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Published: Saturday, Nov. 10 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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Chubbuck, Idaho


Chubbuck, Idaho

Wow. It was 42-7 and then BYU decided to quit playing. Oh well back to snooooooooooooooozzzzzzziiing!

Provo, UT

BYU didn't quit playing, but all the starters are sitting for the second half. Good to get some longer-term experience for the backups.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

The WAC championship is yours again!

A sincere congratulations to byu.

I know you talk of national championship as being your goal, but a WAC championship is something to be very proud of.

These kids will be able to tell their grandkids they were part of the magical beatdown of the 1-8 Idaho Vandals.

Movies will be made about tonight's game and this season's WAC championship.

Count yourselves blessed fans.

We wear Blue
ogden, ut

Whats wrong Chris B, trying to distract from the fact Utah got EMBARRASSED tonight. At least it wasnt on a real TV channel.

Bowl game not looking good for the Utes. Husky players will be talking about the magical beatdown they put on the bottom dweller Utes.

Do you even listen to yourself.........delusional.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B

Utah 0-1 in the WAC

BYU undefeated in the WAC

but nice try

enjoy the Coach Potato Bowl

Salt Lake City, UT

Pretty impressed that so many Cougars fan turned out. Yes, it was an offensive scrimmage, but it was fun to watch. My family in Washington said the game in Seattle against a similar opponent was just as fun to watch.

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