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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 13 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

I appreciate the Governor's comments, have to agree with the points raised re immigration and youth appeal. We need to hear more from him on speciifcs with these issues.

Palmetto Bug
Columbia, SC

Huntsman is easily my top choice for the next GOP nominee. Does anyone know how to get a job on his staff?

Salt Lake City, UT

Why is it only the Utah paper's discuss Huntsman possible future roles as either Secy of State or Secy of Treasurer? The national media never mentions his name as consideration for anything.

Cache county, USA

Highly unimpressed with his daughters Hack job on the lds on Rock Center.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Huntsman should READ the party platform. I think he will find himself out of sync with the party.
Unless he knows better than the delegates who voted on it.
But what does he know? He skipped the convention.
He could do a Rocky and start his own party.

Bronx, NY

@third try
did you bother reading his actual comments?Huntsman is not talking about republicans walking away from their values just figuring out how to present the platform that does not feed of the extreme elements of your party. you maybe right he maybe out of step with delegates but lets also remember the delegates have not exactly been so in touch with the larger American population the last few election cycles as evidenced by their nominations failures at the polls.


Aggielove: Although I am also disappointed with some comments made by Jon Huntsman's daughter, I know that parents can NOT control what their adult children do or say.

That concept is known as "agency".

upland, CA

John Huntsman is too good for the Republican party, he will never be appreciated there...He has sound ideas,is moderate and pragmatic...a man of principles...I hope he gets the nod for a high level job with the Obama administration...he has proven his desire to serve the country ahead of party.

Kearns, UT

Huntsman is a scary little guy.

Cache county, USA

So, are you saying that her dad wasn't behind her being on that show?
After he does his best, to simmer his loyalty to the lds church.
Interesting concept.....

blue springs, MO

huntsman is a member of the church but his actions speak loudly....don't really trust the man

Eureka, UT

Sensible Republicans should just let the Tea Party have the Republican Party. Then they should form another more moderate party that addresses the problems of our county in a productive way. If they did that, they would be able to brand themselves as sensible and the Republicans would just fade away like the Whigs did in the 1850's. They also wouldn't have all the baggage that goes with their name and would be able to attract moderate democrats and maybe actually change things. Isn't that what big corporations do when something isn't going right with them.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

The idea of Fox News being a media elite is a thought that is going to take some time getting used to. It does fit though. For decades conservatives complained about media elites who only gave one side of the story. In the age of cable TV and the Internet you have all kinds of information yet most people prefer to listen to those who reinforce their own ideas. As James Carvell said, people use the conservative press like a drunk uses a lamp-post. Its for support and not illumination.

West Jordan, Utah

Like Romney who is not well liked in Boston and Detroit where he served previously, Huntsman would not do well in Utah if he ran again locally or nationally. Still I think Huntsman is one of the brightest figures needed to redefine the republican party unless he goes independent.

Springville, UT

Jon has essentially no influence in the Republican Party. He's dreaming if he thinks he's going to pull the party any direction. Not going to happen.

There's a much greater chance he'll switch parties, and that would actually make a lot of sense. His views match better as a Democrat.

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

If only the Republican Party were more like the Democrats...
...then no one would bother to vote for them.

Elmo, UT

Agree with Instereo and must say Third Try can stay as the "Delegate" for the right wing Republicans.

Problem Solvers is a good name for the new third party. If you want to compromise get things done, balance budgets by closing deductions for those making over 250,000 in personal income and raise rates for capital gains over 250,00. At the same time, Cut spending on programs, limit federal benefit times, raise the retirement age social security eligibility, have graduated medicare for future generations. Get rid of as much regulation as we can for our businesses while insuring fair business practices both at home and abroad. End most government subsidies, cut foreign aid in at least half. Understand that I love my wife and hate the thought of abortion, but that this is a country of freedom, and based on the constitution, should let the states decide on marriage and abortion issues.

That's a start.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Republicans would be ill-adivsed to accept advice from someone who is actually more of a Democrat than a Republican.

Rather than being a cheap "Democrat lite" copy of the liberal philosophy, the Republicans need to offer a bold and distinct conservative option. Be more like Reagan, not like McCain, and definitely not like Huntsman.

How gr8 isthat
Washington, UT

The nation needs to come to the center. Forget your pride and your FOX-MSNBC deities and their ideas. We need to come together and give our children a debt free nation. Polarizing to the extremes will only hurt us more. Huntsman, yes left of the rights center, but still a republican.

Centerville, UT

I think what all the 'experts' are forgetting is that the American public has an attention span of about 6 minutes. Nobody bothers to learn about the candidates or their positions. They certainly don't seem to care about how the present affects the future. It's all about what the country can do for you and not what you can do for your country.

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