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Published: Saturday, Nov. 10 2012 8:00 a.m. MST

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Hurricane, UT

Back in September during the pre-game between Hurricane and Dixie, KSL asked coach Monkres if the winner of that game (HHS/DHS) would be in the state title game....without hesitation, coach Monkres stated: "YES" I thought he was crazy for making such a bold prediction. Maybe he knew something I didn't. Good luck Flyers. Keep the title down South.

The old nag
Kaysville, UT

It would have been nice to read an article about Dixie High School beating Juan Diego. Isn't that what happened, or was I to the wrong ball game. I'm pretty impartial, but there was no proper credit given to the Dixie Boys for what they accomplished. They were
definite under dogs gong into the game against a very highly touted Juan Diego. This article is all about Juan Diego....and they lost. Don't we like to write about winners
anymore. Dixie earned it playing out that last few minutes without folding..using the clock well...hey...give them some paper space.

Mark D

It seems a large portion of the State of Utah has a "love affair" with the Juan Diego Soaring Eagle. True, they had a great run for three straight years in 3A with championships at the latter end of the past decade ('08, '09, '10 - all victories against Hurricane); however, it will now be two years since they reached the championship game.

Trouble in the Soaring Eagle family? I don't think so. Juan Diego is nothing if not resilient and I'm sure they will be back to contend again next year. But this year did prove something that I've said for some time now - that Region 9 is truly stacked with talented teams (maybe not top to bottom, but the top four/five teams can compete with any of the top programs from other regions on any given year).

In successive weeks, Dixie has dispatched Stansbury and Juan Diego - two of the top three programs heading into this years playoffs. Remember, Dixie was the #3 seed coming out of Region 9. If, and I do mean "if" they are able to prevail against Spanish Fork in next week's championship game, that will be quite a feat! Good luck Flyers!

Hurricane, 00


there is a whole article giving credit to dixie, probably right underneath this one about JD losing

Saint George, UT

I don't understand why everyone thinks JD is classiest team in the state
Direct quote from Dixie QB

“They were real chippy, and talking mad smack,” Dixie quarterback Blake Barney said. “We just tried to be mature and keep calm and let them kill themselves.”

FB Fan #2
Grantsville, UT

@ southpride56

And he said this to you? Are you best buddies with him or something? Looks like you two will have watch the finals together on friday...

Provo, UT

It was a quote in one of the articles...not sure if it was on this site but I read the quote southpride56 is talking about.

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