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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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It just seems to happen every week so called "trolls" jumping on and pilling on. I think the Ute fans know that we are not very good this year. And for any Ute fan that thaught we were just going to roll into this PAC12 thing and take over has had their eyes opened. The football is so much better and I think that the average "troll" that gets on here has no-idea how different the game is compared to the MWC and WAC. This is one of the conferences that are putting more than just a handfull of players into the NFL, these teams are big, fast, aggressive at football.

My biggest frustration is the BYU fan that hops on here and cannot see the true story of what Utah is going through. Duckhunter for example is a y fan that cannot wait to comment on the Utes. I don't know this for fact but I would bet he has more things to say on Utah articles than on ones about his own team. I have no respect for anyone that gets on here and piles on be it Ute or Cougar

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


Need a little cheese with that whine?

Utah fans are just getting a little taste of their own medicine. The kids on the hill are merciless any time BYU has even the slightest stumble, yet they whine incessantly about even the slightest critique of Utah.

Bottom line: Utah fans can dish it, but they can't take it.

BYU fans understood exactly what Utah was getting into when Utah joined the PAC; afterall, BYU has been playing PAC teams regularly for the last 50 years.

Which is precisely why BYU fans laughed at Utah fans who were proclaiming that the Utes would be an instant success in their new conference, perennial challengers for conference titles, and regular Rose Bowl winners.

When BYU fans reminded the kids on the hill that Arizona and Arizona State had been members of the PAC for 30 years and they only had two Rose Bowl appearance combined, Utah fans scoffed that Utah was so much better, that the struggles of the Arizona schools were irrelevant to the Utes.

Two years later, Utah finds itself exactly where BYU fans predicted you would be and now you whine about BYU fans saying we told you so?

Highland, UT


I love that I am in your head and dominate you. That said I speak the truth about utah, you just don't like it. I have fun with it.

Of course I loive your double standard as you are easily one of the biggest utah trolls that posts consistently on articles about BYU. I LOVE utah "fan" hypocrisy. LOL!

Omaha, NE

As I have said all season long, Chris Hill needs to take a long hard look at the coaches, from top to bottom on the U's football team. I understand that it is a new conference with tougher teams that what the U experienced in the MWC, but our game plans just seem ill-prepared for what they are up against every week. Our D was supposed to be tops in the PAC12 but that has proven to be suspect at best. Our depth at QB was supposed to be the best Whit has had in years; this has proven to be suspect when you have to throw a true-freshman into the mix (BTW he's handled it like a man). If the U doesn't make some changes this off-season I believe that they will lose a lot of credibility and miss out on some terrific recruits and bowl opportunities.

Springville, UT


Bitter much?


In October 2010, President Uchtdorf said:

"I have always loved participating in and attending sporting events. But I confess there are times when the lack of civility in sports is embarrassing. How is it that normally kind and compassionate human beings can be so intolerant and filled with hatred toward an opposing team and its fans?

I have watched sports fans vilify and demonize their rivals. They look for any flaw and magnify it. They justify their hatred with broad generalizations and apply them to everyone associated with the other team. When ill fortune afflicts their rival, they rejoice.

Brethren, unfortunately we see today too often the same kind of attitude and behavior spill over into the public discourse of politics, ethnicity, and religion."

Continued below


Continued from above:

"My dear brethren of the priesthood, my beloved fellow disciples of the gentle Christ, should we not hold ourselves to a higher standard? As priesthood bearers, we must realize that all of God’s children wear the same jersey. Our team is the brotherhood of man. This mortal life is our playing field. Our goal is to learn to love God and to extend that same love toward our fellowman. We are here to live according to His law and establish the kingdom of God. We are here to build, uplift, treat fairly, and encourage all of Heavenly Father’s children."

I'm sure my posting this sounds preachy to some of you. But can any of you argue with the observations and counsel quoted above?

I remember President Uchtdorf's delivery of this message vividly. While I hadn't been particularly nasty in my comments up to that point (at least in my opinion), I took his words as a rebuke. I have worked to moderate what I write/say since then in these comments sections, and it has made me feel better. Might I suggest some of you give it a try?

Salt Lake City, UT

Coming from a BYU fan buried deep in this articles comments section, Utah will have a winning record because they will win their last 2 regular season games and their Bowl game.

As a side note, and a dig at both teams, Utah needs BYU more than BYU needs Utah because Utah always over performs against BYU and BYU always under performs against Utah. If both teams had played an average game for themselves against each other, BYU would have won. But as it turned out, Utah needed that win to even have a chance at a Bowl game and a winning record, and BYU handed it to them on a silver platter.

Rigby, ID

I remember when all you Ute fans was bragging how great of a team you are, and how Utah will be going to the Rose bowl every year. I really hope you are enjoying the big paycheck the school is getting from their new conferance. Thats about the only thing you have to celebrate. Dont worry after having 4 or 5 losing seasons you can always go back to the WAC! Enjoy the Holidays it will be a nice long break for the football team.

Springville, UT


This is by far THE best whining statement of all time...

"My biggest frustration is the BYU fan that hops on here and cannot see the true story of what Utah is going through."

Pray tell... What is there not to understand about the Ute 'true story'?

The lack of legacy part, no current talent or what? What are we not 'seeing'??? I'm dying to know.

There is no 'story' without a great struggle, heroic efforts, and a rewards.

A PAC12 invite with next to nothing performance? Hardly a story to write about.

BYU fans told you, I told you, we'll gloat a little more about your team's continued demise and then it will start all over again with basketball then spring camp will come.

Cuddle up to that win this year over the Cougars, it's all a Ute fan has while BYU goes bowling this year.

And BYU will outrank the Utes again. It won't be much but it's enough. LOL

That's the Ute 'true story'.

Highland, UT


Your comments about utah coaches, qb's, and the defense are all correct. Of course those are exactly the points myself and other BYU fans made before this season ever started. Now I understand utah "fans" not wanting to read those things, they were all full of optimism, I'd call it delusion, and thought it was all going to be greatness. You all ignored the truth, which is that utah's qb's are almost never any good, your offensive coordinator is 25, inexperienced, and wasn't a particularly good qb coach, your lb's have never been all that good and they were all replaced, the o-line took hits to graduation. In otherwords this season and this result were acurately predicted by BYU fans. We saw it because we are not deluded by crimson glasses.

Now you see it, now utah "fans" see it.

That said I think utah has some talent and could have been better than they are. Certianly not rose bowl contenders, that was always delusional, but they should have been able to have a winning record, they should have been able to be bowl eligible without having to come down to this.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


You need to take this select group for who there are. Haters, who actually hate Utah, more than love BYU. Pretty sad, but very accurate. Nothing more class less than kicking a team (fan base) when they are down. Oh well, what comes around goes around.

Another thing, we will always have scoreboard on BYU; have for the last 3 years. They can't beat us, so they have to support teams that can. LOL!

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