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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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one old man
Ogden, UT

I'm going to go out on a limb here and call out Badger 55 who wrote:
Old Cougar,
I just want to echo some of your comments. The majority of the people I speak with that voted for Obama cite everything you said. From getting their mortgage paid for to their food, their healthcare and even things like cell phones. All of them want the wealthy to pay more so they don't have to. They cite corporate greed, yet fail to realize their own. They have as much opportunity as anyone else in this country to make more money, but that is just too much work. Something is seriously wrong with our country."

I don't believe that you have spoken with ANYONE who said the things you claim here.

It is this kind of false nonsense that has caused the problems we have. Please use your head for something besides inventing falsehoods.

Now, let's see if the DN censors will pass this.

Gray, TN

Wow, as I read these comments Anti-Romney I can see how the MEDIA really did skew the outcome. People saying Romney lied in his campaign, but Obama has lied for the past 4 years. Selective listening is a problem when you put the credentials of Romney up against Obama it's clear who has the wisdom, intelligence, fortitude, moral values, EXPERIENCE in leadership and FINANCES (which is our biggest issue of the day)to lead the country.
For anyone that says that Romney lied - let me ask you did Obama lie, too? Is he lying right now about his knowledge of 4 Americans that were killed in Benghazi because he wanted to create the "illusion of safety in Libya" to show how great his foreign policies are? How about saying he would cut the deficit in HALF, but instead DOUBLED it? How about defending Marriage and the Family - is this at the top of Obama's campaign.
The problem with America is that the majority of the people no longer value FAMILY and have a new version of what a family is. 40% of babies are born to UNWED mothers. Without core family values our nation will suffer the consequences.

Salt Lake City, UT

Unfortunately there seems to be a lot of envy because someone who applied himself, saved companies and jobs that would have gone under and did well enough to make money which he invested to make even more.
This was a young couple that had a door on blocks as their desk, their first baby was bedded in a drawer of a dresser, and patched carpet samples covered their basement floor.
Short sighted people will take what they make and rather than set aside part of it for future need will apply it to the 'toys' of the day, the most exciting vacations and then when they reach the time they can no longer work and look at the SS which they thought would give them the good life and find it less than desirable, also find it hard to appreciate someone who was more circumspect about their futures.
Failure to provide for this life is often followed by failure to appreciate that there is yet a Day of Judgement ahead.

Salt Lake City, UT

"...Bullock said. “Now, we won’t see those implemented. We’re going to continue down the path we’ve been on.” Like none of this depends on bipartisan cooperation (like from his own party).

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

@Nuschler 1,
To attack Romney for not serving in the military is hypocritical if you don't also realize and mention that Obama has also never served in the military. That is the problem with all of the democrats and the problem with how this election panned out. Romney and Obama have been measured in two completely different ways. Romney has to be perfect or he is a liar and only cares about himself and his money. Obama on the other hand can't do one thing wrong. By the way, I figured someone like you who had had your husband serve in the military would have been more upset about the Presidents lying and total disregard to those who died in Benghazi defending this country.


Romney disappointed me. I held him to a higher standard as a candidate because of his religion and he didn't live up to it. He pandered, he lied and he flip flopped. Jon Huntsman would have been a much more popular candidate.

Sugar City, ID

Thank you Romneys, one and all. You are a tremendous example and you accomplished much good. You were magnanimous in your post primary campaign, but never more so than in your concession speech. Please, please don’t walk off the national stage. President Obama has extended the invitation to help get the country on the right track. Please do so in a very public manner. Neither of you has to pay heed to the extreme elements of your respective parties. Show by example and precept what it means to be motivated by love of God, family and country. Say goodbye only to the pompous, condescending, arrogant, egotists of the GOP.

Orem, UT

The "scoreboard" comment is straight from the sports section, implying "game over." Well, game over can have other meanings. But in this case, the game is not over. This is still America. In my view, it's a broken America and the game is not over, and scoreboard is what is irrelevant, until America is fixed. Even then, the game will not be over because fools will still try to "fundamentally change" our great country.

Go earn your own way and help others do the same. That's how Romney achieved the American dream, and in my America, everyone can acheive their honorable dreams with faith and hard work. And when hard times come, I'll be the first one in line to help. I've had my own hard times and wonderful people in my life have given me a leg up. That's the America I know and love...and the one I fear is slipping away. Compassion is our job, not our government's job.

lavergne, TN

I see alot of comments on here most for Romney some against. While everyone has something valid to say most people miss the important points. Mitt didn't lose the election the american people did! Romney ran a campaign that would have won any normal election. This wasn't a normal election. Obama targeted Hispanics, blacks, and welfare recipients and it worked. The sad thing is that alot of the people that voted for Obama are the people that take from this country.We deserved better but as one political analyst said it best you can't compete with Santa Claus!!!!

