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Published: Tuesday, Oct. 30 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm confused.

Why don't you guys just play teams like USC, Oregon, Arizona, UCLA... 8-9 times a year and then schedule some other random teams?

Or if USC, Oregon, UCLA aren't availalbe why not play 8-9 games a year against Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State...etc?

I can't figure out why BYU doesn't just join the Pac 12 or Big 12 and have meaning in your season, playing for a prestigious bowl?

Can a byu fan please help me understand why a WAC championship is deemed superior?

Thank you in advance.

Orem, UT

Scheduling changes are not unique to BYU, however, being newly Independent makes frequent changes much more likely, since Holmoe has to schedule 12 games each season, instead of only 3 or 4.

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

@ Chris B

It's been a long time Chris. Honestly thought that you may have folded your hate-inflated role as a BYU troll.

Perhaps not.

Honestly not quite certain what you and other anti-BYU trolls (not going to dignify you by calling you a Ute-since you are not-just someone who despises BYU) do not understand about the fact that BYU played five BCS schools + Boise State this season to include Oregon State, Washington State, Utah, Georgia Tech, and Notre Dame (admittedly two top ten teams, one top twenty team (BSU) and three BCS bottom feeder cream puffs). Sure we play 3-4 WAC teams, but every school has their cream puff games (ex. Alabama with Florida Atlantic, Western Kentucky, and Western Carolina).

And next years schedule is even more ambitious with six BCS Schools scheduled to include Texas, Notre Dame, Washington State, Boise State, Wisconsin, and Georgia Tech. Even you gotta be impressed eh Chris??

Now all BYU needs to do is insure that we have an offense and probably a new OC that matches up with their amazing D!

Orem, UT

@Chris B

First of all, I don't know why I even bother responding because after having seen you constantly post negative comments on BYU articles for a long time you are obviously just trollin' but the answer to your questions is simple, it is because neither the P12 or B12 has invited BYU to join their conference. So to make the best of the situation they have BYU is independent which is better than being in the WAC or the MWC, and in my opinion also better than the BE.

As to your comment about the WAC championship, this is clearly just a trolling line because if you look at their planned schedules for the future with the info currently out there they are nothing like a "WAC schedule"

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

A bit confused by title of article. Do you mean scheduling changes or coaching personnel changes? Almost sounds like Holmoe was referring to shakeups with the staff, ie. a new OC? Or maybe he was implying that Andy Reid is coming to save our offense!

Wouldn't that be amazing: Reid as OC and Asst Head Coach and Bronco as DC and Head Coach??

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

Also another question of AD Holmoe: is it true that BYU turned down an opportunity to play Ohio State and Urban Meyer to open the 2013 season? Say it ain't so!!

War dog
Taylorsville, UT

ChrisB is obviously someone who cries out for attention in any way he can get it. To bad he has no life except the comment wall

Salt Lake City, UT

Why in the world would Andy Reid want to be the OC at BYU?

It would be an incredible step down in money and prestige. I also think Bronco's approach would drive him nuts.

Orem, UT

Chris B

"I'm confused."

Understatement of the century.

Utah doesn't play 8-9 games a year against teams like USC, Oregon, Arizona, UCLA... the Utes also play teams like Northern Colorado, Colorado and Washington State.

If the Utes did play 8-9 games a year against teams like USC, Oregon, and Stanford, the Utes would be lucky to win 2 or 3 games a year.

You do realize, don't you, that the Utes haven't had a road win against a PAC team with a winning record since the 90's?

Didn't think so.


What are the teams?

And BYU Cougees point fingers at Utah for schedule changes.

Get used to it. Conference teams will look elsewhere and change agreements with BYU.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Oh, where to start? "Such is the life of an athletic director of an independent football program — particularly at BYU." How about such is the life of a novice-independent football program. I believe our Cougs may have been a bit presumtuous that other teams would be knocking on their door. It turns out it's us doing the knocking ... and fortunately our WAC brethren have answered.

