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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mapleton, Utah

Coug fans!! What a great thing to be a Cougar....just listen to the misery of the so-called ute fans! What are they now 3-7? 4-6? Who cares. They are not relevant in the State or in the Pac10+2. They are not relevant nationally. They played two nationally relevant teams and stunk up the field. BYU played 4 as an independent, lost 3 by combined 7 points and was tied going into the 4th quarter in the fourth.

Here is what I find pleasure in re-reporting: Utes played in the snow 3 years ago and drew 17000 fans!! During the day! BYU Mighty Cougars drew 61,000 at 8:15 at night! And no, the stadium was not a third empty at LES. Ute imagination at work.

So Cougar fans; Let the ute kids rant...they have nothing else to talk about.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

Why do Cougar Fans spend so much time trying to denigrate the Utes? If you truly are as confident in your team as you try to convince yourselves you are, beating up the Utes doesn't make sense.

I had Cougar season tickets for over a decade before they went Indy. Prior to that, I was excited about the prospects of the MWC - it was an up and coming conference, and was earning respect.

Then, for the money and the "exposure", somebody decided to go Indy. To me, that is literally "selling out".

Oh, and as for the over-the-top hype, give it a rest. If at some point during the Idaho game you counted every person in the stadium, including teams, cheer squads, bands, security, hot-dog vendors, and a few rodents, you might inflate the estimate to 61,000. But people who actually have access to the numbers reported: "At halftime, BYU leads woeful Idaho 42-7 in front of about 35,000 shivering fans..."

Hyperbole does nothing to earn credibility, but outright misinformation is unbecoming a Cougar.

Orem, UT

Y Ask Y

BYU went "indy" to escape the MTN and the incompetence of Craig Thompson.

If you want to blame someone for the decline of the MWC and the collapse of the WAC, blame Thompson.

Thanks to BYU's independence making possible BYU's ESPN contract, and the subsequent retention of BYU ownership rights for BYUtv to broadcast and/or rebroadcast all home games and many road games, BYU fans nationwide, in fact, worldwide, are able to watch BYU sports.

PlanetBYU lays out an interesting case for how much more financially beneficial it could be for BYU to be Independent, rather than a member of the MWC or Big East, when it comes to divvying up revenue from the soon to begin playoffs.

Provo, UT


Yeah, that's what I said. Sold out.

So I became disgusted with my Alma mater and sold my season tickets.

And the Indy years have been a bust so far. All we have is weak schedules, few regular opponents, no conference honors, and promissory notes for the future.

But I still don't see how bashing the Utes makes BYU look better.

Mcallen, TX

Scott Farcus,

Your comment has no substance. Why was Indy a huge mistake, and why should Holmoe be fired?

Explain yourself.

Mcallen, TX


"BYU beat who this year? The worst Pac 12 team, the worst Big Sky team, 2 of the 3 worst Wac teams, a bottom ACC team, and Utah State. Now there playing Idaho, San Jose State, and New Mexico State 3 teams that 115 of the 120 FBS teams could beat. So Byu went ind so they can play cupcake after cupcake Half there Opponents r bad Wac teams that MW teams beat by 20+ every year."

When going to the PAC, I knew ute fans would start whining. We play hard teams, and you play cupcakes. This is funny.

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