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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 30 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Doug Forbes
Greenfield, IN

Pure speculation. Similar to the speculation that the last debate would slow Mitt's momentum. In fact as more and more people hear about Benghazi, Obama sinks ever lower in the polls.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sandy brought attention to two of Romney's weaknesses. He advocated that FEMA be abolished and was in favor of states acting on their own initiative. He also dismisses any threat or consequence of gloabal warming. But there is still a week left before election. I am sure he will be changing his mind if pressed about it.

Sandy, UT

What's the storm got to do with "global warming?" Also, even if there is global warming, what's this got to do with Romney? Also, in my opinion, only the most naive of people think that the U. S. government can do anything about the temperature of the atmosphere; it's sure big-government folly. If the states have all the money pumped to the Federal government for disasters, they could cooperate to handle it better, with less waste, and less favoritism.

Montesano, WA

This is what is not being reported. Mitt Romney has asked people to donate to the Red Cross instead of his campaign to help people out. has Obama done that? I don't think so? I may be wrong on that matter. But Mitt is showing forth his true grit and rolling up his sleeves and serving his fellow man. And i hope Obama can look like the president might be the first time in four years.

Sandy, UT

Obvious that article was written by a liberal with hopes this will slow Romney's huge momentum. Sorry, but if anything this affects all the liberal voters on the fence because they are already dissatisfied with Obama's horrible job performance and now have just another reason to stay home. So, this is just as likely to be a boon for Romney as a momentum stopper! With the Libya scandal/cover up hitting full steam as new evidence hits every day of their security being cut and not providing support after pleadings for help over several hours of attack (and then blaming it on a little youtube video when they knew it was a terrorist attack). This will continue to haunt Obama and keep Romney in the lead with momentum. Also funny about how liberals blasted FEMA and wanted it disbanded during their slow Katrina/New Orleans response, but when Romney says he has a better plan to get the money out faster (directly to the states), all the Liberals now love FEMA and say how horrible Romney is for wanting to change it! They must have forgot their past& Obama's latest budget proposal cuts $900 Million from FEMA!

Sandy, UT

Aid and relief will be gathered and distributed. Romney and friends will be giving their own money and encouraging private donation. Obama will be distributing and redistributing OUR money. What kind of courage does it take to give away the resources contributed by others?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Terry you are absolutely wrong. The Obama administration proposed a 3 percent cut whereas the Ryan budget was like a 40 percent reduction and Romney campaigned on getting the feds out of the FEMA business. The 900 million shortfall occurs with all the other major cuts that could occur in the event there is no resolution to deal with the deficit spending or the so called "financial cliff" mostly because of the immature rascals in Congress.

Kaysville, UT

The far left and liberals of all types will spin anything they can at this time of the campaign to get the topic off of the miserable failures in the past 4 years. That includes many events that the President and his Chicago group want off the radar until after the election. If he wins, which our country will suffer if that happens, then he will feel he has the mandate of the whole country to do what he wants. His 20 page glossy pamphlet spells that out.

The administration definitely doesn't want anything to surface from their side reference the Libya incident or sand storm for the campaign.

Governor Romney has shown he is a real leader, even before he becomes President. Especially if President Obama has been in office for 4-years, he hasn't shown the strength, courage, stability, and decision-maker type of person a President is. He can climb the Air Force One steps and turn around and smile forcefully and wave his hand.

Governor Romney was out making a statement about caring for people today. The President said he was going to be in Washington to guide our country but went to Florida.


It is so sad that all of those people back east are having to deal with this. My prayers go out to them. Mitt Romney is a very caring man and you can see it in how he lives his life. I feel like people are starting to see exactly just how this man lives his life. He is running for President not for the name and the glory of that mantle but he is doing it because he cares and loves this Country. This man and his wife Ann really do love this Country and their family. They could be out traveling and enjoying life now while they are still able to. Yet instead they saw where this Country was going and made the choice to run for office. May the Lord bless both of them with his protection. May we all remember no matter who we are for to make sure that we get out to vote and encourage others to do so the same. Early voting is going on now and it does make you feel so good when you cast your vote. God Bless America

Provo, UT

No matter how many ways you try to spin it, Romney's intent to dismantle FEMA has done significant political damage to his credibility on disaster relief. One can only imagine a what a non-FEMA, state-centered response would be like with a superstorm like Sandy. The question of available resource and organization comes to mind when dealing with these catastrophic events if each state were responsible for only their part of the whole. The inequality of response would be significant with the les-well-off having to suffer more than their more-well-off neighbors.