"I see teams that schedule games for 2020 and 2021 ... I've got to get the 2013 schedule done." And that's exactly what happens to well-established independent programs, like the military academies and Notre Dame. This season has been a good schedule for the team & program, but we need to keep building off of it and improve (tougher schedule) each season; not take steps back. I understand that a lot of these games are out of the Cougs hands because of "conference commitments" other teams we're scheduled to play must play. But that had to been anticipated by Holmoe & Company when they made the change.

"We get great exposure." Hmmm. Pretty embarrased by the exposure of the Utah, Utah State & Boise State games.

Orem, UT


Teams change scheduling agreements all the time and just because you're in a conference doesn't mean a team like USC likes playing U anymore than U liked playing Wyoming when U were in the WAC.

You're only kidding yourself if you think that other teams are lining up around the block for the opportunity to play Utah.

Saint George, UT

WOW! Read the writing on the wall. Holmoe can't wait for Riley to graduate! At least thats what I read between the lines. Doman's style of offense does not suit the AD and he might be out as well. Riley is a great leader and one of the best rushing QB's BYU has seen but the kid can't throw the football consistently and we desperately need the passing attack as the key part of our offense.

Pocatello, ID

If I remember correctly Holmoe's first hire was Anae as offensive coordinator even before Bronco was offered the job. Doman was Bronco's hire. Maybe Holmoe thinks Doman is over his head as a new OC and a brand new Bishop and has some suggestions for Bronco. I personally think that Brandon is coming along fine and growing into his job. It's been a tough learning curve for sure. Combine Doman's and Bronco's poor choices along with some injuries to the OL and DL and and Sorenson the kicker and it makes for a lack of consistancy and some tough adjustments during the season.

Orem, UT

So. Cal Reader

Who's "we"? Got a mouse in your pocket?

A true BYU fan would know that BYU BEAT Utah State and was hardly "embarrassed" by either Boise State or Utah.

Nobody ever said that scheduling as an Independent was going to be easy. Even Notre Dame has used scheduling agreements with the Big East and now the ACC to help simply the process.

The bottom line for BYU is the upside of escaping the MTN, having an exclusive contract with ESPN, being able to retain rebroadcast rights for all BYU home games, and not having to put up with the lame leadership of Craig Thompson, has been well worth the downside of the scheduling headaches attendant to being an Independent.

Frisco, TX

I'm delighted to read that Holmoe sees what I see but surprised he is this outspoken. I'm a little concerned about scheduling changes for 2013. It's a little late in the game. But comletely agree that something needs to change on offense. I won't speculate what needs to change, but I wouldn't be surprised by anything.

Scheduling - Big East wants us but we don't want to give up media rights. Can we get a 5 game deal with the Big East like Notre Dame has with the ACC? It seems like this would be a Win Win.

WAC? I don't see a single game against a WAC opponent on next years schedule. chrisb's accusations are old and outdated. Time to find a new line.

BCS? The BCS is all but dead. The new format will be fairer for all. And will expand to an 8 team playoff within a year or two.

Oregon? Is not likely to make the NC if K State, Notre Dame and Alabama stay undefeated. I'm betting on Alabama vs Notre Dame, although I'd love to see a four team playoff this year.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

What games fell through and why?

Orem, UT


"Can a BYU fan please help me understand why a WAC championship is deemed superior?"

If you don't understand the difference between being 0-1 in the WAC and winning a WAC championship I can't help you, especially for a fan whose team that was only able to win TWO conference championships in 38 years in the WAC, which will seem like a lot compared to the number of PAC championships we can expect to see in the next 38 years.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

" ..... every team plays cream puffs .... "

utah is one of the pac "cream puffs". Sad.

West Jordan, UT

Had a crazy thought, but what if Holmoe brings in a new head coach but keeps Bronco as the defensive coordinator. It seems that Bronco despises being the head coach and having to deal wiht media, with fans, etc. He is never happy. Hardly ever smiles. It is like a huge pain for him to deal with boosters. The whole thing seems to get him really grumpy. Maybe he would be better off just being a defensive coordinator and giving those responsibilities to someone else (maybe an Andy Reid, but I'm not sure why he'd come). Then he could just stay on his side of the ball and kind of hybernate without having to deal with people.

It would definitely be a blessing to us fans. He is the most boring person to listen to.

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