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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 4:00 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT


If BYU had an invitation to a BCS conference, other than the big east, you might have a point. But since they have not been invited to any bcs conference, except the big east, then your "point" is moot.

For the record I think BYU would probably be doing fairly comparable to what utah is doing if BYU was in the pac12, and maybe even worse if they were in the big12 which is a better conference than the pac12. They would probably be struggling to maintain .500, beating the weak teams, losing to the good teams, and flipping a coin with the middle teams. Sound familiar?

That said I am now, and have always been, in favor of BYU maintaining independence. I've wanted it for two decades and since BYU has finally taken that step I much prefer that they stay there, at least for several years, even if one of those conferences did come calling. That probably puts me in the minority of BYU fans but that is what I want and like. And yes BYU's future schedules are shaping up to be plenty comparable to utah's pac12 schedules. Both teams need to win.


A lot of negative comments coming from non-Utah fans. They are just so happy to see Utah struggle the first 2 years in the PAC12. Utah doesn't have a good QB. Everyone banked on Jwynn coming back strong. That failed and Utah had to pick up the pieces from there.

Wilson is the future. He's been able to get valuable experience this year that will pay off next year. Utah can't expect to win without a talented QB. Right now Utah has 2 QB's committed that will help this cause.

Even with a 4-6 record I am still excited about the game on Saturday. Every week is a good opponent. I'll gladly take Utah struggling in the PAC12 than being stuck in the MWC or Independent.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Stop projecting.

The fact that U can't handle life in a power conference doesn't prove anything about BYU's ability to be competitive in a power conference.

U were never competitive in the WAC and only marginally better in the MWC.

WAC Conference Titles
BYU 19
Utah 2

MWC Conference Titles
Bronco 2
Kyle 1

Just like he never lost to Colorado State, New Mexico, Wyoming and New Mexico, Bronco wouldn't have lost to Colorado last season.

Highland, UT


What did I say that was not the truth? Attempting to exagerate utah's past does not lend credibility to anything whittingham is saying. You may not like the truth, obviously you do not as you called the truth "contentious", but it is still the TRUTH. Trying to pretend you are something you are not, and never have been, is going to elicit repsonses setting the record straight. I'm sorry it hurts your feelings to know the truth.

As far as your personal shot at me? Well I couldn't care less. Carry on.

IRS Agent


Enjoy your "bigger cut" of pie, it still doesn't win games. If it is about getting more money, then the Utes are the big winners. The problem is, most fans don't care about the balace in the checking account. They care about the W's. You can build a nice new stadium, but if you don't win games, you new house will be pretty empty.

By the way, how is that big pie working out for the basketball team, and other sports? The Utes were right where they belonged - an occasional contender in a rising midlevel conference. Those years in the MWC will be looked back on fondly as the "glory years" of Ute athletics. They should have tried to make them last as long as they could.

Dr. Hill, You let the wrong coach leave. You should have kept Anderson.

Omaha, NE

@ Duckhunter.

There is no personal shot at you my friend, as you clearly denote, the truth is hard for some to hear. I have no problem understanding and agreeing with some of your salient points as they pertain the the Utes inability to compete, but your contention, that is not welcome or wanted on here. As I've said previously, you do not represent the Y or its faith, thus I wonder what you do represent other than anger and contention.

I appreciated your honest assessment of both the Y and U in their respective conferences, as the U is clearly struggling. As for the Y, well that is an unknown, but given their lack of credibility with an OC (similar to the U), we are in similar situations.

Duckhunter, I only ask that you stop trolling and spreading your contention. There is no need. Honestly and truth are not what you sow on here.

Go Utes!!

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Spokane Ute

Whether you use Sagarin or RealTimeRPI, the obvious conclusion is WINNING is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, than SOS. You can whine and make excuses for losing, but bottom line, NOBODY cares how difficult your SOS is if you don't WIN!

#24 USU - SOS #83
#25 BYU - SOS #51
#38 Utah - SOS #11

#29 USU - SOS #182
#51 BYU - SOS #130
#79 Utah - SOS #49


On a related topic,

I find it interesting the Florida State's new head coach would rather see the computer rankings completely eliminated and return to the pre-BCS system of having the human polls decide the national champion. It's obvious that the computers are programmed with a built-in bias for certain conferences - looking at you SEC.



