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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 2:00 a.m. MST

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Kaysville, UT

As the old saying goes for the reality of the ten (10) Welfare States in the United States of America lists, "The proof is in the pudding!" That may not be according to the pollsters but when people are on welfare, their source of food and money for items they can't get through food stamps and distributed products is available to a lot of people. Living in the city east of East St. Louis, which was one of the highest welfare areas, even though Illinois is not listed in the top ten, that place was similar to a bombed out city as welfare recipients in Illinois are well entitled. Their high rise public housing, however, became drug trafficking areas as people that don't work have the propensity to get into trouble. Those buildings became trashed out and the city followed suit. A beautiful city similar to Provo in the 1960s became a city the state of Illinois police had to take over as the mayor and city management were both corrupted. The police force, included. To change the city around, they put casinos in to help raise money and change the downtown trodded down area with glitzy poverty.

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney won 9 of the 10 states that had the highest percentage of residents among the 47% (Florida is the exception assuming Obama's lead holds). Romney promised tax cuts across the board. How the heck is that not a handout? Don't let the facts ruin the narrative you want to make.

Orem, UT


Tax cuts = handout?

When did allowing people to keep more of the money they earn become a handout??? That kind of thinking is messed up.

salt lake, UT

Someone has to pay the bills and since I pay twice the tax rate Romney does so from where I stand it looks a lot like a handout.

Othello, WA

RE Bluedevil: Of course I don't know anything about you, just what you go on about on these boards. Any defender of BHO and his presidency, is far from a moderate, and definitely not a conservative! Thats my basis for labeling you. Enlighten us about what you are, because from where I stand you are not a producer in this economy and society. You sound like a government bureaucrat, and I'm sure you think that an important job, but not me.You sound like someone, who depends on government bureaucracy and the continued growth of government and all the malaise associated with it. But then I could be wrong.

@ Tolstoy: When you start getting double taxed on your income, then you can start telling us how you pay more then Romney!

West Jordan, UT

Re: UtahBlueDevil

"Alaska, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and Arizona.... aren't they Red states too? "

Indiana is a red state that was #11 on the list but the other states were not on the list.

That is why I said "In fact the top fifteen welfare states are, with two exceptions, Democrat"

"...two exceptions,..."


Orem, UT


Your comment makes no sense. Apply the logic to yourself. If you end up paying less tax due to a tax cut, are you going to call getting more of YOUR money back a handout?

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