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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 1:00 p.m. MST

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Holladay, UT

Not quite sure I completely understand this article. So the Kings obviously have a huge problem with ball distribution. My question is how does Jimmer fix this? Jimmer has never been known for his ability to distribute the ball. If anything it sounds like Jimmer fits right in with this group of shoot if you are lucky enough to possess the ball.

Provo, UT

I believe what Harmon is referring to here is that although in college Jimmer could create his own shot, that becomes more difficult in the NBA and he therefore needs someone to pass him the ball at a moment where he is in a position to shoot it. If no one is passing at all, he can't get his hands on the ball, therefore cannot score, therefore does not play.

Mcallen, TX

Time for a trade. I'd like to see him with a winner.

aunt lucy
Looneyville, UT

Jimmer who?

Salt Lake City, UT


You obviously don't understand how to take advantage of a deadly, spot-up shooter with range, which is exactly why Jimmer's talent is going to waste with the Kings, neither do they.

I'd suggest watching replays of some of Jimmer's BYU games to see how a great basketball coach like Coach Rose utilized Jimmer's unique skill set.

rock springs, wy

Great article! I have watched every game since Jimmer joined the Kings (not sure they ever realized that he had joined them) and Harmon summed up their team perfectly. As for Jimmer not being a "distributor," he may be the only one on the team. Smart has told him to shoot, shoot, shoot. If he passes the ball, he'll either never get it back or get benched for not scoring. Jimmer needs to get out of town. He wanted to play on an NBA team and hasn't had the chance yet.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds like jhurst82 is of the impression that Jimmer is a me-first player, and that would be inaccurate. There is a reason most around the country did not know about Jimmer until his senior year. Dave Rose saw what he could do on offense and ran the offense through him as he became a better player. He also told him to leave the defense to Jackson Emery. But Jimmer did not start out being the go-to guy on offense; he did what the coaches asked him to do. Can he thrive in the NBA? My guess is that he could, but if we're expecting Jimmer to do what he did in college, the makeup of the team would have to be at least a little similar, where everyone understood their roles and it was most certainly not every man for himself.

Centerville, UT

Dick Harmon is exactly right. Jimmer is in a no-win situation and he's a much better basketball player in the Kings would have him believe he is. Some have suggested that Jimmer isn't being played because of his skin color. I sure hope that's not the case. What ever the reason - #freejimmer ASAP.

Spanish Fork, UT

I think a lot of basis of this besides Jimmer does not play or belong on this team is that they don't pass the ball it is a run down the floor and shoot the ball or drive to the basket. The Kings will never be a good team with this group of guys. #freejimmer

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Why no articles about Lillard?

Lillard had more points and assists in his first game than Jimmer's career high in both.

Please write some articles about Weber State's Damian Lillard (most experts say he or Anthony Davis will be rookie of the year, and so far Lillard has played better).

Jimmer is a bust. Lillard is the real deal.
(3 players ever have had 20 points and 10 assists in their first NBA game:
Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, and Damian Lillard )

Provo, UT

@ Uncle Rico

I will be the first to say Jimmer will not be a star in the NBA, I said that before he was drafted. But he is on a dysfunctional team with no discipline and they are trying to make him a point guard, which he is not. Jimmer can fill the role of a reserve that gives you 20 minutes a night and scores 10 points off the bench, being an outside threat as well.

I can't call him a bust, cause I did not expect him to be an all star, but he can play basketball as he showed the nation, he just needs the right fit that will use him the right way.

Syracuse, UT

I think Jimmer could be a value to the right team. To me he looks lost on defense. I'm sure most of that is quickness that he lacks. He definitely is strong enough, which is why he did so well in college.
Just a thought. GD

Sandy, UT

The thing about Jimmer is even when called upon to catch and shoot, he has not been spectacular. I haven't looked up the stats but I think Jimmer is shooting about average for his team. If he could be a consistent threat from the outside he might have more of an argument. That of course takes practice and experience but that's hard to come by in this league and particularly with this team. He may be better of heading to Europe to get some minutes and then coming back with more confidence. Or we may have to get used to the fact that he could be a bust.

Springville, UT

I simply love the continued moronic Jimmer bashing. It's a clear indication of intelligence.

For a young man that loves the game so much and to not have the chance must be miserable.

#freeJimmer is a just cause. I certainly hope something happens soon for him. Europe or any other team would be better than this.

Good luck Jimmer. Hang in there!

Down under
Pullman, WA

Uncle Pico,Please don't compare Lillard to Magic or Oscar. He is not in the same league, (telent wise)the full season will prove it out.

Y Ask Y
Provo, UT

This is the key quote:

"You see Kings players come down the court hunting for shots with blinders on. They have no teammates; assists are scarce; passes rare, set plays are a foreign exercise. It’s every man for himself — one man against five."

So that perfectly fits Jimmer!

What is the problem? The Jimmer universe is exactly what it should be. Jimmer was destined to collect slivers watching his teammates play parking lot basketball.

Orem, Utah

Jimmer's problem is that he doesn't have confidence yet.

He started out his NBA career by trying to please his teammates (without the benefit of a summer league and preseason to develop something), which put him in a position to not be as forceful as he was in college. That, combined with the rise of Isaiah that first year, sunk Jimmer's chances of improving.

Sure, he'll never be a great defender, no more than Nash has, but like Nash, he can find his niche that'll make him memorable because he still does have that long range capability, which no other NBA player past or present has. Once his confidence comes back (with playing time, not bench time), his long-range reputation will be developed.

Even though Smart won't play him, he's said that Jimmer sees things many other NBA players don't. Smart knows Jimmer can be an effective PG in the league, but defense and inconsistency (lack of confidence) keep him off the floor.

It might not hurt Jimmer to play overseas a few years to get his feet solidly on the ground as a pro.

Pete 1
New Jersey, NJ

"smart" wants to destroy Fredette. The way he was out to destroy Lin at GS. only reason he is the coach of the Kings is because he "gets along " with Cousins. I saw every game last year and this year. EVERY time Fredette gets hot he yanks him. ‘saw Fredette score, 11,12 13 and 15 pts in a Quarter and "coach" sits him the rest of the game..

the kings are off to another stellar start shooting less than 40% from the field. Jimmer is shooting over 70% from the field and smarty WONT PLAY HIM?

This HATEFUL behavior and nobody see's this?! I bet my house that if Jimmer was on a real NBA team with real teammates that pass him the ball....he could avg 22ppg and 7 assists right now. Jimmer’s a triple threat...he can drive to the basket, pass as well as anyone and is one of the best shooters in the world...
THE WORST defensive team in the league last year defense is a reflection of the coach & attitude of the team.....This coach is not only Hateful of one of his best players ..He's simply a CLUELESS guy .

Agua Dulce, TX

He's Michael Smith all over again.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I love how people like junkgeek have no clue about what they are saying, they just speak because they hate BYU. I have said it for a while and agree with Dick on this article, people are judging Jimmer and his lack of success based on not only the worst team in the NBA,but the worst ran franchisee. No one and I mean no one knows how good or not this kid could or will be on such a poor team. I love ute fans, still angry about him torching your pathetic teams. And guess what it has not changed, your team is still bad. Soon you can vent your anger/hatred on Haws and company when they light your team up over the next several years.lol

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