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Published: Thursday, Nov. 8 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Moderate Thinking
Astana, Kazakhstan, 00

I suspect the job will be John Kerry's. Another across-the-isle possibility would be former Senator Lugar. However, I would be absolutely ecstatic to welcome Gov. Huntsman as my new boss, as would the majority of my colleagues who know him.

Brigham City, UT

It will depend on who can write the bigger check to the DNC, the Kerry or Huntsman family; I'm sure the DNC got a pretty check with the China ambassadorship appointment in 2009.

Columbia, SC

Those who say Huntsman is a RINO use a different definition of "republican" that I can't agree with. Huntsman is conservative but he's not willing to bow before the right-wing ideologues who are responsible for scaring independent people away from the party. Just because he believes in things like science and bipartisanship doesn't mean he's not conservative. Hopefully Huntsman will take another shot at the republican nomination in 2016; he would easily be at the top of my list.

Springville, UT

I think this story is more about Utahns here wanting to be relevant, but Utah cast its lot. The state may be at an all time low in terms of influence in our nation's capital. Such are the choices you made.

Ogden, UT

As I have said before I also wrote in Huntsman for President. I'd be curious to know how many people did. He was the absolue best candidate in the Republican field this year (and yes, DN Subscriber 2), Huntsman is a real Republican, not a far right wing fringe-dweller RINO).

It pleases me to see that Huntsman still puts the good of the country before ill-based allegiance to a political party. I hope he is chosen to be Secretary of State. He is well-qualified for the job, and would be a good one.


Call me crazy, but I don't think Huntsman left China on the best terms. What's more, he should have known that there was a potential for controversy just him being where he was. I can't believe that the Ambassador to China wasn't briefed on the protest that he claimed to stumble across.

I don't believe that he has what it takes to be on the international stage. He was Ambassador for less than two years. I do like him as a national politician and think he could do a lot for this country. But I don't think he's ready to be America's lead diplomat.

Alexandria, VA

Sorry, but Huntsman is an empty suit. Not a whole lot of there there. A deep (or even a shallow) thinker he is not.

Provo, UT

Huntsman seems to have endeared himself to the left...


Bookings is a liberal think tank. He's not a Republican. His family moved their maufacturing plant to Texas to take advantage of their illegal labor. I don't think he is the man for the job. He's way to soft with China, and his family would sell out America to make a profit.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

All those who think Jon, Jr. is a Democrat are guilty of incorrectly positing that to be a Republican one must have only a certain small and narrow subset of values. It is just that kind of "non think" that lost this Presidential campaign for Republicans.

There are no longer any moderate nor liberal Republicans, only conservative Republicans. In fact, the word conservative has become synonymous with Republicans. This polarization of the Republican party to the far right is the catalyst for most of the legislative long jams in Washington. The Democratic party as moved more to the center in recent years, despite Fox radio and conservative talking heads yelling daily "socialist" at everything and anything the Dem's might propose.

Obama care was after all the product of a conservative think tank and used by a Republican governor on the state level. It utilizes private insurance companies, hardly the stuff of real socialism.

Until the far right and many conservative Republicans, especially Utah Republicans want to embrace diversity within their party and not adherence to some conservative rorschach purity test, they will do nothing to heal America, and guarantee themselves loss of the Presidency in the next election too.

Ogden, UT

John Huntsman vs John Kerry: Well that sure shows what Obama is looking for. Liberal. The burning question for me is. Has John Huntsman decided whether or not he is LDS?

Salt Lake City, UT

What a pipe dream. No way Huntsman will be considered for S of S, though he may reasonably be considered some kind of undersecretary.

The Obama administration has shown its penchant for appointing intrusive ultra-liberals to cabinet positions. John Kerry is tired of being a senator, he's sufficiently non-pragmatic to be an Obama appointee, and he aches for the job. His place in line can be overcome only by a lesbian and/or African American. Since Susan Rice has been appointed the sacrificial lamb/scapegoat to take the heat for the Bengazi disaster, she's out and will be busy testifying on Capitol Hill for the next few months. I say the job will go to either be Janet Napolitano or John Kerry, depending on which one kisses Valerie Jarrett's ring the most convincingly. Kerry is much more of an appeaser and is less masculine than Napolitano, so I'd guess Janet will get the appointment.

Huntsman will get nothing. Valerie Jarrett will see no need for Obama to appear non-partisan now that he has no more elections to wage.

Provo, UT

I don't think Obama will appoint Huntsman again, but I bet he picks a Republican for Defense. We shall see.


I liked Huntsman a lot. He was balanced, fair, seemed to have integrity, has a mixed cultural marriage and family, great foreign experience, and is distanced from his faith (if he even still has it). Unlike Romney, Huntsman won't slam his faith and beliefs down the throats of the general public.

Kaysville, UT

This President and his myriads of advisers and Chicago bunch doesn't do anything without a political part in the whole process. Jon Huntsman Jr. will be good for the country if he is allowed to do his job. At times, a person gets a job because the Boss can then control what he does and says over the time period that he is hired.

Huntsman knows foreign affairs, Chinese, and how to get things done the protocol way and leverage the country's ability to work in such a large and small area with people. He has worked in the environment, foreign affairs and with President Obama and for Hillary Clinton.

The President has inside information on Huntsman from his previous tour in China so he has been vetted and was not involved in the GOP primary too long.

The Senators that approved him will be similar to the ones before and should not be a hard process for him, either.

We need good people in government and he will serve the country well.

Cache county, USA

I liked Huntsman a lot. He was balanced, fair, seemed to have integrity, has a mixed cultural marriage and family, great foreign experience, and is distanced from his faith (if he even still has it). Unlike Romney, Huntsman won't slam his faith and beliefs down the throats of the general public.

Since when did romney ever slam his faith on us?
Or are you intimidated by Romney maybe?

Olympia, WA

I think Mr. Huntsman would make a good or excellent Sec of State. China is a growing world leader and diplomacy is much needed in our relations with them. My former Gov., Gary Locke, is the Ambassador in Beijing, and that has lead to much more export and commerce with China for the US and for Washington state. Just speaking the language is a huge plus. Mr. Huntsman is a good choice no matter what his political affiliation. He is American, as any of us.

Springville, UT

@ JayTee, not funny and in extremely poor taste.

Did everyone see the joint appearance of Van Jones and Mary Mat on Wolf's show? The GOP needs to get over its toxic emotional issues and move on for the sake of the country.

Durham, NC

"Huntsman seems to have endeared himself to the left..."

And as a Republican, this is a bad thing why? Someone who could draw voters across party lines.... and some think this is a negative. Go figure.



"Since when did romney ever slam his faith on us?
Or are you intimidated by Romney maybe?"

Romney is not a man who can separate his faith from politics and policies. He's not a man that can put his 'faith on the shelf' while dealing with the public at large. Gay rights, civil rights, abortion, women's rights, and marijuana prohibition are some of the current issues that are gaining momentum. Romney would not let these pass even if popular vote wants them b/c of his faith.

Huntsman represents modern America with a multi-cultured family, experiences, and acceptance of all. Romney represents old America, corporate LDS white-bread you name it. I'm white but it's unnerving to see a candidate THAT white bread.

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