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Published: Sunday, Nov. 4 2012 6:00 p.m. MST

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Portland, Oregon

Agency is one of our greatest gifts. And because of that, I have never been able to figure out why anyone, let alone a member of the Church, would want to belong to a political party.

Political parties are for politicians, not for voters. And unless your state is one of those with open primaries, by belonging to a political party, you are telling the elected officials in your state that you are not interested in having a choice.

Just because someone belongs to your particular party does not mean that a candidate of the other party might not really be a better choice, but you have limited your options.

Every election we have should be open and fair, and each citizen of this country should have the unfettered ability to vote for any candidate they choose, regardless of party affiliation.

And one more thing about not belonging to a political party...if the politicians don't know who will vote on what, chances are they will make a more concerted effort to actually put intelligent bills up for a vote, or intelligent people up for election.

No guarantee, though. It is, after all, politics. ;-)

Bakersfield, CA

Very good article with a variety of opinions on LDS reaction to a Romney win. These also reflect the variety from my family and friends.

From my tribe, Conservative Evangelicals will be very excited for his win on both political and religious levels. We'll have our fiscal leader and we can discuss Mormonism 24/7.

We want our LDS family and friends to be in the heaven that we believe in, as much as they want us with them in theirs. I hope this greater visibilty will propel the dialogue to a better understanding of both perspectives. Our mutual concern for our eternal souls is what's at stake. These posts also prove that few LDS understand what the issues of concern are for Biblical believers.

Ultimately, God is in control and we will still be faithful soldiers regardless of who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It's who resides in our Father's eternal Kingdom that matters.

Bakersfield, CA

C'mon Mormons! Let's join hands and face our new "same old" fallen world. It's a new day, but our world needs healing. It needs Jesus, not acrimony, accusation and skepticism. It needs truth, not politics and division.

Let's look deep into God's Word, at the Beginning Word, the Word Who is God. Let's share The Truth with all who are searching.

That's what we are called to. This world is only the preamble. Let's get on the same side now and put our resources to what has eternal consequences. It's a new day in America with the same divisions, brokenness and pain... Time for you to come into the fold!

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