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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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St Louis, MO

bballjukie says: "When Heaps tears it up and ends up in the NFL, I can't wait to hear all the Y fans who wanted him gone. Oh how is having Riley working out for us? Good call!"

You really see that happening, do you? OK, then. If you're right, I'd be a little irritated he couldn't have played at an NFL prospect level for the Y, but I honestly hope it happens for him. I'd follow him and root for him.

I also hope Riley Stephenson wins the Heisman, that I get a 50% raise after January performance evaluations, and that Eva Longoria shows up on my doorstep tonight with a hot pizza wearing naught but a Jimmer jersey and a smile.

About Riley, is a mediocre Riley any worse than a mediocre Heaps? I say no. They each have completely unique downsides. Give me Hill and let him grow into the role, but then that didn't work out so well. I'm already on to next year.

Idaho Falls, ID

@Wayne Rout
Wayne, you proved to be mostly right about Nelson--he is just not very good.
He is tough and gritty and can scramble pretty well and rates high on character, but as a passer and a decision maker, he just doesn't cut it.

However, I will NOT concede that Heaps was the Messiah as you proclaim. I will admit the coaches probably failed him a bit and he probably looked good in practice, but in a live game with real contact, he played scared, rushed his passes and misread defenses against the better teams. In game situations he really wasn't any more accurate than what Nelson has been. That bears out in his stats.

Now maybe with some maturity he'll be much better. I hope he does. I just didn't see it at BYU except for a couple of good games against some weak teams. I was on the Heaps bandwagon big time when he first came. I wanted him to start from the get-go. But over time I realized my enthusiasm for him was misplaced.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Hmmm. . . Eva Longoria. . . wait, what was the topic?

salt lake city, UT

Says a lot about BYU's current year when the DN runs a feature on a transferred player. He left, move on, look forward.

Enid, OK

Jake Heaps: we should have worked harder to keep him. Riley Nelson has grit, which I admire, but he tries too hard, forces the ball too often. Heaps had his confidence rattled but I bet he could have worked through that. Tough to do if you're being told "You'll start. No you won't. You'll start. No you won't."

We should have stuck with Heaps. He'd be a junior now, then after his senior year the QB that transferred from Stanford (?) that stupidly got hurt at the very end of the game about a month ago would be a junior and ready to lead the guns.

Go Cougars!!!!!!

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Many of us were big Heaps fans and many of us understood that Heaps getting married over the summer would take him away from practice and affect his playing and necessitate some adjustments. But many of us can't understand why he bailed out so quickly. The talent and the coaching were already there and we would have endured substantially enough until Heaps got his mindset back. The only choice he gave us was to say good bye and wish him luck. He built his own nest and I'm sure he's definitely having 2nd thoughts. If there is such a thing as a Football Savior then Charley Weiss definitely has to be very fervently praying that he has found him in Heaps. The last time we saw a possible college football Mmessiah it was Jake Locker that Steve Sarkeisian inherited. Unfortunately Locker was the only positive on that team. I'm afraid that Heaps is in for a similar very bumpy road at Kansas for the rest of his career. as well.

Draper, UT

Good luck Jake. Wish you were still at BYU.

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