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Published: Monday, Nov. 12 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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Those votes belong to Jim Vein, and nobody else. Jim Vein was running for office, not stealing votes.

Lehi, UT

I hope she runs again. I was surprised also. I almost wonder if the trib polls made it so people didn't go vote, thinking she won. I'm embarrassed that so many people in Utah fell for the dishonestly edited liberal attack ads. Even those who believed them should have the logic to realize that Mia would only help support our Conservative values, and Matheson only gives more power to divisive, dishonest, and destructive Liberalism and their President. I hope and pray Obama will be able to change his ways, but if he doesn't I fear that those voting for him and his agenda will be responsible for some very sad things.

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

Wonder why? She is an inexperienced rookie going up against an eve-handed grizzled veteran.
What surprised her?
She is not very realistic....

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Mia needs to work on her memory.

non believer

To firstamendment

Maybe is was her conservative values that not all of Utah is interested in? Living your life as a conservative is all fine and dandy. But placing these beliefs on everyone else is just plain wrong. Liberals give people a choice on how they want to live. Conservatives take that choice away.
The younger generation seems to want these choices available and made their voices heard last week.
How does this in anyway take away your right to live conservativly?

Salt Lake City, UT

"I almost wonder if the trib polls made it so people didn't go vote, thinking she won."

I doubt it. Plus that would directly conflict with the GOP conspiracy that polls were made to make Obama look better than he was.

"Mia would only help support our Conservative values"

Liberals don't want your "conservative values".

"Matheson only gives more power to divisive, dishonest, and destructive Liberalism and their President"

The Tea Party caucus and republicans set records for filibusters. That's hardly inclusive or constructive.

Robb C
Salt Lake City, UT

Please run again, Mia! My wife and I met you at a cottage meeting and were very impressed. We think you'd be terrific representative for Utah!

Next time, try to do a better job of clearly disassociating yourself from the Tea Party. I don't think you really believe in their extreme approaches--especially their unwillingness to compromise--and nor do most Utahns. And those dumb advertisements run by national groups didn't help you at all. In fact, I think they may have actually hurt you.

See what you can do about running a more positive campaign. Ben McAdams showed everybody that it can be done successfully in Utah. Another point to stress is that Jim Matheson is a good guy and all but he's fast becoming the House version of Orrin Hatch. Time for him to move on to something else and give someone else a chance!

Saint George, UT


There's always 2014.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Love wasn't the right choice for the job so she lost. If she hopes to compete in the future for a similar job then she's got to bulk up her resume and show that she's right for it. Resting on her record as mayor of a small, in debt town just won't cut it on a national stage.

Durham, NC

She became a figure head, a token candidate to prove the diversity of the party, for the republicans, rather than the people in her district. While Utah votes heavily Republican, the trend even in Utah is toward unaligned voters. The republicans seem to continual forget that there are more than just Republicans and Democrats who will vote party line.

If she runs again, and there is no reason she shouldn't, she will need to run as a representative of her district, and worry less about what people outside of the state think about her.

Most Truthful and Patriotic
Layton, UT

NO candidate should be "surprised" that at the outcome of a close election.

Mia, get some experience under your belt.
Learn what YOU truly believe in, not what the Tea Party tells you to say.
Run for a state-level office, rather than trying to jump from "mayor of a subdivision" to the US House of Representatives.

Robb C
Salt Lake City, UT

Just a note to those suggesting Mia needs to first run for a state-level office: Jim Matheson didn't hold political office before running for the House.

Murray, Utah

re: non-believer

"How does this in anyway take away your right to live conservativly?"

When I am forced to fund your choices. Live your life, make your own choices, don't force me to pay for your choices. It takes away from my choices.

Sandy, UT

Mia was surprised because she was leading to different degrees in all the polls, but the independent and Libeterian vote appears to have come out in full force and some conservatives must have fallen for the same old rhetoric and un-truths in those biased media ads for a very narrow win. I have personally talked with Matheson and went down a list of questions to see how down the middle moderate/conservative he really is and he back talked his way out of every question without answering truthfully to confirm my suspicions that he is really very liberal in truth and only a moderate conservative when he needs to get re-elected. He was very dishonest and I can't believe conservatives still vote for this guy because they think his is honestly moderately conservative! He votes party line with Obama 90% of the time and his district in Utah needs to wake up and decide if they really support Obama and his big government budget deficit democrat/socialist values or conservative free market values and energy independence!

Albany, NY

Ge Party and Mia. B'bye.

Mission Viejo, CA

Do you have children in public schools? I am funding your choices by paying taxes that fund public schools. Do you go to church? I am funding your choices by paying taxes which go to infrastructure and emergency services that support your church, yet they don't pay taxes. Do you shop at Walmart? I am funding your choices by paying into welfare systems that support the underpaid employees of Walmart.

Saint George, UT

They should both be ashamed of themselves. What a horrible, horrible thing it is for a politician to be running for office. Politics does not build character, it reveals it. None of them have any character, yet we keep electing and re-electing them. Shame on us and them.

Salt Lake City, UT

Racism pervades the Democratic party......they will stop at nothing to see that minorities are not elected! Not one black or hispanic is in the Senate or is Governor of any state that is not a member of the GOP!

Parsons, KS

I'm sure it has nothing to do with:

Her wanting to stop all free and reduced lunches at school...cause you know all those kids get food stamps, so they are double dipping *huge eye roll*

Her wanting to end the Department of Education, even though her opponent and many others pointed out that ending the DOE in turns destroys our special education system for disabled children and makes their IEP's and 504 plans unenforceable

Her suggestion to close the DOE, which in turns closes the Office of Civil rights because they are a branch of the DOE. She seemed to not care nor understand what OCR does, and how we already proved with the Civil War, that Civil rights is a federal problem/federal solution NOT state level. Without OCR, kids could be freely discriminated in schools, via their health care (it enforces medicaid compliance issues), and OCR will even step in when a job has discriminated against someone.
They enforce ADA and 504 of the rehabilitation act.

I doubt she even knows what that is, she certainly had no understanding of what they did.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

TRUTH SAID: Racism pervades the Democratic party.
the truth does seem to elude your posts.
Does that silly statement even need to be addressed?
From the Birth Certificate Party?

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