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Published: Thursday, Nov. 8 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Huntsman has quit his last few jobs when they were no longer convenient for him - he it not "moderate", merely squishy

LValfre - your resentment provides no evidence of Romney's faults - merely your own



There are no more moderate liberals either, that's why the country is divided. Huntsman quit at being governor, then quit at being ambassador. He is an open door liberal that wants a one world order of business and workers.

Murray, Utah

I don't believe Jon Huntsman is a RINO, just a quitter!

Fern RL

It is interesting that we may all speculate on what will never be a ballot issue, but I am happy to find out that Huntsman and I share some philosophy that I hadn't imagined before. I also believe that a third political party could be in order. How about having a Moderate Party? This presidential race was close to a tie because Americans are usually more moderate than either major party allows for.

If Huntsman is offered the position as Secretary of State, I would hope he would accept it. If he wants to run for POTUS in four years, and there is no Moderate Party ticket to run on, I would like to see him run as a Democrat. That would be enough to turn a thoroughly Red state Blue, wouldn't it?

I voted for Romney because I believe he was the very best choice for the economy and I believe this is the year when a great deal of change is needed in Washington to turn the economy around, and I don't mean merely by promoting more spending. Romney has the best understanding of economic principles of any candidate in the last 50 years, at least.

Ogden, UT

Huntsman is not evil and is far too smart to be a republican. He is exactly what this country needs in a leadership role. He is progressive, compassionate, intelligent, and
fiscally conservative. He was republican in Utah because that is the only way a person can get elected.

Salt Lake City, UT

Do not normally vote republican, however NEVER vote a straight ticket. However, I would have voted for John Huntsman!! HANDS DOWN!

Vancouver, BC

When you bring the political opposition into your cabinet you are risking being stabbed in the back!

Saratoga Springs, UT

Huntsman is as fake as Obama. If he became S of S, is there enough TV talk shows for both him and the Obama's. Not sure. Don't like Huntsman, never have, not even when he was Gov. But that is just me, doesn't mean my opinion is right, I just don't like or trust the guy. One question I have, why is it bad to be conservative. Why is it bad to believe in hard core principals that we were raised on, at least I was. Why is that a bad thing. So I am more of a conservative, bible believing, founding father believing, person. Why is this a bad thing? People slam the conservatives because they are maybe a bit more cautious in their beliefs, they put a little extra behind a law or belief, might I remind you, exactly what our Fore Fathers intended, what Pres. G Washington invisioned. I am just curious as to how we can be wrong now when so many established and built our country on these same values. Just curious.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Remember when Republicans had Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, and Herman Cain all beating both Jon Hunstman Jr. and Mitt Romney in the primaries?

Ya - I'd say the GOP needs to be doing ALOT of soul searching over the next 3 years....

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

Huntsman has about as much chance of becoming SOS as Utah has of hosting the Olympics every 20 years.
It's a nice Utah fantasy and nothing more.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

This would be a great move. It will further paint the mean spirited radical tea party Hannity conservatives into a corner.

newhall, CA

One of the smartest moves obama could make.

utah cornhusker

I don't think he will be Sos. I think he ended that chance while trying to vie for republican nomination for potus.

John K
Carmichael, CA

Funny. Most conservative analysts are saying Romney lost because he wasn't conservative enough.

the truth
Holladay, UT

Why would anyone hire Huntsman for a job?

Huntsman quits everything he does.

He quit high school,

he quit the govenornship,

he quit his ambassadorship,

he quits...

Hunstman is a quitter, don't waste your time.

Gregory Hill
Richboro, PA

I hope with all my heart that this rumor has substance. It would be a wonderful bipartisan gesture on the part of the President, and it would be good for the country.

John Huntsman was a great Ambassador to China, and he would be a marvelous Secretary of State. He has the diplomatic skill, the personal charm and social polish, the mind, the connections (both personal and through his father), and the temperament for the job. The country could not find a finer person for the job.

I also very much hope that Jon considers a move into the Democratic Party. The GOP is no longer the right place for him. He would be a rather conservative Democrat, like Bob Casey of PA, Joe Manchin of W VA, and even (to some degree) Bill Clinton. He would be a great Democratic Senator from Utah.

Utah needs a vigorous, vital two party system, and Democrats nationally need more centrists and moderates. A move by Huntsman into the Democratic Party would be welcomed by most Democrats. Our party remains a "big tent." Bill Clinton shows just how far a centrist Democrat can rise.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

@UtahBruin, what exactly did the founding fathers intend? Since they often didn't agree with each other, which ones are right on which topics? How can you be certain that you understand their points of view? (As much as we like to think the founding fathers' work was universal, their views were a reaction to their unique circumstances, which were very, very different from our own.) How do they apply to the issues facing the country today? What other details might have some bearing on the political decision-making that the founding fathers didn't (in many cases, couldn't) consider?

In recent years, one popular conservative strategy is to claim that the founding fathers support the conservative position. Too few right-leaning people question such claims. Just because somebody says the founding fathers believed or did this or that doesn't necessarily mean that it's true, that it's that simple, or that it's right for America today.

There's nothing wrong with conservativism per se, but there's a huge problem with trying to treat political positions as articles of faith. The operative word should be "reasoning", not "belief."

Go Utes, CA

No chance Obama appoints Huntsman. Zero.

Gregory Hill
Richboro, PA

What an ungracious comment by "The Truth", and not at all fair.

Jon left high school to be a rock star, but when he tired of that lifestyle, he earned his GED and earned a degree in international politics from the University of Pennsylvania (the oldest of the Seven Sisters of the Ivy League).

He served a full term as governor of Utah, and left during his second term (with an 80% job approval rating) to accept President Obama's invitation to serve as Ambassador to China, where he served with exceptional skill before returning home to run for President.

Huntsman was an Eagle Scout. He completed an LDS mission. He served with distinction as Ambassador to Singapore and Deputy US Trade Representative.

What have you done, in your life, that even approaches this level of accomplishment?

Patchogue, NY

Huntsman is terrific. The country would benefit greatly if he became Secretary of State. I just hope he can accept that post without it hurting his chances for a future Presidential run with the extremists in the GOP somehow feeling betrayed.

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