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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Kearns, UT

Looking at an issue and changing your mind might be considered to be flip flopping, BTW who of us has never done that on any issue? But, it is not lying. I'd take Romney's word way before Obama's.

Ontario, OR

When Romney became "Mr. Olympics," I thought, "Wow! He's good-looking, personable, and smart. Maybe he will make a successful run for the presidency someday." When he was the moderate governor of a liberal state, I thought maybe he could govern the country. As has been said by others, I really, really wanted to support him. Then he started flip-flopping to satisfy the Tea Party and Christian (far) right. Then he cozied up to Jan Brewer, one of the most radical and vitriolic voices in the anti-immigrant movement. Then he chose Paul (slash-and-burn Medicare and SS) Ryan as a running mate. Then there was the embarrassing and clumsy effort to show he could travel to other nations and act presidential. Then there was the 47% comment. "But he might be able to save the economy!" protested a close friend who was still going to vote for him. Romney wouldn't share his tax returns, but apparently used every possible tax dodge; he wouldn't increase taxes on the rich and couldn't give any specifics on how he would create jobs or what he would cut from the budget! In the end, Obama got my vote.

Orem, UT

I am deeply saddened by the loss of someone that was uniquely qualified to lead us out of this economic crisis we are facing. We must now conclude that we will become a Greek-like third world country which is where Obama wants to take us. This secret combination we have elected will ultimately take away our agency as well. Ultimately this war will be settled, and it won't be resolved peacefully.

Herndon, VA


No, Governor Romney rightfully corrected Mr. Obama on Benghazi. It was President Obama who lied to the nation in the second debate, when he indicated he immediately stated it was a terrorist attack, when in fact a few minutes after he spoke in the Rose Garden September 12th he denied it to Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes. He told the truth about the welfare changes that Obama made, effectively gutting the work requirement. He spoke plainly in the first debate how his tax plan and spending cuts would bring us to a balanced budget - you must not have been listening. Lowering rates to spur growth, and cutting spending WAS his deficit reduction plan. It makes sense. He supported the Afghanistan withdrawal date this time around because the war has wound down and a lot of time has passed. That's wisdom, not inconsistency. And your "flip-flop" statement is not based in either reason or fact. By his own admission Governor Romney's views became more conservative over the years, just as did Senator Phil Graham and President Ronald Reagan. To change or grow in one's thinking is a sign of a good leader.

Meadow Lark Mark

A number of folks just trashing Romney here in these posts. You act as if you know him so well and that he is just a horrible person. Then you act like Obama is just as wonderful as ever. Oh how we believe exactly what we want to believe. I had a lady at my work yesterday (who voted for Obama) who told me that Romney was an anti-Christ. I could not take that comment and told her that she was dead wrong. I have looked at Romney close enough that I know he is head over heels better than Obama. Yes I believe exactly what I want to believe also. Good grief for all of you who are trashing Romney, he's lost hasn't he? Now you have to make sure you trash his good name. OBAMA is no saint. If you believe that you are out of your minds!!!!

Alexandria, VA

The words "changing demographics" ought to be required study for anyone over say - forty five. For the few of us who are over forty five and understand that - let me try to explain - we need to acknowledge that what we remember of our earlier lives is not always correct, and it is not 1950 anymore. That said there is no reason to reject basic human kindness and honesty that we may have learned then, but additionally there is every reason to believe that all men and women are created equal and that we should never separate them into classes based upon race, religion, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation. We may not agree and we do not have to agree with everyone, but we do have to respect them and treat them equally as our own brothers and sisters and support them in achieving their dreams, goal and aspirations. That is the paradigm the Republicans missed, but the American people (and I) understood that and we ran as fast as we could from the Republican message. As harsh as it may seem, I want to live each day in the real world of 2012, not the 1950s.

Draper, UT

Most in this country are just not self reliant. People want their free stuff and voted for the guy that will give it to them. Debt and deficits just do not matter to most folks. Sad sad day.


In the end, although Mitt had seven years to do it, by virtually all knowledgeable opinions on both sides of the aisle, Obama put together a superior organization that operated more effectively than Romney's organization. So I guess Romney is not the superior manager people would have us believe. The superior leader won and will continue to lead.

Durham, NC

Ute Alumni - You asked "how many community organizer/picnic arranger have served as president besides obama?"....

Well if you read Abraham Lincoln's biography, he was one, in particularly when he began his crusade against slavery in 1854, with his "Peoria Speech". John F Kennedy was another In fact, depending on your particular definition of a "community organizer", a good number of the founding fathers were such as Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, and Ben Franklin.

Hey, I even know one that was a Union leader... that would be Reagan.

So the fact that was a community organizer.... whet exactly does that have to do Mitt Romney? If anything I think Mitt Romney should become a community organizer helping government become more efficient and deliver services at lower cost. I think he would be really good at it..... kind of like the Olympics.

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

@ atl134,
If you can't tell that Obama has lied the last four years you have issues and selective hearing.

Mcallen, TX


Why just Romney? Clinton,Obama, and Bush didn't serve either. As a matter of fact, I didn't either.

