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Published: Friday, Nov. 2 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

The battle between Taysom Hill and Billy Green for BYU's starting QB position next season will be exciting to watch.

Frisco, TX

I think Green's days are a couple years down the road, as we get back to starting Junior and Seniors at QB.

2013 - Hill, Munns, Olsen, Green (redshirt)
2014 - Hill, Olsen, Green
2015 - Hill, Green, Kuresa, Mangum (redshirt)
2016 - Green, Kuresa, Mangum
2017 - Green, Mangum
2018 - Mangum
2019 - Mangum

The future looks bright!

UC Baller
Salt Lake City, UT

Re phantom blade.

Haha really? What a funny comment.

Little more complex than a basic HS offense. Isn't his HS 1A small? Someone enlighten me plz.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

The immense pressure & attention this paper and the sports writers put on high school players "committed" to BYU leaves me speechless. You wanna know how often any paper outside of Happy Valley writes such articles about recruits, recruits mind you who always have the possibility of de-committing before nat'l signing day? How about never! Who cares what this kid is doing his senior year in high school? I, for one, am only concerned about his productivity once he arrives on the Cougs college campus and straps on the pads. DN Sports Dept, please leave these types of updates to the Cougs Booster Newsletter. I see nothing similar written about recruits committed to SUU, Utah, Utah State or Weber State. I know the Church owns DN, but still no reason why the paper and sports department can't show at least a semblance of neutrality.


Why do you even have to mention religion in this article? You made it very clear is Christian and not mormon but does that really matter. Come on leave religion out of it.

Hyrum, Ut

Maybe you could place an astrick by the articles So. Cal Reader and the like don't want to read. I, for one, do not receive the Cougs Booster Letter and enjoy hearing about the recent commits.

I also enjoy reading what other think, even if it derogatory by those who envy the Cougars.

Provo, UT

I don't know what Chris B is talking about, but Dallin Leavitt didn't decommit. That's according to every recruiting website you can find, check your facts first before you post bud.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The kid sounds bright but what he can do on the field won't have any bearing on the team for a couple years. I'm excited to have Hill at the helm next year. Green will work his way in and won't see action until at least 2015 and then only as a back up.

Blue Chelan 56
Chelan, WA

I haven't fact checked it yet, but I believe Chris B. has moved out of middle school and into the 9th grade. Don't be too hard on him. Lets wait until he gets his first job and is at least a junior in HS.

Syracuse, ut

Cool, hope he plays well for the Cougars. Welcome.


I hope we can get some good O-line talent so our highly-rated QBs have enough time to make good decisions.

Even stellar QBs will perform poorly if we lose the line of scrimmage.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

@ IJ "Maybe you could place an astrick by the articles So. Cal Reader and the like don't want to read." No worries. I didn't read this one, other than the title. I guess I'm still perplexed by the high school football fedish of this paper coming from the East High School debacle. I just had no idea high school football drove Utah, or at least Happy Valley, as much as it does.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

so. cal reader,
I thought the DNews was the Cougs Booster Newsletter. Do tell, is there another newsletter out there that would give us more information? (Actually, I know there is but I don't want to cough up their annual fee.)

Please note that Chris B will never let facts get in the way of posting his drivel on a BYU article.


@ UC Baller
His school is a 1A classification in the state of Washington, which is the equivalent of a 2A program here in Utah. The high school he attends has just under 500 students. I don't know if he had a whole lot of offers outside of BYU, but he will have some time to sit and learn and when his time comes(if it ever does) he will be ready. He seems like he is a winner

South Jordan, UT

Sounds like a decent commit. My question is how will Doman change to fit the type of QB that is being recruited?

I guess I ask it because I have the same question for my own team. I know of two OC's that simply are not ready for the big time and could cost jobs to a few coaches down the line if loyalty does not take a back seat to wins.

Salt Lake City, Utah

So Cal Misreader

"You wanna know how often any paper outside of Happy Valley writes such articles about recruits, recruits mind you who always have the possibility of de-committing before nat'l signing day? How about never!"

The real answer to your question is:

EVERY time a new recruit commits to the local program.

btw, EVERY recrut has the possibility of de-committing before national signing day? That's why every article written about recruits includes the caveat "verbal commit" and why NOT A SINGLE program in the country relaxes on signing day until they have those all important National Letters of Intent signed and in hand.

Wake up and join reality instead of living in your own little fantasy world.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Why do you even have to mention religion in this article?"

Why not?

It's a topic of interest for every BYU recruit, especially for the BYU-haters who are constantly whining about BYU not being able to attract skilled non-LDS players.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Chris B:

Since Green is a 2-star QB who wasn't recruited very hard, and has no other D-1 offers, I don't foresee him backing out of his verbal. And neither do I see the WAC as a Football-playing conference after the Idaho Potato Bowl either. Now he still might have a chance to take down Idaho and NM State however. Afterall, thus far they, like the Y, hadn't been wanted by any relevant conference either. So they'll most likely join the cougs in independence.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Naval Vet

I'd rather be Independent and enjoying watching my team playing interesting teams from across the country, than to be stuck at the bottom of a "relevant" conference trying to convince myself that I'm relevant.

I'm surprised the Utes haven't already signed Northern Colorado to a multi-year series. Playing a couple of teams from the Front Range every year may be the only chance Utah has of qualifying for a bowl.

Othello, WA

Very accurate Provo4Life. Green Plays for a 1A private Christian school, and has led his team to victory over all the top 2A schools in Washington state this year, except the current number 1 team. This is the same 2A division that produced Kellen Moore, and Jake Locker, who both played for colleges that either did or could have given BYU all they could handle in the past few years. No guarantees on Billy Green, but BYU has a whole load of those botched prospects in recent years. I would give him a chance!

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