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Published: Wednesday, Oct. 31 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Pleasant Grove, UT


The blunder in the second debate was Candy Crowley's blunder. Obama's speech on Sep. 12 refers only to general acts of terror. He did not say that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack. Read the speech.

The defense secretary is on record saying, "You don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on. [We] felt we could not put forces at risk in that situation."

The fact is, they were watching the attack unfold in real time. They knew what was going on. And -- knowing what was going on -- they left those men to die.

There was a counter-terrorism force in Italy that could have been there in two hours. The decision to deploy them in Libya would have to have gone before the president. The problem for him was, his re-election campaign was telling everyone that Libya was a foreign-policy success -- not descending into chaos.

So he chose to let them die, and then lied about it, and now he's saying nothing at all.

Kaysville, UT

Kudos to DN!!!!!
I'm appalled at how the national media is keeping this out of the news so they can help get Obama re-elected. Heads should be rolling for this disaster.
Hopefully they will on Nov. 6th.
But I still wonder if criminal negligence should play a role.
My vote is yes.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT


"Since when do rumors and right-wing conspiracy theories count as news?"

Where is your accurate, unbiased and purely informational "news" source? Since "news" from any source is going to have some level of bias in it. Some more than others.

Since when did the murder of US citizens, which could have been lessened or prevented, but because of the inaction of the president are now dead, has not been "news"?

There was more coverage by your "news" networks on Mitt Romney volunteering and gathering money and supplies for the people affected by Sandy. Taking time to belittle, downgrade and mock his efforts to help people; than asking the barack what really happened in Benghazi.

You can blame Fox News all you want. But, I am glad that there are different voices out there. Different levels of "news". Different sources to make decisisions from.

Unless you prefer a North Korean style of information or another country run by a dictator. And just be told how good your life is and the rest of the world is suffering. Even though you're starving. But, don't ask the regime questions. They're "too important" to answer to the people.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: KJB1 Eugene, OR
"Since when do rumors and right-wing conspiracy theories count as news?"

They only count when they involve Republicans and Bush. If this had occurred under Bush's watch the liberals and the new media would have been all over it. Does the name "Cindy Sheehan" ring a bell?

Google "hypocrisy".

Clearfield, UT

It's almost like the Ambassador knew something about Obama and/or his administration's policies and was a potential risk for some sort of whistle-blowing event so he was "taken care of" in a way that avoids even the potential for such whistle-blowing to come to light. Of course this may not be true at all but something smells aweful "fishy" about all of this!

Kaysville, UT

Thanks to Jay Evensen for his 31 October 2012 piece on "Why doesn’t the Benghazi attack story have legs?". That has so many good comments from people in a positive way under this difficult situation.

I believe the Deseret News is publishing information about this to keep people informed of United States of America government documents that show what was requested.

On the 13th of September 2012, Jay Evensen wrote a piece that diplomacy was so important and is such a vital aspect of what the Department of State and our leaders have developed over the past 250 years, even prior to our becoming a nation.

Diplomacy is part of the integrity and honor code that our government purports that they have in the jobs.

I think of the tens of thousands of dedicated servants in our government, who do their jobs day in and day out for our country, in a lot of cases in the most difficult locations and situations.

President Nixon didn't get taken down by the media. He took himself down by his acts and bringing his closest advisers down with him.

You commit an act not part of your job procedures, you lose.

Kaysville, UT

Even with a hint of any suspicion of a devious act, the Commander-in-Chief has lost respect for those he is sworm to protect. Omission and Commission of an act that violates the trust people who are in the far outplaces on assignments for our country. I remember the look on the faces of the Nixon group when they were caught. That took a while to play out in the Congressional and Court system. I remember seeing some of those men at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama in their gentlemen type of quarters for prisoners.

Not a great time for our country and requiring that we had a President who was not elected become President due to complicity by both the President and Vice-President.

Honesty is the best policy. If it meant to deceive, then it is not the truth. If it is not in the performance of duty, then it is not authorized.

For the fact that the Ambassador requested aid and seeking help for his people and not answered must be a answered.

Why would the Ambassador be in Benghazi on 9/11 knowing his facility and security were weak and non-sustainable. Annex was more.


I've read just about everything printed on the Benghazi attack and I think your theory makes the most sense of anything I've read.
I haven't been able to understand what motivated the administration to stand by and do nothing.
You provide an interesting motivational hypothesis.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I tried to find some creditable facts in this story but found none.

