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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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East Salt Lake City, Utah


Spin all you want to, but the truth is, the Utes have only beaten one decent team this season, and that was the result of a lucky mis-snap fumble scoop and score.


With Utah up 24-7 in the 4th, just be happy we let you back in the game:

DRIVE TOTALS: BYU drive: 8 plays 75 yards, 02:14 BYU TD
Utah 24 BYU 14

4th and 12 at UTAH 20 Sellwood rush for a loss of 6 yards to the Utah 14.
DRIVE TOTALS: BYU drive: 4 plays 14 yards, 01:26 BYU TD
Utah 24-BYU 21

Utah can beat BYU with 5 minutes of good football (2009), injured QB (2010), and a D2 QB (2011). Beating BYU is not the problem, its beating PAC-12 teams.

Mcallen, TX


I've never wanted the PAC.



have you ever coached at the d1 level if not take a break al you y fans can't wait for Utah to get beat. It makes you all feel better thn your win over Idaho. You guys are pathetic, we get beat by Washington ad you all hop on the band wagon. You aftr use other teams to compete, pathetic again.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utes need a couple of wins.

Too bad BYU isn't on the schedule the next two weeks.

Highland, UT


Like I said, utah "fans" like yourself cannot handle the truth. It is funny.


Mcallen, TX


Utes need a couple of wins.

Good thing BYU isn't on the schedule the next two weeks.

Surfers Paradise, AU

"We are the mighty MUSS, one day UTA will let us drive a bus,
our offense is less than credible, all we want for Christmas it to be BOWL ELIGIBLE!"

bountiful, ut

If? . . . If? . . . You actually think Utah can beat either? Like I said in the first post on this thread... They have only won at home so it almost rest assuredly ensures that Colorado will be another loss. 4-8 is looking really possible! and 6-6 is not a winning record and in this years pac will not enable a bowl game... So sorry! Face up to reality before it crushes you into the depths of depression.

Chris B's momma
Idaho Falls, ID

Looks like Utah will play in the toilet bowl against their rival, Colorado. Man, Scott must be kicking himself for inviting these two clown acts into the conference. I see grumblings all over PAC 10 country. And if you think this has been bad wait until basketball starts$!&@?!

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


As suspected at the beginning of the season, the ONLY way the Utes would even have a chance of being bowl eligible this season, is by bookending their schedule with a couple of Colorado patsies.

When it comes to actually being "competitive" in the PAC, the Utes are even more pathetic than they were in the WAC.

ET Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

The PAC is doing well. The way to get ranked teams is to add some cupcakes like Utah and Colorado so you get a break in the schedule and record padders. Utah is fitting in just fine. Remember to shake that doormat every so often. Do I hear an echo from down there?

Salt Lake City, UT

How time changes goals. Yesterday the utes were trying for the top spot in the PAC 12 and now they are trying to avoid the bottom spot.

Bluffdale, UT

I read everyone of these comments. Love it. When the PAC-10 knocked on Utah's door I predicted insanity from some BYU fans. But, I never predicted so much jealousy even on weeks when Utah loses and BYU wins.

The Arizona game will be another sell-out. PAC-12 football is fine. BYU insanity priceless.

Cowboy Dude

Another week Utah cried all the way to the bank. I love PAC-12 football. It was fun watching 6 teams play at once on three stations...ESPN #35, ESPN2 #36, & PAC12TV #37.

sacramento, ca

awe...what happened? hahahaha, like I've said before and will continue to say....you guys and colorado will be the new AU and ASU of the pac 10.2. Actually, more like the old WSU.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

I'll be the first to admit this season has been a big disappointment for Ute fans. With that said all of you out there saying you predicted a bad season from the get go I say better lucky than good with your predictions. Phil Steele the nations #1 prognosticator for college football (if you don't believe me look up his record), picked Utah to finish #2 in the Pac-12 South this season.

Second to all Utah fans mad about the title of this article, I'm pretty sure it says a non-winning regular season, 6-6 isn't a winning regular season.

I agree your evaluations are mostly spot on concerning the Utes. In my opinion the reason people (mostly Ute fans) have a hard time with them is you tend to look at BYU through rose colored glasses instead of the same level of cold hard truth.

Lastly good luck to all three FBS teams. I hope Utah ends up bowl eligible and all win their respective bowl games.

River Falls, WI


"...al you y fans can't wait for Utah to get beat. It makes you all feel better thn your win over Idaho. You guys are pathetic, we get beat by Washington ad you all hop on the band wagon. You aftr use other teams to compete, pathetic again."

Let's be clear, the "y fans" you are referencing here are not BYU fans at all, they are trolls. I rarely read Ute articles and their comments but did this time simply because of a comment made on a BYU article insinuated that 90% of the posts on Utah articles were by BYU trolls. I couldn't believe that so I came over to read your articles and sadly that comment was part true. Most of the posts in this discussion thread were made by BYU trolls... but we all know that doesn't make them "y fans." Indeed, I don't recognize the monikers for most the trolls posting on this article, which means they don't post on BYU articles. So again, let's not pretend that BYU fans are dominating these boards because they're not.

River Falls, WI

...that being said. I should note a few things that most BYU fans do believe. Utah joining the PAC12 was a great move for Utah. I'm skeptical about how well y'all will compete year in and year out, but it makes sense on all levels--more money, better exposure, and the opportunity to play great teams. The downside: a huge recruiting disadvantage making it very difficult to compete for the PAC title. Let's be honest, Utah (because of it's geography) will never be a dream destination for most top recruits.

BYU and Utah have a ton in common this year: OCs that have struggled with play calling and decision making, QBs that aren't performing up to potential (perhaps due to OCs), both win games against horrible teams and lose to good teams. If Utah wasn't in the PAC12 their record would be similar to BYU's and they'd be looking at going to a lower tier bowl. If BYU was in the PAC12 (most real BYU fans would love to be in the PAC12 or Big12 but not in the Big East) they would likely have a record similar to Utah's.

Allen, TX

Called it.

Centerville, UT

I will forever be a ute and have done my best to be positive throughout the year. But after this performance I realized the utes just aren't good this year. I'll be surprised if we go bowling at all. even if we become bowl "Eligible" with six wins Im not going to hold my breath waiting to get invited to a bowl. Our offense is bad, our defense is bad and for the love when there are 4 defenders within 3 yards of you when you're a punt returner you signal for a fair catch.

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