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Published: Thursday, Nov. 1 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

I love Chris Christie for his no-nonsense approach. His abandonment of partisan politics in this time of crisis is admirable and stupid at the same time. There is no doubt that President Obama is handling this natural disaster with great care and attention and deserves credit for that!

I applaud our president for cutting the red tape in procuring aid for the victims of Sandy and hope that his response will be a model for our new president! :)

Does DNews do smiley faces?

Ogden, UT

I am impressed with Christie's actions. He easily could have tried to play politics with a President who was just doing his job, but Christie put aside politics and worked with the President for the good of the citizens of New Jersey. Good for him, and good for the Prsident for doing what he should be doing.

Far East USA, SC

Agreed Grundle.

We need to , as a nation, limit where we interject partisan politics. It happens far too often, to the detriment of this country.

Those of you who look at EVERY situation as an US vs THEM attitude are anything but patriotic.

Cedar Hills, UT

Chirstie is not a conservative... not by any stretch. Christie is more of an independent which leans more moderate liberal if anything.

Salt Lake City, UT

We are all Americans and this storm aftermath and $50 billion price tag will affect all of us to some degree.

Obama and Christie--doing there jobs like the rest of us (who have them).

I guess we can stand around and pat you on the back, but really, it's just time to get to work.

Far East USA, SC

"Chirstie is not a conservative... not by any stretch."

So, now Christie is a Moderate Liberal? Too funny patriot.

Let me guess. Is it because he didn't bash Obama at every opportunity?

Millcreek, UT

Chris Christy has been a republican darling for a while now, the Republicans even tried to get him to run for president this year. But the second he tells the truth, that Obama is doing a good job handling this disaster. He is a liberal(a bad thing in your book) and you don't like him. Why can't you handle the truth, that both of these men pushed aside politics, and actually are doing a good job. I'm a Democrat, but I have no problem saying that I respect Chris Christy. I'm also not going to attack Obama for doing his job and working with a governor from another party, because that damage from this disaster is bigger than politics. SMH, I just don't get guys like you.

Lehi, UT

OK, here's my take on this obsequiousness on the part of Christie. On the surface, Christie really needs help for his state and can only come from the Federal govt. But surreptitiously, he has another motive. True, that he may have been a Romney surrogate and has stumped for Romney in this campaign, but I'm sure deep down, Christie does not want Romney to win. Why? Well, if Romney wins, he will likely have two terms, and after him, Ryan will be the GOP torch bearer for President in 2020. Christie has been touted by conservatives as the alternative to Romney during the primaries and his chances to be the GOP nominee will diminish with a Romney/Ryan victory. There are more prospective GOP candidates in that group I'm sure.

Cedar Hills, UT


As I have ALWAYS said Chris Christie is NOT a conservative. By his own admission he is not a conservative. As far as being THE guy that the GOP really wanted to run for president - where exactly did you get that from?? There was NEVER a consensus that Christie was THE guy for the GOP. Christie was NEVER the tea party favorite and most folks were disappointed in his address at the GOP convention. Personally I like Christie and I think he has done a great job in New Jersey fighting the OBAMA unions and restoring the state to financial stability after years of liberal ruin. However as I said in this post and I have always said - Chris is NOT a conservative. Bill OReily is NOT a conservative either and he will correct you if you call him one yet all of you liberals love to label Bill as a conservative. I like a lot of what OReily says but I disagree on a lot of stuff as well. Bill is an independent and truth be known - so is Christie. As far as "praising Obama"? Obama simply showed up for an hour photo-op.

Cedar Hills, UT


You seem to not understand the difference between a Republican and a Conservative. Not all Republicans are Conservatives. George Bush was most definitely NOT a conservative and was more of a progressive moderate than anything. Take a look at Colin Powell for heaven sake. The man is a registered Republican but is nothing near being a conservative... probably closer to being a moderate liberal. Chris Christie - as I have ALWAYS said - is NOT a conservative. Chris is of a moderate independent but is registered as a Republican like Colin Powell. Chris has some very liberal views which I totally disagree with but Chris also has good common sense financially speaking and he restored New Jersey from years of liberal ruin. Chris didn't run for the GOP pres ticket and he NEVER will run because he knows he is NOT a conservative and the majority (not all) of Republicans are conservative. Christie is NOT Reagan - understand??? I personally like Chris but I also recognize I have a few big differences with him as well as I did George Bush. Obama did what EVERY president does after a disaster - takes a photo - op tour. Big deal.

Far East USA, SC

Christie will "NEVER will run because he knows he is NOT a conservative and the majority (not all) of Republicans are conservative."

And you believe that Romney IS?

Salt Lake City, UT

Telling Romney to release his tax returns, saying Romney'd have a great first debate (raising expectations), praising Obama... I can't tell if Christie wants to subtly sabotage Romney to help his 2016 chances (can't run against an incumbant in his own party) or if this is just his honest/tell-it-like-he-sees-it approach being consistent. The former option amuses me and the latter option is appealing.

Salt Lake City, UT

Is Romney a conservative? The guy who raised fees in Massachusetts while instituting the pre-cursor to Obamacare, sought support from Planned Parenthood and said he was more liberal on gay rights than Ted Kennedy?

In my opinion, Christie's more conservative than Mitt Romney though less conservative than most Republicans these days since they sorta went off a cliff. Then again Romney will do whatever the Republican Congress and Grover Norquist says while Christie has a spine so... there's that.

Provo, UT

So, Patriot, what is your definition of a "true" conservative? And who are examples of this purity?

salt lake city, UT

Every Republican is a liberal Democrat when they're in need. Hardly doubt any of the so called conservative bloggers on this post will take less out of Social Security and Medicare than they put in. Republicans and hypocrites. They are the same thing.

salt lake, UT

Sad that some posters repeatedly fail to show the same kind of decency and decorum as Chrstie and Obama in this situation. Not everything should be viewed as an opportunity to take a shot at those that you view as political adversaries.

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