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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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bountiful, ut

How's that pac-12 thing going for U? Interesting note about this season. Can win 5 of 6 at home but go winless on the road. Looks like Colorado is gonna be 2-0 after 2 disappointing seasons.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Tough loss, U Dub played great tonight. We played fair. I tip my hat to the Huskies. They out played us and out coached us.

St. George, UT

Anybody else think that our Passing Game Coordinator is not earning his salary? I'm talking to you A-Rod.

sandy, UT

And that my friends is how you become the doormat of a conference in just under a year.

Mcallen, TX

Sad. The utes just can't compete in this conference.

sandy, UT

Well, at least Washington can say they scored more than 21 points....for the first time this season. Yes, that defense is scaring everyone. Welcome to the start of fighting it out for last place.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B said:

I've said all season as soon as the Utes turned the corner we'd be unstoppable. Washington had a tough time with Cal, which says volumes. we're well on our way to 8-5, which is very respectable(when you're a member of a prestigious conference like we are).

Utah 34
Washington 21

Mark it down.


Swoop said:

It's laughable that U consider beating up a couple of 2- and 3-win teams at home as "turning the corner".

5-7 and no bowl is more likely than 8-5 for the Utes

Washington 31
Utah 17

Mark it down.



Washington 34
Utah 15


Everett, WA

Utes should have remained in the MWC to be competitive long term.

Springville, UT

After what AZ did to Colorado today (56-31), I would dare say the Utes are done next week.

And the end of the season game with the Buffs will be for the coveted 'golden chip' award.

Who would have thought? I can't wait.


Very disappointing loss. Whit and his team have some work to do. He made some pretty bold moves promoting from within with mixed results. Utes need to end on a high note. One lost season is one too many.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

It seems as if the Utah offense has fallen back to where they were when they lost at Arizona State. I don't think it's possible no matter who or if no one plays QB, to lose at Colorado, but Arizona is a different matter. The Wildcats don't have a great defense but they can outscore most anyone in the PAC but for Oregon. I don't know if it's a case of being worn down but decent PAC teams but it seems as if the Utes peak early then fall to pieces, being quite passive at season's end. What does it take to find a dependable QB?

Richmond, VA

I'm a diehard Cougar fan, but I was confident the Utes will win out and go bowling the end of the year, as do the Aggies and my Cougars. Well, sorry it's likely not going to happen. Truth be told, I do like the Utes and love Coach W, even if my heart belongs to BYU.

And I'm not being sarcastic here when I say that I really do hope the probability of the Utes not going bowling this year, will not be too demoralizing on the Cris B's and the likes of him among the Ute's fan base.

Go Cougars! Go Aggies! And good luck to the Utes next year!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Chris B -

When you predicted a "W" for your boys, I knew a loss was inevitable. I have a few tickets to the Rose Bowl I will sell you.

Kearns, UT

Tough break. Here's hoping the sports marketing team returns to promoting the Utes next year instead of the Pac 12 conference.

Alexandria, VA

Utes will beat Colorado. Arizona is going to be a tough one, depending on what Arizona team decides to show up.

Highland, UT

Going for it on 4th down on their own 43 when the game was still a one score game was frankly amateur hour but the utah coaching staff. Incredibly stupid and probably cost them the game more than any other single decision.

Santa Monica, CA

Wow. Dirk should go to work for Rasmussen polling...even Karl Rove would be able to figure out that, if the Utes win their next two and then win in whichever bowl they are invited to---the left side of the ledger would be greater than the right side (7-6). Although, after that second half meltdown, their path to 6 victories would seem about as easy to do as carrying Ohio, Virginia and Florida.


Star played fantastic, the rest of the D Line was ok, but the LBs were nonexistent, may as well have had 7 DBs on the field. You can definitely tell Wilcox has helped UW's defense find a mean streak (in many games borderline dirty, but last night looked pretty clean) this year compared to last. The biggest thing, though, was execution. Price played his best game of the year, while Travis was just a little late on a lot of reads and receivers dropped balls at crucial times. Can't win with that.

The commentators intimated at the end of a game that Utah "beat themselves," but that is a cop out, shows no respect, and makes someone look silly to use as an excuse, as we've seen on these boards since September. Credit to UW, they made some great plays, and since Utah didn't elevate their game to it, UW beat us up. It'll take a lot better effort and execution to hit Arizona in the mouth next week.

Santa Monica, CA

Well, he did say "consecutive winning regular seasons". Although that's a term I've never heard used and the headline is flat out wrong. "Consecutive winning regular seasons," is about like saying "consecutive popular vote victories."

Moses Lake, WA

AAAAhhhhhh Thats to Bad. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of "guys"

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