Las Vegas, NV

There is a lot of generalizing here.

Not every person who voted for Obama is lazy and wanting a government handout.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

i think you are suffering from ptsd rather than your husband. first clue is loss of reality. what exactly does vietnam have to do with romney? my fater fought in ww 2, you know the big one. third army, 3 and a half years. real comabt, 522 in his battalion, 28 came home. NEVER heard my Dad or Mom complain about others not serving. why do you?

Kaysville, UT

The system of welfare, whether in the Church or the government has a process to ensure it is not even close to the sea gulls and the ships. They have a process for those that are in the system. However, anyone in the "system" can learn how to get around the system and since 1964, people have learned quite well. Having lived in Mississippi and Illinois, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Washington, Utah and California, there are plenty of people that have gotten around the system. If they would spend as much time working instead of all their efforts getting around the system, our country wouldn't be as far out on the limb. We have bureaucrats and elected officials who know those people can vote and can vote for them. The system is what we base our tax and entitlements on.

That is one of the problems that people with fiduciary responsibilities knows. You have to have some money coming into the system to be able to pay out. We have not enough money coming in to pay for the outgoing. Entitled people could help but our government could also help by looking at the budget they haven't done for 3 years.

Ogden, UT

The fact Romney was a savy businessman does not necessarily mean he would have been a good president. We've only had two former businessmen as president, Hoover and GWB. One put us in the Great Depression and the other put us in the Great Recession.

The role of government is quite differant from that of business. Businessmen only have to concern themselves with making the haves have more. When the government goes down that road, our economy collapses.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

how many community organizer/picnic arranger have served as president besides obama?

Belching Cow
Sandy, UT

The majority voted for economic ruin and that is what they are going to get. Unfortunately the rest of us will be taken down with them.

Salt Lake City, UT

"You ran a classy, near-perfect campaign. "

He slandered our embassy while trying to exploit a tragedy for political gain before we even had time to bury the dead. He lied about the changes to welfare (Obama only did what Governor Herbert asked for), he lied about his tax plan (claimed it'd be paid for and just asked us to trust him when he didn't have the numbers), he lied about his deficit reduction plan (nonexistant), he lied about timetables being harmful to the nation when he openly supported a 2014 withdrawal at the final debate, and he flip-flopped on so many issues I couldn't figure out which time he was lying.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I am so very tired of condescending lectures from democrats, especially those whom I know and love, implying only they have "moral principles" and that people with opposing political views are bereft of these principles. "

And Republicans don't think that very same thing about Democrats? Goodness, there are people saying we elected a lying, thieving, murderer. There are conservatives who comment on this very thread that Obama supporters are all lazy moochers.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ SS
"To attack Romney for not serving in the military is hypocritical if you don't also realize and mention that Obama has also never served in the military. "

Unlike Romney, Obama never openly protested in favor of a military draft to send people to Vietnam (or any other war when Obama was that age).

"Mitt didn't lose the election the american people did! "

The popular vote winner won the election so the American people got who they wanted.

"People saying Romney lied in his campaign, but Obama has lied for the past 4 years. Selective listening is a problem"

If you can't see that Romney lied in his campaign, you clearly have issues with selective listening.

West Jordan, UT


I repeat...You see what you want to see.

I suspect that what is seen is more a reflection of the viewer than the viewed.

Durham, NC

I agree, the over the top generalizing has gone amuck.

For example, the idea that only the poor voted for Romney. The fact is, in the top 10 income counties in this counrty, the 1 percenters, Obama won 8 of those 10 counties, but a large margine.

This attempt by some on the right to portray this as a class warfare battle just plainly misrepresent the facts. There are a lot of opinions on why Romney lost, and none of them can be blaimed on the other side.

His biggest issue was (IMHO) that he never showed he trusted the American public. He hid his records from his time as a Governor, he hid his taxes, he didn't talk about his experience at Bain, and the ultimate gaff... he talked bad about 47% of Americans when he thought they wouldn't find out.

There was no doubt Romney is talented, knowledgeable, a decent man... but he treated the US public like employees on a need to know... and at least 52 percent thought they needed to know more.

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