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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Everett, WA
"Go Jake! Hope you can prove to everyone what many already know about BYU's coaching staff."

Yes, like how the coaches caused him to under-throw, over-throw and flame-throw balls that weren't caught. Or how the coaches told him "don't you dare try to tackle that defender with your interception. You are MUCH too valuable to us as a future NFL qb to risk anything like that."

Overton, NV

"I'm surprised Ross Apo didn't pack his bags as well. Apo could have been NFL quality as well with another coaching staff and more opportunities to catch the ball."

Did you watch the game on Saturday? Apo had some opportunities to catch more balls in that one game alone, but dropped pass that hit him right in the hands. Now, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and think maybe he wasn't handling the cold all that well; but NFL quality receivers need to be able to catch balls in those circumstances.

Heaps chose to do exactly what the BYU coaching staff wanted him to do this year: redshirt. He just chose to do it an another university. I, too, wish him the best; but like many, I'm skeptical he'll do more than have a couple of good years to end his football career. The NFL is not in his future; but then again, he could surprise us.

Centerville, UT

So tell me why Jake Heaps felt like he needed to leave? To me it's interesting that Jake feels he can use this time to improve his game and learn some things. He can do that at KSU but not at BYU? Had he stayed, matured, and learned at BYU he would have likely got a lot of playing time this year as soon has Nelson went down. And if he was improving and maturing as he suggests, he would have had a terrific opportunity excel. After a couple of games Nelson will graduate and we'll pin our hopes on sophomore T. Hill instead of a more experienced upperclassman. I think Jake Heaps blew it by leaving. He revealed that his ego just couldn't the fact that he had much room to improve.

Everett, WA

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Jake may or may not light things up in Kansas. However, he'll at least play worthy competition each week ... and he can hope to receive support with competent play calling and encouragement from team-mates his own age. Hard to be 17 or 18 and lead a team of 30 yr old returned wanna-be's.

Idaho Falls, ID

Heaps on his worst day is better than "ole gritty" Riley Nelson on his best day. Heaps was entitled? I'd say that honor belongs to the current qb who single-handedly lost the BSU game.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Everett, WA

Couple of points:

1) every team that beats you is worthy competition.
2) hard to tell if the play calling was competent when the passes keep hitting the grass.
3) hard to lead the 30 year old wannabe's when they're in the weight room and your on the golf course.

I wanted Jake to be successful as much as the next loyal cougar fan. I over-looked the sports bar press conference, I withheld judgement when he decided to forgo his mission, I worried when he became the starter as a freshman, but I thought he was on a good trajectory after the bowl game.

Between then and the next season, he suffered a crisis in confidence, or maybe the whole team suffered a confidence crisis in him. Whatever the case, he made Riley look real good at the time. Whatever.

Maybe he would have done better with a different OC, with a dedicated QB coach. But he WAS doing pretty well as a freshman and stunk it up as a sophomore. And the coaches didn't change.

Just sayin'.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Problem for Jake was he got married way too soon. When his bride couldn't take the heat in the stands she needed to transfer. Jake had to go along to get along.

Tokyo, Japan

The coaches did change. Robert Anae was let go and Brandon Doman was promoted to OC. While Heaps isn't blameless in how things played out, I believe it's becoming more and more apparent that the biggest problem was coaching. Red zone play calling was horrible (still is). No pass protection or run game to speak of. A coaching staff so taken with Nelson that they forgave him of any mistake, even when it cost games (see TCU for reference). A September schedule tougher than any in BYU history, and then Nelson plays against teams with a combined win percentage of 35%. Anyway, we'll see how Heaps does next season. Should be telling.

Danbury, CT

You people who think you've got Heaps all figured out really nauseate me. I hope your kids never have to go through the spotlight this young man has and have thousands of people making the same judgements of your son or daughter with limited information.

I wish Jake well and hope he succeeds. Shame on those of you who judge. Most hypocritical for LDS.

Granstville, UT

"Jake is very, very frustrated," Kansas coach Charlie Weis told KUSports.com. "He's frustrated that he can't help."

He can't help if he's in the game, or on the sidelines, so I guess Jake will continue to be frustrated, as KU is a very bad team. Specifically, the o-line. If people think Jake cringed last year while trying to pass with byu's offensive line, wait until they see him try to drop back in Lawrence.

Granstville, UT


Wait a minute, I thought hypocrisy was a prerequisite for admission into the cougar club. You're saying it isn't?