Bronx, NY

The only mystery here is how long they far right is going to continue this completely tasteless behavior that shows a complete lack if respect for the families of the victims that must endure this daily display of wildly inaccurate recounting of their loved ones tragic death.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Obama, in his own parsed words, claims that he knew terrorists did the deed.
He also told us he took personal responsibility for the actions of government.
So, what's the problem?
Obama blew it and deserves to be releived of command on November 6th.
This is a referendum on the way he handled the mess.

Kaysville, UT

It is hard for me to believe this administration wouldn't fess up to the problems they caused for us diplomatically, militarily and for the intelligence gathering capability. To have to top CIA director types involved is a dishonor for their employee's years of dedicated service to preserve our country. The CIA is an agency that should be at the forefront of helping restore faith in this situation. The cloud of secrecy was blown when the annex responded to their comrades at the consulate.

To not have a situation room with the highest of authorities meeting together to discuss what they would do appears to be absent. You would want those that could do their required assessments of the situation and then take appropriate action.

When you know the August date for the classified document and that both GOP and Democratic conventions were in the next couple of weeks, the Administration was very diligently working on their strategy and tactics for those conventions and lead up to them. The debates would be in preparation and study.

When thinking about those very important events, it appears this Administration was too busy to take care of employees in small insignificant countries.

Saint George, UT

The Obama Administration is clearly hiding something by the fact that they refuse to answer details about the situation. They are waiting until after the election to come clean with the info.

Kaysville, UT

Peter, that is a good thought.

Last week some information surfaced that the Ambassador was meeting with the Turkish ambassador discussing arms shipments through Turkey to Syria for the rebels, there.

That could explain why the Ambassador was there on 9/11 one of the most dangerous places for a United States of America diplomat in Libya as the Ambassador told about in his August memo to the Secretary of State and others.

Knowing what the Ambassador knew on security, why would he be in Benghazi on potentially the most dangerous day and night without adequate protection, even with coverage from the Annex?

More will surface about our involvement or lack of involvement.

To think of our capability just across the water from military units that could handle that situation, if done timely. If you don't give our people protection, when available, will our diplomatic corps and others be willing to do everything they can for our country, the United States of America?

From the shores of Tripoli could have been a Marine outpost again. The song is invigorating to sing and to understand what those Americans did so long ago.

As with Nixon you pay now or after election.

Orem, UT

In viewing the Sandy Hurricane disaster, O'bama promised "we won't leave anyone behind." Where was that promise on September 11? The simple truth is, someone made the decision that it was better to let these 4 people die rather than attempt a rescue. It was better to try to convince the public that it was an unorganized riot sparked by an obscure anti-Islamic video rather than an organized terrorist attack. Why can't people see the obvious? Those in charge didn't want another 9/11, small or large, on their watch. I find the whole thing disgusting. If I were family of these four heros, I would be incensed, which obviously they are.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: George Bronx, NY
"The only mystery here is how long they far right is going to continue this completely tasteless behavior ..."

About as long as the liberal media pandered to Cindy Sheehan. Have you not heard that the father of Tyrone Woods, former Navy Seal killed trying to save the life of our Ambassador in Libya, wants the truth .... and Obama had gone mute on the subject?

Cedar Hills, UT

If terrorist attacks on US citizens are a "bump in the road", then we are headed down the wrong road. Terrorist attacks need swift punishment, otherwise, terrorists become emboldened. We should be hunting down whoever did this?

Does the Obama administration even know the names of the terrorists that attacked yet? Or have we given up on justice?

Idaho Falls, ID

@ George You have it wrong. How long before the WH fesses up to what really happened so the families can feel some peace. According to those claiming it's a conspiracy theory, let's hear what your theory is that completly exonerates the president. If it smells like a fish, it most likely is a fish, or at least contains something really putrid.

A day or two after the attack, Glenn Beck put out his theory. His ideas made sense. Even before anyone was calling this a cover-up, he called it. Peter's ideas add a new level of intriguing possibilities. There was definitely something clandestine going on.

If the right doesn't keep this story alive and keep asking for answers the WH would let it die a silent death. The left (as demonstrated in George's comments) would love to sweep this under the rug for another week. But they are actually making the POTUS look more culpable by their continual denial that anything was amiss. Conspiracy theory, my foot. Far more than a theory going on here. What's going on is stonewalling and a blatant cover-up.

Bag Man

I think the families of those killed should file a wrongful death law suit against the government and this administration for failure to protect them. This would then bring all the information out into the open and address the real concern of protecting all individuals in the service of America.

I do not care what administration is is office, we need to protect those that are put in harms way.


Obama is losing votes fast on the Benghazi issue.

Anyone want to take bets that he will go on the air on Mon. evening to offer an "explanation" (notice I use quotation marks)for Benghazi?

It gets him back a few voters; yet doesn't provide enough time for any kind of fact checking BEFORE the election.

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