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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 2:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

As a Utah fan, its hard to deny how bad the non-conference is. Especially for someone with season tickets. But I know, and do understand, what Coach K is trying to accomplish. In order to build a winning program, you need to learn how to win period. Most of these games should not be even close, and Utah should win going away but that is part of the progress. You need to learn how to put bad teams way, learn how to go on runs, learn how to score in the final minutes of the half/game. These early games will provide those expeciences so that when the BYU game, and conference games come up hopefully they can pull some wins out that no one expect.

The fanbase is behind you Coach K, we know you can pull the program out of this mess.


Salt Lake City, UT

There's an old saying:

"To be the best, you have to play the best."

So what does playing the worst make you?

I know, the kids on the hill will immediately start whining about BYU's football patsies, but just remember, BYU scheduled all of those WAC teams out of necessity to fill an entire two-year, 12-games per season schedule in just a couple of months.

Utah, on the other hand, intentionally scheduled the worst OOC teams the Utes could find in a blatant and shameless attempt to pad their record.

Ironically, as the article pointed out, this is the worst schedule in Utah history, save one, 1944, the year Utah won the NCAA tournament.

Arlington, VA

"However, any suggestion that the Utes have a lousy preseason schedule doesn’t faze second-year coach Larry Krystkowiak in the least. After all, he’s coming off that 6-25 season with almost an entirely new group of players. Accordingly, he wasn’t about to load up this year’s schedule with tough opponents."

Unfortunately, no Junior Jazz league teams were available?

No guts, no glory coach.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Limbo lower now.

How low can U go?

While other PAC 12 teams like USC are seeking to improve their RPI, by scheduling tough out of conference opponents, the Utes are doing their best to drag the entire conference down to their level.


Draper, UT

I understand the need to schedule some games that will provide some confidence to a young team, but this is pathetic. Utah has a storied history in basketball and Dr. Hill should have set some higher expectations for Coach K. They could have easily scheduled some teams that were at least considered below average in order to provide the new players an opportunity to improve their skills. What a joke and embarassment!

Alpine, UT

Utah fans should be embarrassed.

Even after their 1-25 season, BYU didn't have to stoop to this level in order to raise their basketball program from the ashes.

Down under
Pullman, WA

The Utes are in their comfort zone playing the patsies. Pretty soon Utah will be a school that other schools will schedule to pad their W/L ratio.

Tooele, UT

The problem is,other schools,good schools...won't want to play the Utes because it will bring down their RPI. Pac-12,is this what you signed up for? Did Arizona ask for Utah and Colorado to come in so they wouldn't always be the worst team in Football? Did Washington State ask for them so they wouldn't be the worst team in basketball? Wow...what happened? There was a time I was so proud of the Utes being in the Pac-12,now I'm embarrassed. What has happened? At least don't publicly admit your team is so bad you had to schedule the lowest possible teams around...just to build confidence. Do you think your players are dumb? Will they not realize they are only winning because they are playing NAIA teams? What happens, in the second game of the Pac-12 schedule when Utah is at Arizona? How quick before they realize all those wins on their schedule are a complete lie. This is crazy!

Tooele, UT

When you play terrible teams, you become lazy and sloppy, because you don't have to play your best to win. Where are they going to learn to execute? When are they going to learn to out hustle? It just seems backwards to me.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

Coach Krys would get an A for honesty. Unfortunately for him, being candid is not graded.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Yes we've been terrible.

I'm impressed with the talent Coach K has brought in. Loveridge could play in any league in the country and there are several bigs back from Mormon life vacations.

I think we'll be a middle Pac 12 team by the end of the season - which is just fine with me.


Not a fan of the non conference schedule but I do see wher Coach Krystkowiak is coming from with the schedule. It was nice to read at the end of the article tha this will be the worst non conference schedule we Ute fans will see. I'll be attending as many as the games as possible regardless of the opponent and finally feel hopeful about the future. It's been a rough few years for Utah basketball but things sure are looking up.
Go Utes!!!

Draper, UT

Chris B. please don't make predictions for the Utes as it seems you are 95% wrong on your predictions for BYU. I guess I could hope for your prediction to be so wrong that the Utes finish in the Top of the Pac 12. I don't see how playing so many bad teams prepare a young team to face the Pac 12 schedule.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

I'm less concerned about playing "a schedule full of patsies" than being a patsy.

After game one I already see the improvement in talent from last year. Plus, Utah will get the chance during PAC-12 play to prove that the program is on the correct path to rebuilding.


East Salt Lake City, Utah


I know, the kids on the hill will immediately start whining about BYU's football patsies, but just remember, BYU scheduled all of those WAC teams out of necessity to fill an entire two-year, 12-games per season schedule in just a couple of months.


BYU 2014 schedule includes teams like:

Middle Tennessee (Today 6-3) SOS 93
UCF (8-2) 121
Southern Miss (0-10) 55
Hawaii (1-8) 49
Houston (4-6) 87

Granted no one knows how good these teams will be in 2 years but please stop arguing that the your schedule is only weak out of "necessity". It's more because you're really not Notre Dame.

sandy, UT

Well, more comments on this article than people who renewed their season tickets. That it an accomplishment coach k. Go utes. All your fans are behind you.

Gilbert, AZ


Nice try at deflecting, but BYU's football schedule two years from now has NOTHING to do with Utah's pathetic OOC basketball schedule THIS SEASON.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Deflection? I think I answered it with my first post. But it seems your feelings were hurt by my second post. My bad!

Utah's weak BB schedule is out of "necessity" since we are rebuilding a program with young talent.

BYU's weak Indy football schedule is also out of "necessity" since your not Notre Dame.

Sandy, UT

We tried the "tough schedule to make us tough" thing. Remember the mic-swallower Boylen bellowing "WE MADETHISSCHEDULE FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU" at the football game at halftime?

And how did that work out?

Let's try it coach K's way for now.

Franklin, IN

Did you read the article? Those little numbers at the bottom are additional pages of data. Read them and all of your questions will be answered and suppositions corrected.

I look at this years schedule in the following manner:
1. You get better when you practice.
2. Practicing against an opponent who throws unknown "stuff" at you is better than inter squad.
3. Playing against a super good team, where you cannot implement your offensive strategy, or work on specific needs, is worse.

We have 10 new players. We may be much better than a D3 school like Willamette...but may not be a OT better than Sac State? Time will tell! Rebuilding a program that was mismanaged by Dr. Hill for 6 years now will take time.

Still glad to be a Ute. Wish Willamette would move to the WCC to see how they fair against that "conference"???

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