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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 8:00 a.m. MST

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New York
New York, NY

The American People have spoken - Barack Obama is our President for another four years.

You may not agree with his policies, and that is okay, that's what this country is all about. But some of the comments on here are the lowest forms of human intelligence I have ever read/heard and must be contrary to any teachings of your Christ.

The good news; all of you that loathe our President, well, you are in the Minority.

Southern Utah, UT

After reading the comments from the Obama apologists, I wonder how different the timbre and content of their posts would be were Romney elected POTUS. So I ask these questions of all of the Obama apologists and supporters from the reasonable and civil ones to the rabid an irrational/contentious ones: how would you have responded had the First Presidency asked all Americans to pray for Romney?

I wonder how many of the Obama apologists and supporters would honestly say-"our guy lost-I am now getting behind Romney and work on solving this nations problems and I am not going be a "sore loser"? and actually do so.

Even though this is hypothetical, I would hope that all Obama supporters would honestly and with all truth & soberness answer my questions.

Durham, NC

mountainman said

"Wasn't it Mark Twain who said in one of his books, "You can't pray a lie"? I can't pray and ask God to help any leader destroy our country! "

Well, that would be relevant if some of us held Mark Twain was the leader of our church.... but he isn't the leader of mine, and I don't take my moral direction from him. In fact, Twain wasn't too much a fan or mormonism as exampled when he wrote

"Am I a friend to the Mormon religion? No. I would like to see it extirpated, but always by fair means, not these Congressional rascalities. If you can destroy it with a book, -- by arguments and facts, not brute force, -- you will do a good and wholesome work." (letter written to Mrs. Fields while in Hartford in 1886)

So no, I don't put much into Mr. Twains opinions. But choose who you will to follow - that is your business.

Eureka, UT

After reading all the comments and reading Facebook today, I can say that the leadership of the church gets it and it appears that many of the members of the church don't. It also is a glimpse into the frustration that the prophets of old must have felt when they would tell the people what they needed to do to be right with the Lord and they were rejected.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Before Election Day, I was pretty disgusted with the bad-mouthing, lies, and vitriol spewed by the religious and Republican crowd as the castigated our President. I couldn't imagine anyone stooping so low, especially under the banner of "Christians".

But reading these comments, I must stand corrected. These people have stooped LOWER!

Amazing! And very, very disappointing. I really expected more from people claiming to be "Christian".

Obviously, I was wrong.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Noodlekaboodle wrote:

"I think a lot of LDS people are overlooking the major victory that LDS people all over this country made during this election. Mitt did lose. But he lost because Americans didn't agree with his policies, not because of his religion."

You go ahead and keep telling yourself that to help you feel better...

Saint George, UT

@patsy 1:06 pm

"...nearly 50% of America voted AGAINST your socialist president George - that represents about 140 million people...".

As reported @7:00 PM 11/7/12:

The vote for President Obama was 60,567,122 representing 50% of the vote.

The vote for romney was 57,744,506 representing 48% of the vote.


Your failure to do basic research, to support your position, condems your efforts to be simple hyperbolic partisanship.

Brigham City, UT

Have been and will continue to Pray for the Leaders of our Nation regardless of who leads or what party they belong to. I pray they will be guided to do those things that will preserve freedom and liberty. Freedom and Liberty are precious to me to assure I can worship the Heavenly Father of us all and His Son Jesus Christ.

A Scientist
Provo, UT


I will call your bluff and raise you a bravado.

"how would you have responded had the First Presidency asked all Americans to pray for Romney?"

If Romney had won, I'm certain the Church leaders would have issued a press release almost identical to the one the released when Obama won. They are discrete men up there. Even I can appreciate that.

"I wonder how many of the Obama apologists and supporters would honestly say-"our guy lost-I am now getting behind Romney and work on solving this nations problems and I am not going be a "sore loser"? and actually do so."

I can state without reservation that is exactly what I would have done. I commented a number of times that I thought both Romney and Obama would do a good job as POTUS. I still believe that. Our system of government has too many checks and balances, and is designed to distribute the power enough to protect against the frailties of one individual.

I opposed Romney for two key reasons: His deceptions ("flip-flopping") and his religion, as a matter of principle.

If he had won, I would desire his success.

Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

"You go ahead and keep telling yourself that to help you feel better..."