You can pretend that there's no such thing as a moral victory, but the truth is, sportswriters, coaches and fans across the country notice when a team like BYU takes the #3-ranked Fighting Irish to the wire on their home field.

Typical byu fan


Think it might be time for you to change to blue-byu has beat'n Weber State, Washington State, Hawaii, Georgia Tech, Idaho, Utah State---WOW switch on over they need you more than we do.

Sooner Ute

These byu homers, and Ute haters pop off and have no idea what it is like to be in a top 5 conference. Just for pits and giggles it sure would be fun to see them play a BIG12, PAC12, BIG10 schedule and see what they have to say about that. They played 4 tough teams this year and lost to all 4. But then again these coug fans get to see the likes of Hawaii, and Idaho oooooooo just makes me shiver.

NO comparison cougar fans and remember BYU CANNOT BEAT UTAH, so use all those other teams to get your points across.

Love being in the PAC12, frustrating but so much fun

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@ PAC man

I don't recall whining or making excuses for Utah's season, just pointed out where there strength of schedule was rated #11. Of course I would rather have more wins, than a highly ranked schedule. Actually, I would prefer a combination of both. Considering who Utah has played, I would be pleased if Utah was 8-4 or 9-3. They just haven't executed; which has let three very win-able games: Utah State, Oregon State and UCLA slip away. And yes, the computer rankings are all over the place. The RPI rankings seem very odd to me. Take for instance Washington. They are ranked #37, yet #25 per BCS. The RPI has Kentucky playing a tougher schedule. As I compare the RPI to Saragin, Saragin looks more accurate; at least to me.

Lewis Center, OH

When the Pac-12 move possibility was first announced, I really didn't think this Pac-12 thing was going to work out for Utah. Time is proving me right. The only non- California team to have consistant success has been Oregon and they have Phil Knight pouring millions into the program.

Arizona and Arizona State joined the Pac-10 in 1978. Since then ASU has been to the Rose Bowl just twice and UA not at all. At best you can hope to be an OSU, Cal or UW caliber program and get to 9-3 once every four or five years. Over the next decade you can expect a 7-5 average team.

Mark it down ChrisB.


PAC man

NOBODY cares how difficult your SOS is if you don't WIN!

You must or why would you be looking up all these numbers, these numbers are for true computer geeks like yourself. A computer doesn't need to tell me that UCLA is better than Hawaii, that USC is better than Utah State, that Oregon State is better than Weber, and so on. I will totally agree with you that winning is so much more important but you always make it sound that the y is winning at the same level.

Both sides need to step back and take a deep breath, niether team is that good right now. But my Utes are in a "different world" and the majority of us Utah fans don't like the loosing but we do understand it. It's going to take awhile, I'm old enough to remember when all a team had to do is walk on the field and they beat Oreagon.

And you Utah State fans 1 good season in 30 years, SO WHAT. One win over Utah in 20 years, SO WHAT. Come back down to earth.

Mapleton, Utah

Wonder when Jake Murphy is going to realize the mistake he made in going to uteville rather than a winning, dominant program in Provo?

No, I don't wish the Utes good luck. Go Sun Devils!! Go Wildcats!

I hope they have a losing season every year. After all, the best days in the Fall season is when BYU wins and the Utes lose.


The fact that Utah is a bottom level PAC 12 team hasn't changed their philosophy in recruiting. They still think they can force kids to commit by giving them ultimatum's and telling them they'll pull their scholarship offer if they don't commit in a week.
They lost the best receiver in the state to UCLA by doing this, they need to look up and see they aren't as great a destination for recruits as they seem to think they are.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

I could have been more sympathetic to Utah's plight if so many Ute fans had not been are still are so arrogant. It's great that you got invited to the PAC but any reasonable person knew that there would be growing pains. The childishness of many of your fans pleases many that you are getting your comeuppance in such a big and universal way.

You may never be more than a Wassu, buff or UA in that league. Your current trend is not encouraging.



