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Published: Friday, Nov. 9 2012 9:00 p.m. MST

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Layton, Utah

I once heard that the happiest coaches, coach at an orphanage.

draper, ut

As a polynesian and parent of a student-athlete, I am totally ashamed of the actions of Mr. Malae. I dont know the facts, but one thing I do know, is that this behavior is unexceptable, no matter what the situation. Its these types of actions that give polys a bad rep. I was born and raised backed in the islands,so you cant tell me that I dont know the poly life. God,family and respect for others is what I was taught.I have had my days, when I wondered why isnt my son playing?, or why the coaches make the choices they do. its High School football,coaches for any team are expectedto win, or try their hardest to win. therefore they (coaches) play the players they think can help them achieve that goal. its not little league,you are not required your 8 plays,its up to the coaches to play who they think the best players are, as parents we might not always agree, but thats why we are parents and not coaches.

Coach K and Jordan HS good luck at state..!!

Hurricane, UT

Yep, all coaches based on if they only coaches kids, booster kids, kids with "the name", kids of rich parents, coaches relative....yada yada yada.........sour grapes......those coaches wont be coaching very long.

Shame on the Deseret news for letting THAT blog go thru....it's amazing what the D news lets go, and what they block....I bet this gets blocked!

sandy, UT

Parent risk,

1) Coaches aren't compensated enough for the hours/months spent. When coach underperforms, we fire him with little introspect. . .

2) Hard time siding with a parent who bickers with coach who takes son to 5A State. . .

3) I love italian food in pretty much any fashion. . .

4) Some coaches ought to worry about winning games of their own, and stay off the band wagon. . .

5) Gold dot pride!. . .

6) Isn't there a bypass of process for a parent who ought to have made a formalized complaint - documenting and addressing the regular procedures. . . versus public insult for the coach.

7) Coaches in the South make $90,000 with full stadium. . .

8) Eric Kjar for President. He'd win.

9) Let's try and think a little more about the kids. . .

10) Way to go J Crew. Take State.


Coach Randy, what is this "dark cloud hanging over Jordan for some time"? I'm not aware of this- Seems like a great, happy, tough group of kids from what I've observed at the games

Jo Momma

I bet coaches make at least $25,000 per season. well maybe the head coach. the assistants gotta make $10.000 to $15,000 per season. for all that money they can take a little bit of parents getting mad.

Man O War
Salt Lake CIty, UT

Jo Mamma that's awesome thought.

I have coached high school football for 9 years and at the most "elite" places. The only way a head coach makes even remotely close to that is if he was going to take money from the booster club, taking money from the camps and other means etc etc. Needless to say, no head coach makes 25k just coaching.

As for asst coaches, as i said i have coached for 9 years and won state championships, the most ever paid is about 2,500, for those counting that works out to about nothing after the hours and hours and hours.

Coaches in general get a bad rap sometimes, though I know in this particular case, this coach probably has little business being around 16-18 year olds especially when you believe the best way to relate or interact with them is to act like an 18 year old...

Washington, UT

@Jo Momma

Do you Coach? If you did, you would know that no coach in Utah makes that amount of money, not even close. They should however, but that will never happen. I do know for a fact that Head Football Coaches in Washington County (St. George schools) make depending on how long they have coached in the district roughly $3,000 for a season. Most assistants will make 1200 to 600 dollars a season. This includes all extra film, and training sessions, as well as summers this roughly comes out to about pennies per hour, that these men make for a season. There is absolutely no amount of parent crying that can be justifiable for this amount of money. The only time a parent is justified in saying anything would be if there child is being abused. Playing time, wins and losses etc. are not an excuse to attack a man who makes pennies on the hour and spends countless hours away from his children to help raise others. Parents have as much responsibilty in the success of their sons experience as a coach does, and negativity from home will ruin that experience. Players can't serve 2 masters.

Jo Momma

i think they make more money somehow and i think that parents should have a say in who starts or not by some type of playoff or tryout practice. it is our money that pays coaches from taxes.

Lehi, UT

@Jo Momma,

No matter what you say the coaches do not make anywhere near what you think they make. Head coaches get a stipend of $3000 to $5000 depending on the district. If the assistant coach is a teacher they make a little more around $2500 if it is a paraprofessional volunteer they make around $500 for the whole season.

Do you really think that parents would come to a consensus on who would start and who would not? If they want to spend and extra 40 hours per week on top of their full time job going to practice, film sessions, meetings etc then they should have a say. Parents only see a small fraction on what goes on in a program. If the only source of information is from their player, remember kids in general tend to exaggerate what goes on (both for the worse, and better).

Please do some research first, this is Utah....not Texas.


Jo Mamma, you're right, they do make more money "somehow." Some wake up early to instruct driver's ed, some work manual labor over the summers, some teach, or perform other full-time jobs. Wake up, please.

Coach Randy
midvale, UT


If you read the article above it was talking about an altercation between a parent and a coach. My comments were about the coach in question and not the boys on the team. I have coached a few of those boys in the past and wish them nothing but the best on Friday and in the future as well. I just wish the boys had better role models as coaches.So good luck to the boys on Friday!


Two weeks ago my friend and I attended a Jordan game at JHS. There was a defensive coach using abusive language on the sideline at the football game at JHS. My friend and I (who are not Jordan fans - just sports fans) sat in awe as we watched this coach verbally demean the young man on the sideline with the use of foul language. The father of the player being yelled at started yelling at the coach to stop from the stands, and a man in a Jordan coat (I assume an administrator) walked into the stands and calmed him down.

Having read the article I am wondering if this young man's father is the same man at the Rice Eccles game who was trying to defend his son from verbal abuse two weeks ago. I could not believe what I was seeing on the sideline, it was despicable!

Virginia Beach, Va

I get a kick out people saying coaches only play the best players. Some coaches have a weak eye when it comes to evaluating talent. I have seen at the high school level kids get cut by coaches and then bring on a rich member of the communities son who has no business on the team. And No my kid didnt play that sport. So Coaches please stop saying that all coaches only pick the best players. Simply not true.

Bountiful, UT

why doesn't this story shock me? And that is the saddest part.

sandy, UT

It doesn't shock you because you're too busy being sad. That's the other part.

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