Sorry, about your husband, but we gave up and lost this political war. I loss friends, and relatives, and basically for nothing.

The disgrace come from the political leaders who put us there, and placed regulations restricting our soldiers from defending themselves.

Diligent Dave
Logan, UT

Thank you, Governor & Mrs Romney for sacrificing your pride to the denigration of millions of many vile and vicious people. Especially when to me, your love of this country, and knowing you could help if much more than the current administration could. To me, it is the loss of America.

But, the voters who prevailed will get what they deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of us may be getting at least who we did not want. I will pray for Obama. But, like the Rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof, I may pray that he be kept, "far away from us"!

We do need to, though, strike some MIDDLE ground. Unfortunately, it appears that neither Obama nor Reid think MIDDLE ground is halfway between what they want and what Republicans want. It is likely closer to 80 to 90% of what the administration & senate leader want. And that is NOT compromise!

Keep fit Mitt. Maybe Ann & you will change your mind in 2-1/2 to 3 years.

Also, how much the GOP primary bloodied Mitt & his chances was a BIG part of the problem. Neo-pharisees, trying to prevent a Mitt-the-Mormon hurt the nation far too much!

Provo, UT

Past performance is the best judge of future performance. Obama accomplished nothing but distress and divisiveness for this great country. Stand by for the future performance.
People of good will and honesty have throughout history found opposition from those of an opposite ilk, those motivated by entirely different set of values. So it continues.

Ogden, UT

I wish Romney well. I hope he goes home, and spends he rest of his life enjoying his family (and keeps out of political and Church business).

salt lake city, utah

Republicans, just keep beleiving, and running on policies that are based on the belief that Obama has completley failed, that the economy is a disaster, and that the national debt is armagedon in two weeks, and especially that half the country is lazy and wants the government to provide them with "everything" and you assure your demise as anything other than local howling partisans. In the end this is not just what defeated Romney but turned the tide in many senate and house elections.

In the end a changing America is not a reputdiation of American values that needs to be villified it's a statment of fact and relaity. Great ideas like Democracy and Capitalism aren't great because of their immutability but because of their felxability. Until Republicans learn this they are going to have a very difficult time nationally.

Waltham, MA

My heart aches, for our country, well that is really not true, We still have an amazing country, it is the people, that I will pray for, People that have no morals, that want no responsibility, no blame, and have no integrity. It is the people that are causing the problems, and they do not realize that no government in the world can change their lives and their situation. Only they can, and when they choose not to change, we all suffer.. So my comment is to the people.. SHAPE UP, and stop being so selfish. You cannot give into every whim you have and not expect a consequence. To all of you that want to government to take care of your every need and your every vice, Your ruining our COUNTRY and I promise you that day of reckoning will come!!

Phoenix, AZ

I voyed for Romney and honestly thought he had a chance, I had no idea that the American voters were willing to continue moving the country towards socialism. I have a feeling that the American people will come to deeply regret having re-elected Obama to a second term but sadly by then the damage will have been done and it will be too late to change things.

Park City, Ut

Mitt Romney had to tie himself to a party that a majority of the people in this country clearly rejected. Yes the obvious was scary to people, the anti-abortion and Women’s rights, Gay Marriage, immigration, the GOP seems a little heartless. But it's worse than that in my opinion. The kowtowing to the fringe elements, the religious right, the Evangelicals, the anti-science crowd (as Huntsman warned) doomed the party. The people want real leaders, not perceived goof-balls looking to push their pious agenda! Mitt had to tie himself to those folks rather he liked it or not. I agree, I don't believe that Mitt is a bigot or wants to turn the clock back to the 1950, but the party sure acts like it does, and until they realize that this will be the result in 2014, 16 and so forth. Health care galvanized the right-wing agenda in 2010, but as you can see it was short lived. Learn from your mistakes and rebrand the party! Realize that running someone like Huntsman will actually get people to cross party lines, attract independents. If not...

Washington, DC

-You can pretend to care, but you can't pretend to show up -

Showing up in times of need really exemplifies Mitt Romney's life. At the bedside of a boy with terminal cancer, helping a co-worker find a lost child, donating his governors salary, and helping dig out a fallen tree are all about showing up. Romney showed his beliefs by his actions.

Meanwhile, Biden and Obama are all talk. Biden is so cheap with his money he wouldn't give his mother a plug nickle if her life depended on it - look at his tax returns. Meanwhile, Biden helped create the biggest spending spree in US history, and the Obamas spend 1.5 billion to run their house.

Now the question of what Romney will do with his time. In keeping with his life of service, I would suggest he build BYU-Africa, where the saints really need schools, and a Romney University in Mexico.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Article quote: "Romney, Woodard said, was “an ice-cream perfect guy,” who was rejected because more voters align with the Democratic president on social issues, including support for gay marriage and abortion rights."

Translation: the 2012 Presidential election proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that as a whole, we are no longer a righteous, God-fearing nation.


I weep for America.

How long, Lord, how long?.....

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