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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 8:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

"So I ask these questions of all of the Obama apologists and supporters from the reasonable and civil ones to the rabid an irrational/contentious ones: how would you have responded had the First Presidency asked all Americans to pray for Romney? "

If it were a statement like this one that respected Obama in defeat like it did Romney, I'd be fine with it. My concern is about what a Republican Congress left unchecked would pass, not what a church says. If Romney won but Dems still held the senate, I wouldn't be too worried about the future. If Republicans took over all of it, I'd probably be like some of the conservatives who think we're going down the drain.

Speaking of which, to those who think that way... you still have the House, and the filibuster in the senate, Obama won't get much done.

Durham, NC

2ozn44ozglass - you asked "how would you have responded had the First Presidency asked all Americans to pray for Romney?"

Is this a serious question? What kind of answer do you expect. Of course we would pray for the leaders of our nation regardless of what silly party they align themselves with. Just as we prayed for Bush when he was President, and didn't agree with every decision of that administration.

The fact that question was even raised is a bit alarming - that people think morality and following church leaders admonishments is dependent on who won a particular election.

Take a chill pill folks... there will be yet another election in 4 more years. Don't sacrifice your ethics based on the results of a particular election. A good vibrant debate doesn't need to mean you hate the other person.... at least I would hope not.

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Salt Lake City, UT

Objectively speaking, there was a billion dollars and a billion prayers that did not work as designed. Keep religion out of politics. Romney was very successful in doing that intentionally. If he wore his religion on his sleeve, he would have got electoral votes only from Utah.

Central, Utah


Cedar Hills, UT

"I understand the First Presidency Message. They had to say it and honestly it was the right thing to say as a general statement but let's be real here for a minute ... how many latter day saints feel that praying for Barack Obama is going to change his heart? It is like praying for Korahor or Gadianton for heaven sake. I guess anything is possible with the Lord but men have their free agency and Obama has shown who he is and what he is and there is no mistaking it. Yes pray for the president and pray for your country but also remember this passage in the Book of Mormon from the prophet Mormon...."

Sometimes people are inspired and DO change. Think of Paul for example. Indeed there are accounts of large numbers of individuals, or groups, changing. It might happen, a few prayers every night for guidance of ourselves or others might be great Everything can be possible & remember that the President alone has not been alone in some of the things you dislike. Congress has certainly been involved and about 50% of the people have been of different opinions on many issues.

Anchorage, AK

To just-commenting, re Alma 1:30
Those folks were charitable on their own free will and accord. Having charity forced on folks at threat of going to jail is not the same.
Charity to those of my choosing and choice is blessing from God. Being taxed and having programs paid for that I don't believe in or support is simply wrong.
If a person believes another person should have paid abortions, let that person be charitable to the other. If I desire a starving person to eat, I'll contribute to the cause. But I will not make you do that. Forcibly taking money from people in the name of taxation, and spending it on things they think are morally wrong, is, well, wrong.

Holladay, UT

>LDS Liberal
>Follow the Prophet.
>Anything otherwise else considered Apostate.
>You're skating on some very VERY thin ice...Brother Marksen.

Liberal, you have got to be saying this with tongue in cheek. The PROPHET himself has said that it is up to us individually to pray and receive answers to what the general authorities say. We are not to be sheep and just follow blindly. That said, Brother Marksen has a very good point and I agree with him. I will pray for the President, pray that his heart is softened and his actions are in accordance with what God would have him do for our country. I will pray that he wakes up and recognizes that certain things are sinful practices and should be condemned not condoned. I personally feel that our top government officials are part of the Gadiaton robbers and they seek what Satan seeks, that is to enslave mankind and rob him of his God given liberty.
I only hope that Obama seek advice from Romney on how to get us out of the financial mess we are in.

Alabaster, Alabama

I support the Constitution of the United States. I do not support a wannabe dictator who is doing everything he can to destroy that Constitution.

Santa Monica, CA

I will pray for him. And I will also pray for angry people whose prayers are only expressions of that anger. That is not a good kind of praying and I'm afraid that that kind of praying will be in Vein.
Get it?
He's the guy that might have cost Mia Love the election.
I snuck that one in there. Heh heh. Forgive me. I'm a Dem and rather giddy this weekend.

Clearfield, UT

Many posters on here just hate Obama, period. I didn't vote for him. I supported Romney and was dissapointed that he lost. One of the major reasons Romney lost was hispanics and others voters overwhelmingly voted Democrat. I don't blame them. The Republican party has become the anti-immigration party. The far right of the party views all immigrants as lazy, freeloaders and believe they just want gov't handouts. The far right loves to stereotype people. All dems are socialist and just want to create a welfare state so they can retain political power. I could go on. It is time to end to the tea party. They represent the extremists in the Republican party. They are nothing like Reagan who they continue to idolize. Based on some of the comments posted here there are a lot of sore loosers out there. I have never seen this country so polarized. Polarization leads to gridlock in congress. What a sad state of affairs.

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