Comments about ‘Utah linemen deploy to turn lights back on in New Jersey after superstorm Sandy’

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Published: Thursday, Nov. 1 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

As a native to the Tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT), THANK YOU to these fine folks and everyone who has kept us in their prayers and are assisting with our recovery. The prayers and assistance is appreciated!


Bring it on, guys!!!! NJ needs you! My parents and many others are still out of power! Thanks for doing this! We appreciate your time away from your families. - a grateful NJ resident!

Old Jake
Salt Lake City, UT

If you guys are not Union workers then they will turn you away.

The people are slaves to the Unions back east.

It's time for the people to be free!

AZ Border Dude
Naco, AZ

Old Jake is right. A news article from NJ reported that Alabama workers were denied participation by the union bosses. They were turned back to Alabama.

Despite the suffering of the people there. In some cases, 'coming together' to recover from Sandy seems to apply only to union workers Others will have to stay out of it.

Kearns, UT

If they are not Union, they won't be allowed to help. Another reason to not vote for Democrats.

Medical Lake, Washington

I always marvel at the human spirit and the determination to help in times of trouble. I am even more stunned that in the face of human tragedy, the good will of some is refused because they don't hold a union card.

On top of it all is the surprised looks on people's faces when elections come along and more and more people vote in favor of laws which restrict the unions - go figure.

Henderson, NV

Good for all of you guys!!! Thanks for representing all of us westerners.
It would be ridiculous if your help is refused because you are not union. Don't the unions realize that that would not help their cause and the people without power are not going to be happy?

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