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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 6 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Obama and company used my money, your money, and future generations' money to buy a constituency, and it worked. We now have more people than ever on social/welfare programs, and they're not about to bite the hand that feeds them. Most of those big electoral college states have a huge percentage of people who depend on government for many things, and they sure don't mind stealing it from the rest of us--particularly when big media encourages this movement. It's as simple as that. Meanwhile, we have people like Matheson who try to LOOK conservative, but stand around and watch while it all happens. The people of Utah SAY they don't like career politicians, but they continue to vote them in and keep them there. So there you go. Lots of people and resources politics, not much really committed to the people who work and produce.

Far East USA, SC

Well Folks, Its Over.

So now we have 2 choices.

- Hope the president fails and the country falters. Insure that Obama gets nothing good done and no "wins". Look for the bad in everything the other party does. Put politics over country.


- Suck it up and move forward. Look to find common ground. Hope and work for what is best for the country. Ask our congress to work together and get things done.

What is more important? Your party or your country? Are you patriotic? If so, what does that mean to you?

Springville, UT

Oh, good grief. Pipe dreams. Utter silliness. For example, Leavitt and Jowers? Would never have happened. I guess if Utah puts all its eggs in one basket, it has to live with the consequences.

Provo, UT

With the vitriol and lies employed by right wing ideologues in this election, it sure is tempting to "spike the football" in their petty faces. But that is not what we need. We need to come together and do what is best for the future of this country.

Republicans have a choice to make. You can be sore losers, and wine and gripe and obstruct for the next four years, ignoring the lessons of this election, OR you can roll up your sleeves and get on board to make a positive contribution to the betterment of this great nation.

Continuing to be "the party of No" will only hurt your chances in 2016.


WestGranger: I also live in Granger part of West Valley and DISAGREE with your summary. Yes, Utah lost because Utah is a one-party state - with the exception of Jim Matheson, Ben McAdams, and aa few local races.

We learned that Republicans play just as dirty as Democrats as vividly illustrated by the ads the Super PACs ran against Jim Matheson and Mia Love. On the other hand, ads produced by the candidates were reasonable.

America recognized that Barack Obama IS the best man for President at this time.

jst sayin
West Valley City, UT

Wow....I love how the Hippocrates are out in full force today....I am not a Republican or a Democrat, but it doesn't matter we are all "entitled" to our opinions. Had Obama lost you all would have been belly aching too. Let's all grow up and let people have their opinion, even if it isn't your opinion doesn't mean it is any less important.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

The problem with the Right is that many of their most influential leaders, at a young and impressionable age, read Ayn Rand and over time come to believe her fictional cartoon caricature actually resembled a large portion of our country (moochers vs. producers).

Given all the facts in their favor they should have trounced Obama and taken control of all three branches of government. But Americans don't like delusional ideologues and until the Right marginalizing these folks, nights like last night could become the norm.

Clearfield, UT

Park City Aggie Right on. Time to end the tea party and return to reality. Republicans can start by with immigration. The harsh tea party rhetoric alienated millions of hispanic voters and most likely cost Romney the election. Time to be honest with the American people. Booting Grover Nordquist and any politian who signs his ridiculous pledges out of the party would be a good start. There is no feasible way to reduce the deficit without a combination of tax increases and spending cuts. It's time to end the partisan gridlock in congress and start putting America first. Mia love lost because she was way to partisan and had no intention of working with dems on any issue. There is a huge income inequality in this country. Romney never could never relate to the poor or those struggling just to survive. Nobody cared that his wife drove two Cadillacs. I voted for Romney, dissapointed he lost. Last night I was talking to my best friend about the election. He predicted a Romney landside. How out of touch with reality does the far right have to be. Enough of the conspiracy theories.

Bluffdale, UT

"Is Mitt Romney's loss Utah's loss?"

Is Barack Obama's win America's loss? Is the Pope Catholic?

Albuquerque, 00

This article just reaffirms my suspicions about a Mormon President bringing in more Mormons into his administration. I'm thankful it turned out the way it did.

Eden, UT

Utah has got to wake up to reality. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and the Tea Party are fear mongers. The ultra conservative positions held by this cadre are hurting the Republic Party and the our state. The only thing "Hanging by a thread" is Utah's national credibility.

SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

Well, America doesn't deserve a better future if they can't vote for it when they see it. Here's to four more years of fiscal mismanagment, Obamacare, horrible foreign policy, no wait, he's great with some countries, but those that are in the best interest of the American people? Forget about it!!!! The inmates have the asylum for four more years.

Provo, UT

West granger wrote:

"What did we learn tonight? Nice guys finish last and dirty character assassination campaigns work...barely. This is not Utah's loss. This is the failure of America to recognize who was the best man to do the job. Time will prove it."

If you are Republican, you probably didn't learn a thing, and that is why you lost the Whitehouse and made no inroads into the Senate, and barely held the House.

If Republicans "learned", they wouldn't have foisted Romney (a liberal in sheep's clothing) and Ryan (a TeaPartier) into the nomination; they wouldn't have marginalized over half of Americans, whether it was Latinos, Women, the poor, or the infamous 47% Romney so despised.

So save your bitterness and sour grapes. Fear mongering didn't win the election, and it won't help anything now.

Sandy, UT

Romney's loss was DEFINITELY Utah's loss, and not because of Leavitt. The rest of us and our descendants will be paying for Obama's win for generations to come. Leavitt and his family should do just fine, but the middle-class workers and small businesses that are still trying to make it all work will continue to suffer greatly. But many will just ignore it and look forward to the weekends, the ball games, and all the other fluff. "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."--Winston Churchill

Marlborough, MA

America awoke today with a big sigh of relief, though in the end it wasn't even close. The message of the GOP was soundly defeated in just about every major race across the country. Intolerance and divisiveness were not tolerated. The days of those that preach that dogma are nubered. There will be mid term elections in 2 years and they will be ousted in droves. Secularism and diversity are just 2 things that make America such a great country!

one old man
Ogden, UT

Wonderful news is greeted with hateful vitriol in Utah.

Ah, well . . . . .

Clearfield, UT

When Utah legislators (Mormons) pass alcohol related laws that are considered inhibiting compared to other states, it resonates in the press. When tourists come to Utah and are subjected to laws that seem designed to move your actions and morals toward becoming a member of “the state majority” it is relayed to their fellow friends and neighbors upon their return to “reality” back home. It is considered normal for adults to drink alcohol, coffee, and tea. When they are considered less than first class humans here in Utah for doing the same, it resonates. A Mormon president is impossible to consider when the impression has been instilled that he will lead all of Americana into the land of Zion and we will all be forced to bend to the will of the LDS doctrine and Word of Wisdom. That concept is unfathomable to those of other faiths or even no faith. This opinion is so well in-trenched that there will never be a LDS president until it can be trusted that the LDS religion can stop thrusting their morals onto the general public. In other words, Live and let Live.

terra nova
Park City, UT

I believe the best way to move forward is to follow Mitt's example in his concession speech and honestly congratulate President Obama and earnestly pray for him and our nation. At the same time, it would be prudent to work diligently to put our own houses in order.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

There's a lot of "sour grapes" here!

I'm glad we American's have such dignity.

Something to think about
Ogden, UT

I guess alot of you will be moving to Canada. Have fun with their health care.

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