American Fork, UT

to all the naysayers...Heaps is amazing. Time will show he was BYU's future that was mishandled and misappropriated. He may have had humility issues as Bronco implies (entitlement feelings) however BYU had and still has no offensive line protection and no truly seasoned OC to bring the lad along. Bronco appears to choose the starting QB rather than the QB coach and OC. Heaps will succeed in Kansas under seasoned veteran coaches. That does not mean they will win the Big 12 any time soon though. I believe Heaps would have won back the starting job this year had he stayed. Bronco has said he would rather play a less talented player who tries harder than a talented player who does not. So the question is what does "trying harder" mean to Bronco. if the players know what that quality is then fine otherwise the mind games need to stop. the interesting thing is that once again under Bronco's watch defensive players are the problem. Bronco was the DC under Crowton and the defensive players cost Crowton his job. I would like to see Bronco move to DC only and hire a new head coach who is OC.

Idaho Falls, ID

Lighten up, Eastcoast, criticism goes with the territory of being a QB at BYU (or any school for that matter). You think Heaps is the only one to be subject to criticism? Nelson this year has been castigated more than Heaps ever was (much of it deserved). And it seems to me you have posted a lot of critical comments yourself.

All of us fans want to see BYU Football get better. And we all (you included) think we have some ideas on how that should happen. Right or wrong, that is all part of being a fan.

The fans do have some influence on the program. Unhappy fans mean less revenue. And these comment boards are one way fans can express pleasure or displeasure in the program. But you are probably right that we could all benefit from being less judgmental.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


You need to study a little harder in Sunday School. The scriptures talk about not judging "unrighteously", the scriptures don't admonish not to judge at all, and frankly, I don't see how "righteous" or "unrighteous" judgement is even applicable to football, unless throwing an incomplete pass is considered a sin.

St Louis, MO

I'm not rooting against Heaps, but to those who blame the Y coaches for his failure, did you ever watch the guy play? For every nice throw, he missed two others. For every decisive, strong throw, he waited a half-second too long or lobbed a half-hearted duck. For ever time he had a nice run to salvage some yards, he . . wait, that never happened. Look, I get that not everyone could or should try to be Steve Young or Michael Vick out there, but Heaps always looked like he'd rather run out of the back of his own end zone than try to pick up a few yards on a scramble. And the few times I did see him actually "run" with the ball, I thought maybe my DVR had slown down the game. To call him "plodding" is too kind. "Contact averse" and "plodding" are not going to cut it in D1 football, let alone the NFL. Heaps in the NFL . . that's hilarious.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Folks, do you recall the New Mexico bowl? Do you remember who was the Player of the Game? Who was the offensive coordinator for that game? Flash forward a few months. New Offensive Coordinator. The first play of the season told the story and the snap sailed over Jake's head. High snaps seemed to plague him the second season and naturally it was all his fault. When Riley came in, surprise, no more high snaps. I feel sorry for Jake and I feel sorry for BYU. We could have been a top 5 team with Jake and a real Offensive Coordinator.

Layton, Utah

Kansas, QB U. Yep

Cedar Hills, UT

All this finger pointing and hypocrisy talk is cracking me up. Please keep it coming.

Pleasant Grove, UT

When Heaps tears it up and ends up in the NFL, I can't wait to hear all the Y fans who wanted him gone. Oh how is having Riley working out for us? Good call!

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

I think the situation is clearer than when Jake left? Just how difficult his situation really was at BYU. There is perhaps such a fondness for Riley Nelson that Brono and Doman are blinded as to his abilities, expecting more efficacy that he is able to give. Many point to the disasterous game with Utah which got the Cougars buried in their own self distructive mistakes, yet the worst performance by any BYU QB in history was the Pick 6, 4 INT, 2 fumbles lost, 5 for 12 completions at Boise State. Nelson remained the starter after giving away three games this season throwing 10 INTs vs the opposing QB's having had NONE, it's hard to win under those circumstances. Jake placed himself in a situation that promises to be a difficult at Kansas. The Kansas QB averages 12 passes a game with 6 completions and 50 passing yards a game. That's the Charlie Weiss offense and he has found a freshman QB to lead the run offense. Will it be Crawford the running QB from Texas or the passing QB from Washigton via BYU? Weiss is known for driving QB's crazy, maybe Jakes wishes he stayed.

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