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Published: Sunday, Nov. 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Orem, UT

Wow. What a finish for an illustrious career in our beloved stadium. Just like he dreamed...all those childhood years! Beating Idaho in Provo. I have my tickets away--and nothing to do with the cold. Only a few games left to endure the pitiful play. Sure is good against the bad teams! This particular season ended at Utah.

Orem, UT

The announced attendance was 61,009. that's impossible at least 1/3 of seats still had snow on them at the end of the game... :)

Everett, WA

This was a very impressive win. BYU should be nationally ranked.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I was there for every minute, because these guys deserve to have fans in the seats. I was ready for the weather, as was my brother, who drove straight from Idaho to cheer BYU, then drove straight back. He should get home around 4am.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

It wasn't all that cold. I've sat through colder games but never with that much snow in the stands.

Why can't Doman play Lark earlier? Why he did not start in his last home game will forever be a mystery.

Scott Farcus
Beaver, UT

Alabama vs Tex A&M, Now that was a competitive game!

BYU vs Idaho High School Powder Puff! Not even worth watching!

Indy was a Huge mistake!

Holmoe should be fired

South Jordan, UT

Congratulations to these Cougar players and fans who endured frigid cold temperatures. We're now bowl eligible again. Way to go Cougars. Brrrr!

Powell, OH

"Bitter cold"??? 20's is cold. Try zero to minus 20 if you want "bitter cold". BYU and their tendency to sensationalize the normal is tiresome.

River Falls, WI

A good game for the Cougs. I was a little disappointed in the back-ups... I expected Lark, Lasike, and others to shine once they finally got their chance but it was very apparent that there is a sharp drop-off in talent from 1st to 2nd string. I guess we can be grateful that most of the starters are healthy as we prepare for a ?th consecutive bowl game. Go Cougs!

Chubbuck, Idaho

I can describe my experience in one word about last nights game-SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZE! I think next week will be a much stiffer challenge. I think by now we all know BYU's record against teams with a winning record ovrr the last 3 years-not Good

Centerville, UT


Surely you jest.

springville, UT

Wow, listen to all these ute fans, guess they didnt know their team played last night too. Another loss of course and now no bowl game for the uties. so sad how far their program has fallen.

Ogden, UT

@ BYUfaninWashSt, Nationally Ranked? They beat 1-9 Idaho! Yes the same Idaho that North Carolina beat 66-0, Texas State beat 38-7, LSU scored 63 on, LA Tech scored 70 on, and Wyoming beat

Ogden, UT

BYU beat who this year? The worst Pac 12 team, the worst Big Sky team, 2 of the 3 worst Wac teams, a bottom ACC team, and Utah State. Now there playing Idaho, San Jose State, and New Mexico State 3 teams that 115 of the 120 FBS teams could beat. So Byu went ind so they can play cupcake after cupcake Half there Opponents r bad Wac teams that MW teams beat by 20+ every year.

Ogden, UT

BYU will pull another 1984, play 8 Wac teams play a Big Sky team, play 2 AQ teams that have not had a winning record in 5 years, and Utah. So if they can some how beat Utah they will go 12-0. You have to Love being IND.

Everett, WA

@Scots - see @A1994

Heber City, UT

Dear Dektol, This article was written by a Newspaper not BYU. I never heard one thing from BYU or its players how bitter cold it was. Do not read into things that which is not there.

There is not one single BYU fan who has commented before my comment. They are all Trolls from that school up north. They are all bitter because the Utes are having such a terrible season and want to take out their bitterness on someone else. They sure seem to ignore, and deny the fact, that it takes a few years to build a strong schedule.

When you look down the road BYU has a better schedule than the Utes will have in the PAC 10+2 wannabees who are at the bottom of the pile.

You have got to quit eating sour grapes and lemon. Your life will be much sweeter.


Wow, BYU had to work really hard to win this one. Snoooooze.


Im getting sick and tired of all you people on here bashing every thing BYU does,i dont see any body on this thread twisting your arms to attend a byu game if you dont like BYU dont watch the game you are just making yourselves look foolish and poor sports.


Riley is the man!!! 3rd best quarterback in BYU history behind Detmer and Young.. Congrats to a great leader!!

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