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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 4:00 p.m. MST

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East Salt Lake City, Utah


If the utes had gone independent, they would be financially drowning. They depended on BYU TV revenue during the WAC, and MWC years, and now the PAC. without entitlements, their sports program would foreclosed, and Chris B would be a Weber State fan.


Please call us when/if someone offers you $20-$30 million to join a prestigious organization and you turn it down because you don't want "entitlements".

Also tell us when you refuse to accept your tax exempt entitlement status.

Notre Dame just joined the ACC for all sports and 7 games in football. When Idaho and New Mexico State joins you as an independent and not USC and Texas, which also has it's own network, you should be able to read the writing on the wall.

@LonestarRunner: "Despite the obvious weaklings on their schedule, BYU has shown that they can compete with the big boys."

How so? You've won 5-14 vs good teams in 3 years (USU twice, Tulsa, Washington, SDSU--4 wins at LES). Bronco is 12-13 vs BCS teams.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

PAC man

Whether you use Sagarin or RealTimeRPI, the obvious conclusion is WINNING is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, than SOS. You can whine and make excuses for losing, but bottom line, NOBODY cares how difficult your SOS is if you don't WIN!


It seems nobody cares if you beat a bunch of cupcakes either:

"Officials from the Bowl Championship Series didn't even wait long enough to see if BYU could finish the regular-season [2001] with an undefeated record to decide the Cougars' BCS fate.

Access denied.

A 12-0 record, a conference championship, and the nation's highest-scoring offense were not enough for BYU, which was officially eliminated from BCS consideration on Monday."

-- Jeff Call

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


You do realize that the Y has not competed with the big boys since 1996. You have 1 so called good win since then. That was against OU and they turned out to be a fraud. Just like Pitt did in 84. While only losing to Notre Dame by 3 is a moral victory for you fans, and think that you can compere with anyone in the country, you can't. You have lost every game against a nationaly relevent team, other than OU since, well, 1996. Your best win since that OU win was against the Utes in 2009 in OT. Other than that, you have lost all the games vs good teams. Even in the UTES so called "down years" you still cannot beat us, and got run off your home field in 2011. Enjoy all that amazing exposure as an irrelevent. It came out on Monday that even the MWC, WAC, Sun Belt, and Conf USA even has more access to the new BCS or whatever they will call it than you do. That is your new sad reality. You aren't the Notre Dame of the west, & no one really cares about you, other than you.

Farmington, UT

Don't worry about the tough times, Utes, for as Chris B. pointed out you have two BCS wins! (Insert laughter here.)

So let's see: Heisman Trophy Winners - 0. National Championships - 0. MWC Championships and WAC Championships - very few. Amount of time to garner 10 PAC 12 Conference wins---at this point, at least three seasons. (After the next two weeks, maybe 4, but that is speculation while requiring 3 seasons is a current fact.)

So what exactly does Utah have to brag about, other than two BCS wins? Can anyone say who else won BCS games those same years and were there any repeats other than the Utes? I think not, because BCS wins aren't that important after a year or so. Sorry, Utes, that's a fact too.

Arlington, VA

Papa Smurf UTE

Actually, BYU destroyed then #16 Oregon State in the 2009 Las Vegas Bowl so badly, that it knocked the Beavers completely out of the rankings. If BYU hadn't beaten OSU so badly, the Cougars would have had a win over a ranked, "nationally relevant" PAC 12 opponent.

It's laughable how Utah fans were claiming just a year ago that coming close to beating USC at USC last year proved that the Utes were "competitive", but now those same Utah homers are arguing that BYU only losing by 3 at #3-ranked Notre Dame doesn't prove anything.

The inconsistency of Utah fans is hilarious.

Don't kid yourself about no one caring about BYU. The kids on the hill are obsessed with BYU.

Gilbert, AZ


"Enjoy all that amazing exposure as an irrelevent. It came out on Monday that even the MWC, WAC, Sun Belt, and Conf USA even has more access to the new BCS or whatever they will call it than you do."

The reality is, the MWC, WAC, Sun Belt, Conference USA, and Big East ALL have better access than Utah. At least one team from one of those conferences is GUARANTEED to be included in one of the BCS bowls every year.

There's no guarantee that Utah will ever be included in one of those bowls.

The Rose Bowl is reserved for the big boys of the PAC 12, and U aren't one of them.

Gilbert, AZ

"A 12-0 record, a conference championship, and the nation's highest-scoring offense were not enough for BYU, which was officially eliminated from BCS consideration on Monday..."

is one of the main reasons Utah was able to bust the bcs in 2004.

If not for BYU 1996 and BYU 2001, the rules that allowed the Utes to bust the bcs in 2004 would not have existed.

Not even the idiots who run the bcs would be stupid enough to deny an undefeated or 1-loss Top 10-ranked BYU team a spot in a bcs bowl, especially if that team was ranked higher than a champion from any of the automatic qualifying conferences.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


You keep hanging on to that Oregon State (8-5) beatdown as a significant win. Utah (10-3) in 2010 also dropped out of the AP top 25 when they were beat down by Boise in Vegas. Yet you posted they were a mediocre team, which I actually agreed with you.

