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Published: Saturday, Nov. 10 2012 9:00 a.m. MST

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Riverside, CA

So I'm bigoted if I don't see homosexuality as perfectly fine and dandy. Ok. By that definition I guess I'm bigoted against smokers as well. Never knew I was such a bigot.

I don't hate gay people. I've had close friends and relatives who were gay and I've always treated them all with respect. I don't agree with their lifestyle and find it peculiar but I'm sure there are things which friends think are peculiar about me. On a micro level so what.

It's obvious this debate isn't about tolerance anymore. It's all about insisting that society recognize homosexuality as every bit as healthy and normal as heterosexuality. Many people seem to be buying it, but I will continue to say the emperor has no clothes.

Leesburg, VA

@ SoCalChris

You wrote" It's obvious this debate isn't about tolerance anymore. It's all about insisting that society recognize homosexuality as every bit as healthy and normal as heterosexuality"

No and Yes.

No, this debate is "only" about tolerance.

Yes, you are right : "It's all about insisting that society recognize homosexuality as every bit as healthy and normal as heterosexuality"

Free Agency
Salt Lake City, UT

As always, the question re: this issue is whether you have the right, because of your own beliefs, to deny the rights of others. If you believe that marriage is "between one man and one woman," that's fine. But live with that in your own life, don't try to make everyone else fit it.

It's also fine if the Catholic Church wants to defend the "traditional family" by presenting that as its *viewpoint.* But not by trying to impose it on secular society.

Opponents of same-sex marriage argued pre-Nov. 6 that gay marriage was foisted on America by the courts, without putting it to a popular vote.

Now we have that popular vote, in four separate states: Americans are increasingly in favor of equal rights for gays, including marriage. It seems that in America, as well as in an ever-increasing number of other countries, people are no longer buying the Catholic Church's teaching that gays are "disordered."

Leesburg, VA

@ Pack

You wrote:

" it does not mean they can't develop a loving relationship with someone of the opposite sex"

If you are heterosexual, would you consider a loving relationship with somebody of your own sex?

Huntsville, UT


By orientation I am not straight. I made a wise decision years ago when I chose to not marry a woman and make my life with the man that I love and who loves me. That, sir, is wise and prudent.

Religion is absolutely a choice, and I'm asking you to keep your religion out of my life. You're welcome to live it yourself but keep your religion to yourself. As for good and bad choices, you make a bad choice every time you choose to discriminate against your fellow Americans. Your "inclination" would only be accurate if you were discussing your own personal life. Marriage of GLBT couples is as good for society as is marriage for straight couples.


Could you develop a loving relationship with someone of your own sex? Why do you expect us to live in a manner you cannot yourself?


Bigotry is apparent when you would prevent others from having what you have. Not that you dislike it, but that you would prevent equality. That is the bigotry.

Born that Way
Layton, UT

Sadly, the samesex battle, the no-fault divorce, and laxing of moral standards has destroyed the meaning of marriage. With huge numbers of young people never having experienced a stable relationship, they see marriage as a disposable sexual relationship and don't understand that its benefit to society is the commitment to raise children for a stable future. As a result government programs and scientific experiments are doing the parenting. Marriage was never intended to be solely about a single sexual relationship--which is what it's been reduced to--but to a future family, which now no longer factors in.

Most damaged by this transition are the children of our nation as they are further estranged from their loving parents, taught lies by a social system built upon the fear of offending political groups with money, and peers with absentee parents attempting to purchase affection and try to make their children a political cause. Then women, who think that being a single mother brings a life of joy, but is a one-way ticket to poverty and the estrangement of their children as soon as they're old enough to start rebelling.

Marco Luxe
Los Angeles, CA

You are known by the company you keep. It's disconcerting that the Vatican is aligned with Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, etc. These states have the highest divorce rate, highest number out-of-wedlock children, greatest poverty [AL,LA,MS], highest rates of incarceration [LA, MS] and lowest educational attainment [TX, MS].

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