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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 7 2012 2:00 a.m. MST

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Durham, NC

If Romney had not had to twist himself and his policies to appease the tea partiers in the primaries, he would not have had to deal with the inconsistencies he had in the general election - leading to confusing and mistrust of what his real positions were. The 47%er comments killed his election.

If Romney had only been able to run as himself rather that a tea party puppet, he would have walked away with this election.

Ogden, UT

Romney may have conceded the election with class and honor, but many of his supporters on this website are struggling to do so.

The Republican arm of the media--Fox News--certainly isn't even trying to be gracious. David Folkenflik of NPR just reported on Fox News' coverage and their sullen, poor-loser reaction to Obama's victory, saying: "The coverage on Fox proved largely dour, depressive, even epically denialist". Karl Rove in particular was behaving badly, and "Dick Morris, who had confidently predicted a Romney landslide, was nowhere to be seen".

Anyone still believe that network truly is "fair & balanced"? You know, even if I didn't agree with Obama's policies, I would want him to win for no other reason than to see Karl Rove, Sean Hannity, Fox & Friends, and every other biased "analyst" and "journalist" on that network get egg all over their faces.

Mcallen, TX


Two thirds of our school children qualify for free, or reduced breakfast/lunch. That gives truth to the 47% comment.

No matter the poverty, suffering, and starvation--people have always desired a king type of leadership.

Hayden, ID

@ UtahBlueDevil. Baloney! Obama won because he promised more entitlements. Now we get to see if our grandchildren can pay for it or not!

Springville, UT

The Romney loss is clearly a bitter pill for the Deseret News.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Blue Devil,

You are right on. If Mr. Romney could have been himself from the beginning he would have won this election by a significant margin. Having to appease the tea party was a killer to his chances at the national level. As a moderate I really liked what I see from Mr. Romney late in the game. Unfortunately what we saw from him early turned off moderates early. I believe Mr. Romney had the ability to reach across the aisle, but now we will never know because to be a republican you have to appease the tea party which means you can't reach across the aisle.

It is sad that the republican talking heads can't see the damage the tea party does unless the distract is gerrymandered to the point where it is at least 60% tea party. Even the tea party darling Mia Love couldn't win in the most conservative state in the union.

Durham, NC

"Two thirds of our school children qualify for free, or reduced breakfast/lunch. That gives truth to the 47% comment."

Two thirds of whose children.... are you making this claim nationally 2/3rds of kids are getting assistance... really? Perhaps in your particularly part of the country... but nationally? I highly doubt it.

Mountainman.... what entitlements did he promise?

See, this is the problem the republicans have right now. They create their own version of the world, claim everyone bit them are lazy bums trying to get a hand out, and then wonder why they can't win a National office. Stop insulting everyone else, and you have a chance. The taxi guy who drove me in to the office from the airport this morning at 7:30 doesn't consider himself a victim or lazy. I left my home at 5 am this morning for meetings, will not get back until after 11 - I didn't vote for Romney - am I lazy and a self proclaimed victim?

So start with showing a little respect to those you have differences of opinion with and you just might find out that you have a lot more in common than you think.

Mesa, AZ

I agree, the 47%er comments killed Romney's election. It also didn't help that he wasn't nominated until less than 3 months before the election.

Salt Lake City, UT

Emajor--so, for the benefit of all, name one media outlet that is not biased. Yeah, didn't think you could.

Florissant, MO

I would still like to see him become President, but a mission president instead. He and Ann would be amazing.

salt lake, UT

Obama won fro a very simple reason that seems to elude the far right posters, the empty rehash of the same old rhetoric that is espoused on these threads everyday is not going to move us any closer to solutions. You want your voice to be heard start talking some common sense.

Salt Lake City, Ut

If only Romney had lived by the words of his concession speech, he might have won.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

Journalism is dead! It has been for quite some time now. To call one national news outlet bias and maintain the others are not is foolish. They are in the entertainment business and care only about keeping their ratings up.