It wasn't Utah fans and it wasn't just because of the close win at USC:

"Utah has accomplished something that is difficult to do in the world of collegiate sports - make a significant climb up the food chain... There isn't a huge sample size yet, but Utah proved last season that it can be relevant in the Pac-12, even in a season in which it suffered significant injuries. The program has a highly respected coach in Kyle Whittingham who has proven that he has a program that can compete on a national level." -- Mitch Light (Athlon Sports)

"Still, the initial verdict is fairly positive. While the grind of Pac-12 play is far different than the Mountain West Conference, it's clear that Utah can compete in the Pac-12. They figure to be a long-term fixture in the South Division race." --Ted Miller (ESPN)

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"The reality is, the MWC, WAC, Sun Belt, Conference USA, and Big East ALL have better access than Utah."

Sorry, I have to disagree. Utah should have slightly better access than the WAC.


Hope that helps you sleep at night.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


The reality is, the MWC, WAC, Sun Belt, Conference USA, and Big East ALL have better access than Utah.


That's not reality that's just fantasy in your head. Anyone that argues TCU in the Big 12 and Utah in the PAC-12 have less access to BCS and playoffs just doesn't understand college football.

IRS Agent


Please share your lecture with Chris B.

Sandy, UT

I predict the Utes will won out. But when will they become competitive and challenge for a Pac 12 Title? That looks to be a long way in the the future, probably after a coaching change and many years to come.

IRS Agent


Why not leave the relevence arguement up to those who make a career out of college football - the coaches. Where were the Utes ranked at the end of last season by the coaches? How about the Cougars? What about this season? I think the coaches know a lot more about what a quality football team looks like than a bunch of armchair bench warmers. I don't think that the Notre Dame coach would have made the comments he did after the BYU game, if he didn't have respect for their play. With all the other schools they have played this year, he didn't have as much praise for any of them than he did for BYU.

Out of curiousity, where exactly are the Utes ranked in the polls this year?

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Utah wasn't even close to #16 when the Utes were blown out by Boise State.

Of course, you chose to omit that little detail,
nor did you mention that Oregon State barely missed playing in the Rose Bowl in 2009.

It's funny that you're using pre-season quotes from this year, when the Utes were the talk of the town and were going to be the main PAC south challengers to national championship favorite USC.

Obviously, pre-season opinions and projections don't always turn out as expected.

It would be interesting to see what Mitch Light and Ted Miller think about the Utes now.

Sandy, UT

@IRS Agent:

What reason other than jealousy is there for whY? fans to comment on a Utah article? Sour grapes?

I don't claim Chris B. as one of ours. There are some lost souls out there. But he does have one thing your fanbase doesn't; his favorite team is the winning team 8 of the last 11 years.


phoenix, worf, midpac, duck---Why all the hate? You know what's interesting to me is the vitriol that comes out regularly from jealous BYU fans like you. No other fan base has rivals that are so ugly. Not UCLA vs. USC, not Oregon vs. Oregon State, not Arizona vs. Arizona State. And it seems to be getting very one sided lately by a handful of extremely bitter BYU fans commenting on every sports-related article on the Utes. You don't see nearly the same garbage dished out against BYU by U fans. Check the recent articles and read the corresponding comment sections.

I agree with Wookie as he says "I do not believe you are a Y fan as you do not represent that school or its faith." You can see why an outsider would have a very hard time with your school, at least as represented by those who regularly comment here.

Salt Lake City, UT

It seems that if you don't slobber all over yourselves with praise for the Utes, you are a Utah hater.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Go Red

You are spot on. Hopefully, this band of followers are not true BYU fans. The BYU fans I talk to face to face are very cordial, knowlege-able and true fans; not Utah Haters.

@ Hemlock

No, there's a difference between stating your opinion, in a constructive manner; than continuely and constantly be-littling a program. Constantly spinning and spewing statistics in comparison to Utah. To basically getting enjoyment out of a team having a rough year.

Utah is having a rough year. After so much sucsess, and bowl win, after bowl win this year is tough to swallow. Any time a team costantly under achieves, and doesn't play to it's potential; its tough. With that I'm hoping for 6-6 and a bowl win.

GO UTES >---->

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC

You don't like the Utah 2010 Vegas example. Then how about #19/#20 Pitt in 2004 getting pounded by Utah in the Fiesta Bowl and dropping out of the Coaches poll. BYU fans have been arguing for years that the Pitt team was mediocre.

The ESPN quote was from 12/7/2011 during last years postseason before the win over Georgia Tech.

They probably would say Utah underperformed but it's not unexpected for a team that starts 3 QBs in one year. The original assumption was Wynn would be in 2009 form. Others had Utah at 8-4 this year, I think everyone underestimated the learning curve for Brian Johnson and how good UCLA, Oregon State, and Arizona would be.


The Utes schedule is ranked 11 by Sagerin. byu fan, if you are going to come on here try not to blatently lie about facts. Another fact, 3 straight wins and 8 out of 11.

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