Ying Fah
Provo, UT

Dadof5sons Montesano, WA

Let's get real. Mitt Romney asking for people to donate to the victims of Superstorm Sandy instead of his own campaign is a bit disingenuous considering the number of days left in the campaign. However, simple donations will not come near the costs of this storm.

Perhaps it would be better for the SuperPACs to send the rest of the money they're holding for storm relief rather than buy additional political advertising in the closing days of the campaign. That would indeed be a change although no one sees that happening in the forseeable future.

"And i hope Obama can look like the president might be the first time in four years."

Obviously, you were asleep when Obama was there in the situation room when the Navy Seal team got Bin Laden.

Ogden, UT


"has Obama done that? I don't think so? I may be wrong on that matter."

Then why did you type it? It took me 10 seconds to do an internet search for news articles that prove Obama urged people to donate to the Red Cross, and demanded that government agencies cut red tape and get assistance to victims. Both candidates are handling this in good taste.

Have we gotten bored politicizing the Benghazi incident already? Figured the hurricane was good cheap fodder?

Springville, UT

Boo hoo. This must really distress this paper, the voice of the Romney campaign. You have no pretense of objectivity.

Layton, UT

If an act of God keeps Romney from winning the election, I think he can handle it. he's running a great campaign, doing a great job, but when life turns against all your plans, all you can do is hold on for the ride.

Springville, UT


President Obama is being the President. His job in times like these is to help coordinate, to oversee relief, through the organizations at his disposal. He is doing the exact thing other presidents have done, both Democrat and Republican. Ask yourself this: If Mitt Romney was President, and he had not yet been able to get rid of FEMA, would he not use FEMA simply because he disagrees with it (or did at one time)? Romney would most likely use everything he could to help.

Does President Obama pick up political traction? Yes with some, but he is also losing the ability to encourage early voting, too, which is one of his key themes.

It's obvious some people will try to make President Obama look bad, even for doing the right thing.

Salt Lake City, Utah

rE: louie Cottonwood Heights, UT
"The Obama administration proposed a 3 percent cut ...."

Percentage numbers are absolutely meaningless to the average voter. They think in terms of leadership, character, and results. Right now the voters are wondering the same thing former Navy Seal Tyrone Woods was in the long minutes before he died. He had lighted up an enemy position and was waiting for an incoming missile to take it out. The missile never came and the enemy zeroed in on the laser.

What did Obama know, and when did he know it?

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

Romney will be the kind of leader king Benjamin was in the book of mormon. One who cares for people and one who makes his own living. He has my support. Thank you Mitt

Salt Lake City, UT

Or...maybe Sandy slows down momentum for Obama. The situation room pix of Obama and cabinet already leaked is getting dissed hard on Twitter as political stunt. What, no situation room pix or audio of Benghazi fiasco?! Sandy may have also slowed down early voting (i.e., early voter fraud) in Blue States on eastern seaboard. So we will see come Nov. 6?! Vote Romney Ryan if you Believe in America!

Eugene, OR

I've checked the major news sites (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox) and, besides Fox, the only reason any of them are even mentioning Benghazi right now is because John McCain went off about it during Romney's "storm relief" photo op.

Meanwhile, the NYT's 538 blog has President Obama's chances at being reelected at 77.4%, and today's PPP polls have him up by 5 points in both Ohio and Wisconsin.

Keep clutching those straws, guys.

Kaysville, UT

I notice that at least one of the commenters must not have been in the military. When you serve at the pleasure of the President under an absolute contract to do so that you sign and are sworn to uphold, you have to be able to trust in the President, Commander-in-Chief and top dog who commands the United States of America's military and armed forces.

Having retired from the military over 20 years ago, the military may have had issues with Integrity or at leas the Commander-in-Chief. Those Generals and Secretaries of Defense and the various services or agencies, everyone of them has in the Code of Ethics and mission statements the word, Integrity. They all basically follow an honor code to show honor for the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Benghazi Storm is not fodder. The President had the opportunity to be a real leader and be decisive and show courage. However, he went on an airplane we pay for and ran to Las Vegas when people depended on him. He and the Secretary of State and the present and former CIA directors with direct access to the President did also.

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