our opponents by 14+ points."


out how uninformed you really are.

The BCS computers aren't even allowed to consider margin of victory in their formulas for ranking teams.

You obviously don't understand cause and effect relationshps.

EVERY rule change is precipitated by an event that triggers a discussion that leads to a rule change.

The BCS deciding, while BYU was still 12-0 and ranked in the Top 10, that BYU would not be invited to a BCS bowl, REGARDLESS of whether BYU beat Hawaii, or not, triggered the discussion of how unfair the BCS was in excluding non-AQ teams from BCS bowls, which lead to the rule change REQUIRING the BCS to invite the highest ranked non-AQ team to a BCS bowl, starting in 2004.

Without that rule change, the BCS could have invited ANY at-large team that the BCS wanted to, instead of Utah, leaving Utah 2004 in the exact same position BYU 2001 was in prior to the Hawaii game, undefeated and uninvited.

Without BYU 2001, Utah 2004 could very easily have ended up playing in another minor bowl.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


It's laughable how you completely omitted BYU's dominating wins from 2001, while pretending that every Utah win in 2004 was dominating, even though you know for a fact that wasn't the case.

btw, I noticed that you still haven't given us evidence that Utah beat a single regular season opponent in 2004 that made the Utes "BCS worthy".

Don't just give us names, give us records and rankings, just like you nit pik EVERY BYU opponent.


Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

IRS Fraud,

Where is the Y ranked this year? They are not. They played 4 decent to good teams this year, and lost them all. Is is a growing trend at the Y. Bronco knows that. There is one thing Bronco does well. He usually does not lose to the teams he should beat, but has only once beat a team no one thought that he would win. It's amazing to me how delusional Y fans can be. They think since they end the year on a winning streak against poor cempetition, then start the fall with a win, before they lose to the good teams that they are continuing to get better. Face it, you aren't. Next year you will be lucky to make it to 7-5 or even 7-6 if Holmoe takes the 13th game for playing Hawaii in Hawaii. You still have 6 patsies on there that you will win, and then have probably 1 more win in there against an average team. Your exposure may be good, but when you don't win, it doesn't matter.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

Bleed Cougar Blue,

The Utes must get lucky a lot then against the Y. I think that it is the other way around though. Since 193, and other than 96 when you beat us by 20, you are the lucky ones. 98, doink chip shot FG off the left upright. 2000, fumble by BYU on 3rd down, no replay, refs don't call it a fumble, Doman throws long pass on 4th down, BYU wins. Game should've been over due to the fumble. 01, Utes D stuffs the Y all day, up 21-10 with 5 min to play, then lose. Well all know 2006 on the last second pass. 2007 a 4th and 18 bomb when McCain, who is a NFL corner thinks Maxi got sacked, & turns his head. Then OT in 09 when our LB and safety run into one another. SO the Y is the lucky team. We could have 12 or so in a row. While our offense is not great, we would still beat you. We have the last 3 years with 3 different QBs playing at times for Utah, with no offensive game at all. Lucky huh, I would say it's just better.

Jealous U
Alpine, UT

Papa Smurf UTE

Big talk from a PAC 12 team that still hasn't beaten a conference foe with a winning record and couldn't even beat lowly 10-loss Colorado last season.

Instead of worrying about BYU's lack of recent accomplishments, you should be more worried about Utah's continuing downward spiral since 2008. At your current pace, it'll only be a couple more years before Utah's football program descends below Utah's basketball program in ineptitude.

Centerville, UT


You're kidding me right?? Calling byu a dominant program?? Remind me how you came to that conclusion? Just remember one thing when you're reminiscing over your "dominance."

3 peat
8 of the last 11

Gilbert, AZ


Just remember one thing when you're fooling yourself into believing that one game proves "dominance."

Colorado 17
Utah 14


Top 25 Finishes
Bronco 5
Kyle 3

Top 15 Finishes
Bronco 3
Kyle 1

So much for proving Utah's "dominance" on a national scale, which is the only scale fans not living on the hill care about.

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