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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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Hayden, ID

Thank you Governor for your goodness, you excellence and your efforts to save this country from becoming another Greece. You were rejected by people far less worthy of the American dream than yourself! God bless you!

Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt Romney was rejected by over 60 million voters. I can't imagine the arrogance required to state that 60 million voters are unworthy of the American dream.

Bountiful, UT

It is not true I would have voted for Romney if I could have seen in his heart. Why? He would have required sacrifice from the poor and middle class in the form of cuts to Social Security without asking any sacrifice from the rich.

We are in this mess because of needless and costly war that has gone on too long. Tackle the deficit by avoiding costly war in the future, not by taking a bite out of the middle class.

Bill McGee
Alpine, UT

I really like how Utah GOP Chairman Thomas Wright thinks: “We don’t need to adjust our positions to win elections." Wright also said he believes Republicans share his view that social issues aren’t always as important as economic issues.

Keep playing that tune, Tom. That way we can ensure a long and successful string of Democratic victories.


Romney and Ryan ran a very dishonest campaign. I expected/hoped for better from a Mormon.
The game of politics can be very destructive to the soul if you let it.

We need to amend the Constitution with some campaign reforms so our legislators can get back to legislating instead of raising money. Maybe we'll get different candidates as well if money is taken out of the equation.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

You didn't lose Governor Romney.

We did!

American Fork, UT

Mitt Romney is a decent, honest and reasonable man. His intentions for this nation are good. I hope some day his party starts to see value in some of his ideas. I appreciate the effort he has put into public service.


"Mitt Romney is a decent, honest"

Is today opposite day?
The "honest" part wasn't apparent in his campaign. When Romney decided to run for president, I thought/hoped he would raise the bar. Nope, didn't.

The game of politics is a dirty one.

Will this comment get by the moderators?

MiddleofNowhere, Utah

For those of you who think Romney is out of touch and attacking the middle class, you don't know anything about Obama if you think he isn't doing that exact thing.

@Bill McGee,
This President's term in office has been anything but successful. And there will definitely be no string of victories because after 4 more years of this ailing economy and an unraveling of U.S. foreign policy, this country will be begging for someone to lead it in a different direction. I am just totally appalled that the American people weren't to that point this go around.

Mcallen, TX


The consumers have out numbered the producers, and we have let a golden opportunity slip away. I knew Mitt back in 1964-5, so I wasn't fooled by how he was portrayed.

He gave away all of his inheritance, and worked his way through college. It was Stanford at the time, then on to a mission to France. He also worked to help three others pay tuition, and was an eagle scout, and I'm good friends with his Boy Scout leader. Our country missed out.

Herndon, VA

Please Governor Romney and Ann Romney,

You ran a classy, near-perfect campaign. It could not have been done any better.

The combination of things beyond your control - a hurricane, a hostile national media who not only were lapdogs for your opponent but created a filter difficult to get past, a billion dollars spent by your opponent to viciously attack your reputation and character, and a cover-up by the media of a major scandal a month before the election that would have sunk any other President had they been a Republican - was just too much.

And, unfortunately, a very large share our electorate would rather take money from the earnings of their fellow citizens through checks they receive from the government, than work for the things they get.

I would love to see Mitt Romney run again, and hope the Romneys will reconsider.


To imply the majority of the country was not worthy shows why he lost & the GOP lost. Just goes to prove the rest of the country could see through his constant lying, cheating and demeaning statements. He was not fit to lead the country and the majority of the people knew that plain & simple.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Republican Party was the heavy burden that Mitt Romney had to carry which disallowed him to cross the finish line.

