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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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Mission Viejo, CA

I hope "TRUTH" is using a sarcasm, because the statement is patently false. There are currently no black Senators from either party. The last elected one was Barack Obama whose appointed successor was also black. Bob Menendez for NJ is currently serving in the Senate. As for Governors, Deval Patrick (D) Massachusetts. Currently there are two Latino republican governors, but there have been Latino democrat governors as well.

Salt Lake City, UT

she just needs more experience in budget, public finance, and governance. She'll have to drop the tea party-inspired partisan rhetoric. Earn a Master's Degree in Public Administration or Economics wouldn't hurt either.

#Mia needs to learn, not just talk about platitudes and generalities. Her ignorance, at times, is overwhelming...

Mapleton, UT

Non-beliver thinks that the Democrats offer freedom, in reality the liberals are attempt to control everything we do from what we eat to what medical treatment we get. The democrats are interested in control - not freedom. The younger generation seems to be looking for a 'hand out' and when all those that work to pay for those who don't contribute can no longer fund the programs then what will the younger generation do? Oh, so little wisdom!

Durham, NC

Woodyff - really? I know it seems like I am an extreme liberal on these posts, but it is only in relationship to the outlandish comments made. These are right out of the Rush Limbaugh hates everyone script. Making blanket statements like these is either done as a bad attempt of a joke, or shows very little exposure to those you claim have these sentiments.

Remember - it is this "younger generation" that has been off fighting in foreign lands for the past decade, putting their very lives on the line. Unless you have done as much, perhaps backing off the casting the first stone might be advised.

DN Subscriber 2

Lots of vocal critics of Mia Love seem to come from outside Utah.

She will have my vote and support for whatever office she runs for. She has the right values, policies, and is bold enough to state them. She can save our country. Santa Claus promises from liberals can only destroy it.

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

"No matter what the outlet, I'm going to do everything I can to preserve this country."

With those words, Mia Love expressed perfectly why the Republicans lost in the general election. Like many Republcans, she's framing her own values as what's needed to "save this country." And any other values presumably are "destroying this country."

Yet there were more people with differing values to the Republicans than who were in sync with them. So here's a tip for maybe getting elected the next time out: listen to what people different from you value and respect it, rather than demonize it.

And if you can't accept their values, offer your own platform as just that--your own platform, rather than the only way America will survive. (cc: Mitt Romney)


So, she didn't take into account the number of people who would actually vote, and she didn't think about the fact that some voters might choose neither her nor Matheson.

Those reasons don't exactly add confidence in her abilities.

Mapleton, UT

@UathBlueDevil - the issue is not whether I have served and with more years of experience and paying taxes for 50 years entitles me to an opinion. A large segment of our population consumes more than they contribute and a society can't continue that way. Have you every listened to Rush Limbaugh or only read the talking points from media matters? And I have seen the reports of our military returning and many are not the younger generation. FYI my son-in-law has served in the Army for the past 5 years and also served in Iraq. I am thankful for all that have served. That is not the point.


Is there a Republican in the country who wasn't surprised at the election results? Good heck, I'm not even a Republican and I was surprised. Pleasantly.

West Jordan, UT

Surprised? I believe that most Republicans in the country were flat out stunned by the election results.

Durham, NC

Woodff - I am not challenging your right to have an opinion - that is for all to have. What I am challenging is your opinion itself - simply stated that our kids are all takers, freeloaders, and people on the dole. What I am challenging it the notion that people who are on the "dole" and take from the government are leaches on society. I am challenging that senior citizens - the largest single block of people who get assistance - not young people as you infer - are doing so only because they are lazy. Even if every ethnic person in this country was taking government services, it would not out number the number of seniors who are taking government assistance.

You have the right to believe the younger generation is a bunch of freeloaders, I choose to believe they are no more so than any generation that came before them.

And no - I do not make a practice of listening to El Rush-bo. I have on occasion, and generally speaking I find him and his attitudes contra to the things I have been raised to believe in. He is neither honest, praise worthy, or of good report.

NH Transplant

To Economist: We need more housewives, small town mayors in Washington DC representing the PEOPLE! Please read Federalist #52! Our founding fathers intentionally had very few formal qualifications to serve in the House of Representatives. 25 years old, citizen, resident of the state where you reside,and only 7 years living in the county. "the door of this part of the federal government is open to merit of every description, whether native or adoptive, whether young or old, and without regard to poverty or wealth, or to any particular profession of religious faith." James Madison

We wear Blue
ogden, ut

Mia Love is not ready for prime time!

I am surprised Jim Matheson won. Not because he wasnt clearly the better choice, but because the Republican party in this state have gerrymandered the Democratic party districts into oblivion.

I wish I could have voted for Matheson but Im stuck out hete in blood red land in northern Utah.
Keep fighting Dems, we are not invisible.

Bountiful, UT

Perhaps she lost is because I rightly point out in this forum that a vote for any conservative Republican (her) would be a vote to gut Social Security. Perhaps enough people read that and changed their minds.

In her city, Saratoga Springs, where she is mayor, police at the time they were hired were promised pay raises on a certain schedule, it is in their contract. Now these police are being forced to take their lack of promised pay raises to arbitration.

Just as police pay has been gutted from what was promised and what was expected, the same would happen with Social Security if enough people like her were elected.

We have pur ourselves in a hole because of expensive needless wars that go on too long, and because of improper and insufficient regulation of the financial industry, let us heal ourselves by improving in these areas, not by taking a bite our of the poor and middle class.

Salt Lake, Utah

Sarah Palin, Jr.?


Mia, please run again. I live in Millcreek and I voted for you. I also voted for Millcreek to become incorporated, but that measure lost too. The democrats who voted against it weren't interested in "new taxes". However, that doesn't stop them from voting for a president who will raise taxes on the rich. Dems are more than willing to take a handout, but don't you dare raise their taxes!

A Real Dad
Lehi, Utah

Mia gave it away. Her inner circle became smaller and smaller as election day grew near. She turned away from those that got her the nomination. She relied on "experts" from the outside to help her in Utah. She forgot it was a local campaign. It was not rocket science. The mistakes she made were costly. Her administrative skills were lacking. Maybe she will do better next time or we will be fortunate and have a strong leader emerge. She is a nice lady, but she is not a strong leader.

Kearns, UT

Mia would have been a great representative. By the way, Ronald Reagan wanted to dismantle the Department of Edumacation. He didn't do it but he ran on that premise in 1980. So what's wrong with that today?

Advise to Jimmy, move into the district. We have some perfectly good homes he could live in out in Kearns.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Salt Lake City, UT
Racism pervades the Democratic party......they will stop at nothing to see that minorities are not elected! Not one black or hispanic is in the Senate or is Governor of any state that is not a member of the GOP!

4:03 p.m. Nov. 12, 2012


So off-based we should just ignore it...but,

I recall the President of the United States had a (D) next to his name on the ballot.

Save the drama for your Mamma.

Do youself a radio - stop listening to AM hate radio.

salt lake city, UT

She'll be back, probably in 2014. Most conservatives were shocked by the election because they get all their information from Fox Noise and Talk Radio. They live in a bubble. The national polls were very accurate. The local polls for the Love/Matheson race were not. That's because of who was doing the polls and the fact they have very little knowledge of what is really happening out on the streets. They like most Republicans still live in the past and think names like Regean resonate with our youth and minorities. Those consituents are growing and carry cell phones and live off the local pollsters grid. In future electios pay attention to Nate Silver. That guy is a numbers geek and is always spot on. But offcourse, you can continue to listen to Karl Rove and Dick Morris if you prefer fantasy land instead of the real world.

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