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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 30 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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heriman, UT

This is actually pretty funny. I am about 98% sure I know who this "fake" emailer is, partly because I am pretty sure he was bragging about it on Facebook. One thing is for sure he is a disgruntled democrat and as far as I know is not a part of either campaign.

Either way the email brings up a good point, who does Jim Matheson side with? Obama or Romney? Who is he going to vote for?

lehi, ut

Elaine Douglass:

Putting everything else aside the thing that bothers me about Matheson is while campaigning he does everything he can to distance himself from the Democrat party saying he is an "Independent" vote for Utah. If he dislikes what the Democratic party stands for so much why doesn't he run as an Independent?

Salt Lake City, Utah

What does that say about the Democrats when Matheson wants to disassociate himself from them?

Somewhere in Time, UT

Just to set the record straight: should the presidential vote be thrown to the House, each state has one vote. Each state's vote is determined by the how the members of that delegation each vote. Republicans hold the House based on the fact that they have a majority of the members, but whether they control the majority of the delegations at this point, I'm not sure. That is how it would be determined.

play by the rules

Great points made about Matheson distancing himself from his party. If he hates his party why does he allow them to spend millions in his race. The Democrat Congressional Committee has spent a lot of money on RINO ads.

Salt Lake City, UT

Has Mia Love had an independent thought this entire campaign or is she just another mindless tea party drone who will do whatever Ryan or Cantor tells her to do?

Salt Lake City, UT

If it were 269-269 each state's house delegation gets one vote. Since there would be three Republicans and one Matheson (if he wins) Utah's vote would go to Romney since it'd be 3-1. It's the senate where they each get their own vote.

Kearns, UT

Teplarblue is right! The Utah way is to not think for yourself and bloc vote. Just look for the elephant and vote straiight party, it is so much easier that way. How dare the demoocrats try to support the impoverished, disabled and needy with my tax dollars. I already pay a full tithe and an honest fast offering!

Provo, UT

Dwayne wrote:

"No its not a majority rule body and your ignorance of this means we would be wasting time trying to educate you on the Constitution and our system of government. No offense intended but you need a remedial course in the Constitution and our government."

Please educate us how legislation is passed in the House of Representatives. Majority? Two thirds? Perfect consensus? 80%? What is it?

Centerville, UT

A missed opportunity to do investigative reporting instead of a gossip column.

A gossip column reports what he said and she said. An investigative reporter would have looked into which of the two is right.

A Matheson staffer said that it is clear from online traffic that the Love campaign must have started it?? No matter what the source of the email, it is one that the Love campaign would be far more likely to talk about than the Matheson campaign, so that's an irrelvant observation unless there is some metric besides volume that implicates the Love campaign. Couldn't the reporter have looked into those methods?

One commenter claims to be 98% sure of who did it based on Facebook bragging. Too bad a commenter did more homework than a reporter.

Salt Lake City, UT

After all the trash sent out by Matheson, frankly, I don't believe him. I don't believe he can be trusted. It is a sad commentary on Utah that a person holding a key Utah positon is nothing more than a trashman come election time. If he does win, he will win again because everyone will be afraid to go against him because of the trash that he will throw at them.

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