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Published: Thursday, Nov. 8 2012 3:00 p.m. MST

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Highland, UT

utah "fans" are just getting their last schedule digs in since it is all changing next year, as we were told it would. Let them have their fun since it is the only fun they are likely to have for the remainder of this football season. Not going to a bowl game is really humiliating when you were a self proclaimed pac 12 championship and rose bowl contender.


ps Dnews sensors, yea this is the comment that was off topic and disruptive. Good grief.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I guarantee we go bowling and I'd say a 80% chance we finish 8-5, which is very respectable when you are a member of a prestigous conference.

There is exactly a 0% chance we won't go bowling

Utah 34
Washington 21

you can mark that one down

Down under
Pullman, WA

PAC 10.2 schools love having Utah in the conference, it helps pad their win totals. If it were not for Utah some of the other PAC schools would not be bowling. That one extra win make a big difference. That is why BYU is not in the PAC, they would make some of the schools bowl ineligble.

South Jordan, UT

All of you people complaining about the time of the game, being in the snow, against Idaho, I bet there are still more people at that game than the utes stadium even holds.

Hyrum, Ut

I find it interesting that there are those who hang the whole meaning to their lives on football. They bash this team or that team because of one sport. I ask you to look at a schools whole sports program and then, if yours is the best, maybe you can sit on the crest of the barn and crow your hearts out.

Or maybe they crow for the short time they can between September and January.

Remember the number of conference championships of these two schools when they left the MWC?

O-town, UT


I saw Weber State once on BYUtv and once on Root Sports, not bad for an FCS team. I bet if they talked with ESPN, they could get a tv deal if they rolled back their start times to 3 a.m.

BYU Independence--prime-time viewing for vampires, owls, and zombies.

Future opponents:

Virginia 3-6 (sagrin 92)
Hawaii 1-7 (167)
Southern Miss 0-9 (159)
Houston 4-5 (101)
Middle Tennessee 6-3 (83)
UCF 7-2 (45)

I think this is the old WAC arrangment under a new moniker. Texas and GA Tech come to Provo, but other than that, the big games are all on the road.

Also, if BYU wanted to play a tough opponent, why did they drop LA Tech (a definite yellow-game) off the schedule this year instead of Idaho or NMSU... anyone? [crickets]

Centerville, UT

@ down under

yes that is why you were not invited to the PAC.. because you are too good... have fun playing that high school team from idaho

3 peat/ 8 of 11 that is all that's needed to be said

Good question my friend, why would the cougies drop LA Tech?

Highland, UT


You are a weber state fan. Really nothing more needs to be said.

As far as BYU dropping LT, it didn't happen. LT wanted out because they were trying to ease up their schedule. Failure on your part at trying to spin it otherwise and LOL at #utesnation for deciding to hop on that embarrassing attempt along with you.

O-town, UT


Thank you--I'm not only a fan, but a graduate of Weber State University!

You are a certain type of BYU fan--really nothing more needs to be said.

I can't post the link saying the game was SUSPENDED, but here are quotes from LA Tech's website:

"No one is more disappointed than Bruce and I that BYU won't be visiting Ruston in 2011," Dykes said. "However, with prior home and away scheduling agreements which we need to honor in 2012 the BYU game placed us in a position of playing one too many away games in 2012."

"We are in talks about future dates with BYU," Van De Velde added.

Bottom line--BYU could have switched home games from year-to-year with them easily as an independent, or dropped Idaho off the schedule to make it work, but LA Tech's performance against TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl in 2011 had the Cougar camp running for toilet paper. No LOL, just sad, very sad.

By the way, how is Jimmer doing compared to Lillard in the NBA?

BYU Independence--Is this independent scheduling something that you do to make yourself feel better as a BYU fan?

Proud Ute


Highland, UT

Utah fans are just getting their last schedule digs.....

Oh no don't worry, we'll be laughing at all the Happy Valley Hypocrites next year too.


Down under said:

"PAC 10.2 schools love having Utah in the conference, it helps pad their win totals. If it were not for Utah some of the other PAC schools would not be bowling. That one extra win make a big difference. That is why BYU is not in the PAC, they would make some of the schools bowl ineligble."

Why do you think BYU has a WAC legacy? Its the only way the can have a 10 win season.
Ooops! not this season.
And based upon BYUs futile attempt at future scheduling, what makes you think they will be bowl eligible anyway?


Ha Ha!

Duckhunter is defending BYUs alleged decision to drop LT.
Meanwhile teams are backing out, and will continue to do so of agreements with BYU.
How's that one and done working for you?


Overton, NV

It is rather hilarious that the Anti-BYU-Utites are mocking the start time of this game against Idaho.

If you would take a minute and look at the Utah schedule, you would not that the start time for the game against Washington is 10:30 pm EST. Which just so happens to be the exact same time as the BYU-Idaho game.

Now that we have presented the facts, you may go back to ignoring them.

Overton, NV

Excuse me. I misspoke. Actually, the Utah game is scheduled to start 15 minutes LATER than the BYU game. The BYU-Idaho contest is scheduled to start at 10:15 EST, not 10:30.

Cedar Hills, UT

Interesting but flawed reasoning on your part stating that the Utah game this week starts LATER than the BYU game. Surely you must know that the Utah game is being played in the Pacific Time Zone...and that the game has a 7:30 p.m. "local start time." Based on your kind of reasoning we could start talking about start times for your future night games with Hawaii...but no...the relevant issue is the start time where the game is being played.

Overton, NV

Re: Maxiute

No, the relevant issue is television time slots. Not the start time "where the game is being played." The television time slot for both games is the same, since those time slots are based on EST. 7:30 PST is only 15 minutes different than 8:15 MST.

But, once again, you may return to ignoring the facts.

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