Atlanta, GA

@worf et al
My husband was in Vietnam FIGHTING for his country while Romney was in Paris serving his mission. By his own words he lived in a "palatial" home for his entire mission. My husband was slogging it out in a country where you couldn't tell the ARVN from the enemy. Children carried assault weapons. Soldiers are still fighting nightmares and PTSD from that horrific war.
So what does Romney do after returning from his mission. He joins coaltions in favor of this "righteous" (once again his words) war!
The American public including me TRIED to understand his "plans" for turning the country around. He REFUSED to give specifics! He would change his position so often that I didn't know if he just lacked character or was trying to appease whatever audience he was in front of!
We NEVER knew what was in his heart. It was like nailing (green) jello to a tree. Romney, Akins, Mourdough, Tom Smth, John (You LIe) Walsh...you lost your own elections. We should have stayed with Jon Huntsman Jr. At least we knew his ideas and plans!

Clearfield, UT

Romney tried to reinvent himself as a tea party candidate and it didn't work. He governed MA as moderate republican. He should have stayed true to who he really is instead of pandering to the far right in order to win the nomination. It was the hispanic vote that cost him the election and that is undisputable. America is and always has been a diverse nation. As long as the Republicans embrace the mean spirited and racially motivated immigration policies they will continue to lose politcal power. This is a defining momemt for Republicans. Are Republicans the party of the white middle class and wealthy or this are they willing to reach out to minority voters who are rejectig them in large numbers. Time will tell. One last thought why was Ryan chosen for VP over Rubio who would have been a better choice.

Stansbury Park, Ut

How can dozens of people come on here and say "Romney is a decent and honest man." The number one reason that I wouldn't, couldn't vote for him were the lies and half truths. That is not an honest man talking. That is a panderer trying to do anything to get elected.

I wanted to like Mr Romney. I tried to like Mr Romney, but the more I learned of him from his own words, from his own mouth, the more convinced I became that this was a typical politician that would do or say anything to get elected.

Don't keep telling me how honest Mr Romney is because frankly, I never saw the honest Mr Romney is this year's campaign. Perhaps if he had been honest, things would be different today. If he really is the good person that all of you claim, he should have campaigned as a good person. He made light of unemployment, when millions of us are suffering. He made light of poverty claiming to have lived it. In general the truth was a missing commodity in his campaign.

Kitchener, ON

His personal circle may see a very different Mitt Romney than the one I voted against. I saw a man whose business experience involved enriching himself at the expensive of the hard-working, middle-class people he threw out of work when he purchased and gutted their companies. I saw a man who wanted to deprive millions of people of health care. I saw a man who supported, then opposed, abortion rights. I saw a man who supported, then opposed, gay rights. I saw a man with no concept of how people lived who couldn't afford an elevator for their car. I saw a man without any core values. He may have them, but what are they?
I'd love to see a Mormon in the White House, but not Mitt Romney. I'm very grateful that President Obama has been re-elected.
Yes, I'm an active member of the Church. I'm a U.S. citizen, currently working and living in Canada.

Kaysville, UT

The Republican party in Utah and the nation have some serious rethinking on how they address the important issues. The Republican party assumed that they could give the straight story about the needs of budget issues and social issues. Those things are based on a balance. You can't have the one side overbalance the other side. The Democrats on the other hand want to use the fear with the social issues being taken away and the budget not being a problem for any of the entitlements. Europe has had these social and budget issues for a long time.

These issues have to be addressed but every President since George Bush I said, "No more taxes", which was a good philosophy, the people of the Democratic party have derided anyone that would talk about adding taxes.

If you give more entitlements and benefits to people, who are just like the sea gulls waiting for the ship to throw off their garbage, they will lose their desire to go out and work for their food and shelter.

Our country and states do not throw people out the door. We ensure people are taken care of and there is a system.

one old man
Ogden, UT

The simple fact that he lost not only the state in which he was governor, but also his other "home" states speaks volumes.

The same can be said of Paul Ryan losing his home state.

Springville, UT

Don't kid yourself. Even his election night gathering was an elitist affair. The man has no clue about the middle class and how most Americans deal with life's difficulties. He was Thurston Howell, III all the way through the end.

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