Do you have any evidence to the contrary? I haven't seen anything to suggest that most Americans voted against Romney for his religion rather than his policy.

orem, UT

A scientist -

There are many who made comments that they would pray for Obama as our president even though they voted for Romney. I wonder that you only choose to focus on the negative comments instead of feeling glad for those who would wish well the man you wanted.

All groups have people who are inconsistent - there are even those who hate religion and demonstrate inconsistencies with what they believe.

Virginia Beach, Va

Very sad day. Depressed to the core.


I think that the main thing people who pray, and those who don't, can do is to be better people, that we may not suffer the destruction that is staring us in the face.

Layton, UT

I am not LDS and was going to post that its a great gesture to see the LDS church ask for their members to pray for our president. It was sad to once again see that the teachings of the LDS church and the venomus comments some of its members post dont align. I Pray for the president that he can find a way to bring the country together and that all the sore losers come to realize that regardless of who is president our country has been in decline for about 20 years based on our lack of education system and also because we have spent years trying to show the world we are the leaders rather than taking care of our own internal issues. May which ever god you pray and believe in give you peace and help us all find a way to get some common ground and move forward.

Boise, ID

To Rick2009: "I thought prayer needed to be followed by faith, and I have no faith in our leaders."

Not necessarily. Even the prophet Mormon prayed for his apostate people towards the end but without faith. He still prayed, and he even led them again until they were anhiliated. Mormon 3:12--"...and my soul had been poured out in prayer unto my God all the day long for them; nevertheless, it was without faith, because of the hardness of their hearts."

Eagle, ID

@George. The lack of compromise went, and continues to go, both ways. Neither party is very appealing at this moment, and Obama has been less than Presidential in many respects. The Democratic Senate didn't even bring Obama's budget plan to a vote. The House did offer up a budget, which the do nothing Senate sat on. Obama initially tried to compromise and talk to the other side, but only after Republicans took the House 2 years later. Consider also that Romney, aside from his own gaffs, had most of the media against him, was brutally asaulted in the primaries by his own, which only continue into the general election by the Obama election machine. Romney had 80% negative adds from the Democrates aired against him. It is no wonder he didn't survive. It's not just the GOP's downfall we witnessed, but the downfall of bi-partisan politics and statesmanship. Too many in our country seem to want someone they can adore and ogle over as President, not someone with true leadership and problem solving capabilities.

Eagle, ID

@McBillay: The way charity and helping the poor as outlined in the scriptures (particularly the Book of Mormon) does not equate with how the government current administers to the poor. To claim the high road, assuming you represent the liberal view in what you claim against Republicans, regarding the treatment and care for the poor is misguided on your part. The current trend of expecting to receive without also seeking to keep ones dignity by, in some form or fashion, working for it, will only get worse -- unless some true reform is considered. Certainly there are some (both Democratic and Republican) who are greedy and don't want to share what they have, but I believe that most do. But it is a slippery slope to have the government dictate how much to take and redistribute -- and to do so wastefully and inefficiently.

Eagle, ID

@ A Scientist: Ah, come on, don't generalize so much.

Regarding the following comment you posted: "I opposed Romney for two key reasons: His deceptions ("flip-flopping") and his religion, as a matter of principle."

This flip-flop mantra that has been plastered upon Mitt is probably deserved to a degree, but please bestow the same label upon all other candidates (Obama is one) who also flip and flop. Obama can claim he is evolving in his position on gay marriage, but if Mitt "evolves" on abortion it is called flip-flopping. Why the bias?

I would be very intersted in knowing what about Mitt's religion would cause you, in principle, to not vote for him.

Orem, UT

We should and must support the man elected by the voice of the people. I just wish I was more certain that is the case. I read the article in the washington times about the tens of thousands of our military risking their lives overseas who were prevented from voting by the ineptitude of Obama and his administration in providing the correct ballots and adequate voting locations. Because the military is overwhelmingly against Obama that may have changed some states outcome. This ineptitude is similar to his lack of leadership in mundane issues like missing 0ver 60% of his daily security briefings, and not even calling cabinet meetings for six months at a time. While praying for our leaders, let's pray for a senate to gain the fortitude to finally do something positive like following the law and finalize a budget.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Deep Space 9, Ut
To "LDS Liberal" I have never wished for his failure.
1:43 p.m. Nov. 7, 2012


You once again NEVER answered the question Red;
Are you going to follow the Prophet and Apostles and pray for President Obama?

Yes or No?

O-town, UT
5:08 p.m. Nov. 7, 2012

Great Comment!

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