West Jordan, UT

The Biggest US Welfare States

#1 - California
#2 - Maine
#3 - Tennessee
#4 - Massachusetts
#5 - Vermont
#6 - District of Columbia
#7 - New York
#8 - Minnesota
#9 - Washington
#10 - New Mexico

In fact the top fifteen welfare states are, with two exceptions, Democrat.

Which of those states went red on election day? - Tennessee

From CNBC Website - Y'know...that right wing news source.

Durham, NC

MoJules - couldn't agree with you more.

Why would I?
Farmington, UT

@ Emajor

I watched about 4 different news channels last night and I can tell you that all the national reporters were delighted, smiled and were happy when Obama started to pull away. They were excited to announce another state in his camp while when announcing a Romney win they were very straight-forward and business like, almost dour. And it was true with the network reporters on Channels 7, 5, 4 and 2. Every announcement or analysis I viewed on Channel 2 was pro Obama....every one.

In the end, the media was VERY happy. We'll see what they think about the condition of the country in another four years.

The one thing I am happoy about, living in the 2nd District, is that the deluge of negative ads regarding the 4th District race are history. What a burden that was to those who don't live there, couldn't vote for either candidate, and couldn't watch a TV news or other program without being bombarded by it.

Othello, WA

Oh yes, BlueDevil, enlighten us about respect for differing opinions. You and fellow leftists are such sacred examples of it, not to mention your mesmerizing leader BHO.
If you look up the stats, 2/3 is not accurate but it is not far off. Becomes a little more accurate if when you specifically pick between eligible and participating. 31.5 million kids on free lunch, out of 55 million total, and BHO hasn't and wont improve upon those numbers.
As for entitlements, our deficit is over 1.5 trillion, he doesn't have to offer new ones. He needs to be bold and tell us where he is going to cut. He claims he is going to boost medicare and social security, he promotes free healthcare, and he is the ever increasing food stamp president. No Romney supporters ran around thinking they were getting free cell phones, and housing, as BHO supporters did.
Romney is a good man, but he really isn't a true conservative. He tried to change that in the last 4 weeks, and he got closer. The GOP still needs to further differentiate themselves from the party of tax, spend, regulate freedom, and supports social rot and degeneration.

Pleasant Grove, UT

We are all in for a big hurt, and when unemployment goes up, more of the 47% jump on the welfare system, and we all start answering to China...we can all say thanks to all those who voted for obama. I am scard for this country and my kids.

Maricopa, AZ

I'm not sure how some of you think that if Romney had been this way or that way he would have won handily.
When a large part of the country counts on entitlements, and Mitt Romney was going to "help" these people get jobs. Many of those 47% were clearly not interested in voting for someone who would require them to pay their way through life.
So gloat while you can, though I'm not sure why. We're only back to where we were. We're sinking deeper in debt every day that we stay the course with this administration.
They have no economic plan that I've seen yet.
So stick around Obama supporters.
We'll need you to help us understand how Obama's administration is making things better and why we should have voted for him too.

Durham, NC

"Oh yes, BlueDevil, enlighten us about respect for differing opinions. You and fellow leftists are such sacred examples of it, not to mention your mesmerizing leader BHO. "

HaHaHa, Oh you know me oh so well. Which would explain why I also worked on the McCroy campaign.... a Republican, for governor. But you knew that right?

But yes, everyone who is not in alignment with your opinion must be a leftist liberal. Good grief, give it a rest. And not everyone lives in a world of extremes...

Grundle - you mentioned 15, right.... then only talked about Tennessee. But what about Alaska, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and Arizona.... aren't they Red states too?

The largest and fastest voting blocking block in the US and in Utah is non-partisan. There is a reason for that. The comments above are a huge driver for many of those people. Republicans nor Democrats alone will never have enough votes to do things on their own... time to start figuring out how to be civil and work together.

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