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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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love idaho
Pocatello, ID

It amazes me that people haven't figured out that when you hurt (over-tax) the "rich", you are hurting the very people that provide the jobs for the rest of us. Even though Obama knows the "talk", he doesn't do the "walk". He is STILL blaming Bush, after 4 yrs. It really does sadden me that we did not vote in Romney, who puts America first. Obama even struggles with our constitution and flag. I wish we could have voted in a real American. People will learn during the next 4 yrs., but then it is too late. I will give Obama credit for talking a great talk, just like he did 4 yrs. ago. Hopefully, God will bless America, even in our stupidity.

Salt Lake, UT

RE: How can dozens of people come on here and say "Romney is a decent and honest man." The number one reason that I wouldn't, couldn't vote for him were the lies and half truths. That is not an honest man talking. That is a panderer trying to do anything to get elected. ---

Careful! -- I previously used the word 'dishonest' and the phrase 'unethical behavior' instead of 'lies and half truths' to describe the Presidents opponent - My comment was blocked becaues the word 'dishonest' and the phrase 'unethical behavior' were aparently deemed personal attacks - telling the truth is discouraged if one's opinion difers with that of the Deseret News.

Holladay, UT

Yeah! Romney is gone. For good. Americans voted and rejected what Romney stands for. What a relief!

Mapleton, UT

@ cjb Remember that Obama has said that Afghanistan was were we should be and has kept us there for 4 years. People bought into Obama's lies while taking billions from Medicare for Obamacare. Romney lost because too many American's want a hand out instead of a hand up. When the the well dries up, and it will, all those depending on the govt won't know what to do.

Mapleton, UT

@ BobF you are living in Canada, that explains your comment.


I could never see the honesty in Romney's campaign.Nor did i get a sense of what kind of man he really is.He and his wife came across as superficial and elitist.I just felt that he wouldn't know how to understand someone like me who struggles on a monthly income.If he is the man that his friends say he is,i am sorry for thinking this way.If he is all this,why is the party throwing him under the bus,now that he has lost?

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