I applaud you for your 9:25 a.m. post. I believe your assessment of Utah's and BYU's current situations is accurate. And while I believe that conference membership is a better option, I repect that you have been consistent in favoring independence for BYU.


Any Utah fan that thought that the move to the Pac-12 wouldn't be difficult for the Utes just hasn't been paying attention, or underappreciated how much more talented/athletic/well coached/well prepared the Pac 10 schools were than the MWC/WAC teams. Unbiased media/experts/fans and computer algorthims have suggested that forever, but many of us convinced ourselves and others that their claims were founded only on bias and tradition. The objective evidence says they were closer to right than many of us were.

Projecting how Utah will fare long term in the Pac-12 by how they do in their first two years in the conference isn't a good idea. Evaluating how comptetitive Utah is in year 5 will likely have more meaning. I have said that in these comments before, but I have to admit, I thought Utah would win more games this year....

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

Granted, Utah received an instant SOS improvedment by joining the PAC-10.

But, even you die-hard BYU haters have to admit that BYU's future independent schedules will propel them into BCS (or successor) credibility. With five BCS opponents this year (Notre Dame, Utah, Oregon State, Georgia Tech, and Washington State) and another six-seven and more in the next several seasons to include Texas, Notre Dame, Boise State, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Utah, Wisconsin, and Houston in 2013, you can not even begin to argue that this is not the equal or greater of Utah's PAC-10 schedule in 2013.

Even in their BCS hey-days, Boise State, Utah, and TCU never played more that one or two BCS regular season opponents at most.

Just as it is taking Utah a couple of years to adjust, it is taking BYU that long as well to improve it talent and competitive level of play.

Personally hope both the Utes and the Cougs soon evolve into regular power houses and perennial Top 20 programs

Anaheim, CA


Two great seasons does not a great program make.
One game does not a season make.

Too many Utah fans assumed that with the fortunate circumstances that made the Utes the first "bcs busters" in 2004, their perfect storm season of 2008, and their PAC 12 invite, that Utah had achieved greatness and was now an elite program.

Utah fans boasted that the Utes were going to be one of the best teams in the PAC 12 and that regular conference championships, Rose Bowl appearances, and national championship run were just ahead.

Unfortunately for U, simply being invited to associate with great teams does not make you great, as any perennial power conference bottom dweller will tell you.

Now that their arrogance has been proven to be nothing but a bunch of hot air, Utah fans are lashing out at BYU fans for simply reminding the Utes of what many BYU fans were predicting would happen before Utah had ever played a game in their new conference.

Instead of the petty jealousy that many Utah fans characterized those predictions to be, they're now proving to be a bitter dose of reality for the crimson glasses wearers.

Spanish Fork, UT

Reasonable question for reasonable Utah fans (and they are there, despite some of the Ute and Cougar KOOKs):

It wasn't too long ago that getting a ticket for a BYU-Utah game was not hard...other games very easy. Many empty seats at RES. Right now the MU...sorry, don't recall the acronym for the very vocal student section (kudos) is strong.

Are you concerned that should you have a few more consecutive years of not going to a bowl game that the numbers will return to less than 40k? At least BYU had built up a loyal fan base for a couple of Lavell decades that not even the Crowton debacles diminished the crowds to less than 56k. And even a lousy night came against Idaho still drew a decent crowd. But do you think the fair-weather nature of Utah fans in the McBride and pre-McBride eras will be the norm or has Utah solidified its fan base to where they'll pack the stadium even with teams with losing records? Of course watching Utah v. USC is a whole lot more interesting than Utah v. New Mexico.

Just wanted your point of view.

Sandy, UT

And once again, the majority of comments are by haters. Proving that jealousy isn't an honor code violation; it's a way of life!

Layton, UT

BYU would handle life in any conference, the difference would be that if BYU were in a conference pretty much all LDS players would be going there instead of most. We are a couple of plays from being in the top 10. We will get back there. As for Utah, I wish you all the best of luck on your endeavors in the Pac 12. I must admit, however, it was fun to watch you get beat by a former BYU quarterback last week in Washington! Sark is awesome!

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